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Today in “Worthy Campaign, Weird Slogan”: The ACLU of Texas and the nonprofit organization Legacy Community Health have launched “I Pee With LGBT,” a campaign that opposes SB6, an HB2-like law that would ban trans people from using gender-affirming bathrooms in Texas. 

The video is cute, even though the slogan is not my personal favorite. After all, the L, G and B aren’t the ones being specifically targeted by bathroom bills. (At least not anymore.) The more resounding message is their longer tagline: “This isn’t a privacy issue. It’s a discrimination issue.” What do you think?

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hiiiii ‼️ i was just wondering if you know any sites where i can get cute slogans and stickers because i've been wanting to get some but i just can't find anywhere to get them 💐 thank youu

omg yes ofc friend❗️ah these are all us/ca i’ll let u know if i find some for other countries !!!!!

- jimin & yoongi slogan omg these are so pretty i’ll probably get the yoongi one !!! 
- seokjin, namjoon , yoongi, + jimin slogans
- jeongguk slogan  
- jimin cheer pack  suchhhhhh a pretty slogan omg
- jeongguk + jimin slogans 
- seokjin slogan 
- seokjin ticket pouch (ah if ur getting a slogan bc ur going 2 the concert) literally so……..cute……….n i’m pretty sure i’ve seen a jimin pouch somewhere too
- seokjin + taehyung slogans 
- taehyung + yoongi slogans ah so cute !!!!!
- ot7 slogans 
- hobi slogan 

n just for example of the v great quality goods fansites produce here is everything that came w/ my wonwoo slogan that i received 2day !!!!

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good gifts for Wynter:

skirts and thigh highs (matching sets oh my god???)

underarmor shirts (the ones that breathe easily)

cooking aprons with funny/cute/inappropriate slogans

galaxy print ANYTHING

a fucking body pillow with Orisa on it im not even kidding

Christmas present ideas for the signs

Aries: They are a very busy passionate sign, sweet meaningful things will be cool to them, but honestly when it comes to an Aries, get them something they are REALLY REALLY interested in, some ideas are
1. Gadgets, electronics of some sorts, earbuds are always good if you can’t spend a lot.
2. Music they enjoy, or a mix CD, maybe something you like and you want them to give a listen.
3. If you know them well enough, clothes or shoes are something an Aries would love, but only if you know their style well enough to know what to get them.

Taurus: This sign can be super picky about gifts, they have fairly expensive taste and VERY specific taste too, so if you don’t know them super well go for a gift card to a store you know they shop at, some ideas are
1. Gift cards to a clothing store they like, or a store in general they like
2. Jewelry, if you know their style well enough, a cool ring or a stylish watch will be loved by this sign.
3. Jackets, sweaters, socks they will love you if you get them a fancy beautiful expensive jacket, or a warm sweater for the winter (As long as its cute) And socks that are fuzzy are typically always a win for this sign!

Gemini: These signs can be fairly picky or hard to read when it comes to getting presents! But they are good at being appreciative and are almost never rude when receiving a present, even if it’s not something they wanted, some idea are
1. Scarfs, pretty printed ones, dark ones, fluffy one, any really they like a good scarf.
2. Books, if you know of any they have been yearning for or you know a few good ones to suggest you might buy it and see what they think!
3. Candy, the unique variety, if you find any spunky spicy candy you might go ahead and snag it as a present for your fellow Gemini, they like to try out new things.

Cancer: This sign is easy to buy for! Anything comforting, loving and comes from the heart will make them beam with excitement! Some ideas are,
1. Something homemade or very meaningful, a scrapbook you made for them, art you painted or a story you wrote (They aren’t a huge fan of knitted sweaters if they are itchy and scratchy so careful with that! They are a fairly stylish sign)
2. Cooking supplies, depending on how old the Cancer is, pots pans, spatulas la dee da are a wonderful idea! They love to expand on that (Even if they haven’t moved out yet)
3. Journals and pens, they are a fairly artistic sign, so some paints and a canvas or pen and a journal will make them happy, most Cancer’s keep a dairy so it’s not a bad thing to buy them another!

Leo: This sign has quite the taste for things, but loves little trinkets and sweet things, they enjoy opening presents and being given things, they love the idea of you thinking about them and picking something specific to their taste out, so they will love you just for considering them, some ideas are
1. Bags, purses or laptop bags, they love it if you know their taste and find something you think they will like specifically so if you know them well enough purses or some sort of bag for any gender will make them glad.
2. Taking them out, going to see a movie or getting dinner instead of a present will make them very happy.
3. A new outfit or taking them shopping is a good idea if you know them well enough.

Virgo: Virgo is pretty easy to please, they like things simple and small and not a big fuss on presents, don’t overdo it with their presents! Some ideas are
1. Coffee or tea, if you know the kind they like or you can pick one out you think they may enjoy trying.
2. Soap, fresh scented lovely soap is a great gift for this sign because they love smells and especially very fresh and natural ones.
3. Books, if you know of some good ones buy it for them to try it, they sometimes have a hard time finding a good book and won’t buy any so it’s good when someone just buys it for them.

Libra: This sign is very sweet about presents! They love getting them but they love to give back, so know when you give them a present the likelihood is they will try and make theirs bigger and better (Out of love) Some ideas are
1. Cookies or chocolates that are themed for Christmas is a really cute idea to give them, they like cute things and will appreciate it, this is a good present if you don’t know them super well or don’t want to spend a lot of money.
2. Incense or candles, they love smells and they LOVE their house to smell good, so this is always a great idea, also perfume/cologne if you know them well enough!
3. Something cool and unique you found somewhere, like a small little store or a quirky little place, or you went out of town and found something funky, they love unique little items!

Scorpio: This sign is more simple then you would think, they are sometimes shy about taking presents but they honestly love being thought of, some ideas are
1. Concert tickets to a band you know they love, for you and them or for them and someone else! Or just one ticket if they like to be solo.
2. Journals, this sign enjoys to write down their thoughts and the things they notice around them.
3. Coffee, you can buy them any kind and they will be happy (After all coffee is coffee) But if you get the REALLY REALLY good kind, they will love you forever.

Sagittarius: They are actually quite sweet about gifts, they are incredibly appreciative when given a present, they may be honest if they don’t like it but they will still be glad you thought of them, some ideas are
1. A dream catcher, now I know this sounds cheesy, but really this is very sweet and meaningful gift, ESPECIALLY if you make it yourself.
2. Instead of a present go out for the night! Do something fun with them, take them dancing or something they will love.
3. Quirky jewelry, funky cool things, like big rings and colorful bracelets would be a nice gift to give to this free spirited sign.

Capricorn: This sign is sooo hard to read, and they will never tell you what they want because they are stubborn, if they are close enough to you they may mention of specific item they want but nothing more, here are some ideas though
1. A journal, or a planner, OR a calendar sense it will almost be the end of the year, they like to stay organized so things like these are helpful gifts.
2. Fuzzy socks, this is more a winter thing, but they love warm cuddly things.
3. Technological things, if you can afford more expensive things go for this, a keyboard for their I-pad or a cheaper item like a laptop cover,  is something they would really enjoy, they are typically fairly high tech.

This funky sign is always happy to get a present, they love opening it and being surprised by what someone has gotten them, however they can be pretty picky about what they want! Here are some ideas
1. Funny t-shirts, they love good jokes! So silly shirts (Or just cute slogan shirts) mugs or socks are a good goofy gift for them.
2. Paints, if the Aquarian you know is an artist they love expensive (Or just good) Paints, creative presents are typically good for this sign.
3. Comfy cozy pajama pants are a good idea for this sleepy changeable sign who loves a day in their pjs, so if you find some cute ones buy them for an Aquarius.

Pisces: They are super creative, dreamy and idealistic, they love thoughtful presents and really just the whole idea of receiving a present, they aren’t hard to buy for but they probably will never tell you what they want, here are some ideas
1. Slippers, or fuzzy winter boots are a great idea for this cozy sign.
2. Notebooks, for drawing or writing will be a super awesome idea, because they are very creative and you can almost never go wrong with a notebook for them.
3. Candles, warm, sweet smells are something they love, it’s comforting and very festive to have around.

You can also check your moon for this!
This is solely based off people I know with each sign.

Yes, amazingly, the fact that this ad stars a pre-murder O.J. Simpson is the second-creepiest thing about it. And you can squint and try to read the text all you want – it makes no reference whatsoever to the fact that their spokesperson has three legs. There’s no cute slogan like “Boots so comfortable, you’ll wish you had another foot!” Nope. It’s like some guy in the art department just said, “Eh, I don’t like how you can’t really see the chair, let’s just add another leg to fill that space.”

We know what you’re thinking: “Cracked, this is obviously a subtle ‘big dick’ joke. 'Third leg?’ Get it?” But, no, it turns out this was a whole campaign they did with various celebrities, some of whom are women. But O.J. seems to be the most frequent star of the “Third Leg” campaign, which apparently lasted for years. 

The 13 Most Disturbing Vintage Ads for Household Products

[TRANS] Yoongi’s letter to Santa

25th December 2016 If by that time we do get any awards I hope we receive the daesang award. I told you we are all working hard

Imagine Woozi getting flustered when he catches you making kissy faces and blowing kisses at his pictures.

When pain hits home and you’re walking through that cancer or car accident or earthquake, you want the kind of faith that can face death.  In the end, I want a faith that doesn’t just tickle my inspiration or gives me cute slogans, but a faith that can get beat up by suffering and scholars and satanic evil, and will keep on standing. 

- J.S. Park ( jspark3000 )