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dongpaca deadass had a surprise vlive bc they felt bad not all of their fans could see them at the cgv movie event, interviewed each other to see who was better at speaking, and gave us spoilers for their prerelease song by rapping and speaking in satoori look at these kings 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Today in “Worthy Campaign, Weird Slogan”: The ACLU of Texas and the nonprofit organization Legacy Community Health have launched “I Pee With LGBT,” a campaign that opposes SB6, an HB2-like law that would ban trans people from using gender-affirming bathrooms in Texas. 

The video is cute, even though the slogan is not my personal favorite. After all, the L, G and B aren’t the ones being specifically targeted by bathroom bills. (At least not anymore.) The more resounding message is their longer tagline: “This isn’t a privacy issue. It’s a discrimination issue.” What do you think?

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hiiiii ‼️ i was just wondering if you know any sites where i can get cute slogans and stickers because i've been wanting to get some but i just can't find anywhere to get them 💐 thank youu

omg yes ofc friend❗️ah these are all us/ca i’ll let u know if i find some for other countries !!!!!

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Single dads Eren and Jean flirting with Kindergarten teacher Maroc~ Eren and Jean competing for his attention but their kids getting it all instead xD

“C'mon, c'mon dad! We’re gonna be late!” Balancing the tray stacked with brownies would have been much easier had his other hand not been occupied by an excited five year old, tugging him along the sidewalk, but Jean somehow managed. This wasn’t his first day wrestling the little bundle of energy after all and short child legs could only scurry this quickly.
They reached the gate without a catastrophe in form of baked goods crumbling to the ground and the boy jumping in front of him let out a joyful shriek as he took in the festively decorated backyard of his kindergarten.

There were several big, colorful tents already bustling with life, tables to draw and craft at scattered all over, a big barbeque station in the back and other, smaller food booths all around.
Everything was decorated with balloons in all shapes and sizes, fluttery paper bands with cute slogans painted on and photos stuck everywhere they would hold. St. Sina’s Kindergarten sure knew how to throw a nice summer fete.

Before his son could tug him much further onto the yard there was a soft tenor calling out for them and Jean turned to see one of the teachers, Mr. Bodt, heading their way.
His heart wasn’t doing that silly fluttery thing, it wasn’t.
“Oh, Mr. Kirschtein! I’m glad you could make it.” That smile was dazzling, as always, the sunlight catching in his dark, round eyes and making his hair shimmer like the richest chocolate. Okay, maybe a little bit of fluttering, if Jean was being honest.
“Yeah … yeah, I finished most of my paperwork last night, so…” Mr. Bodt nodded, smile still bright, before he crouched down in front of the boy still clutching Jean’s hand.

“My, Luke … what a nice skirt you’re wearing! It’s new, isn’t it?” He reached out to carefully tug at the hemline with the white cotton trim, making the boy beam with pride and run a small hand over the blue and purple fabric.
“I told dad how you said we could wear whatever we wanted … and he got it for me … and I…” Luke bit his lip as he cast his gaze down, a little shy all of a sudden, and squeezed Jean’s hand.
“It’s okay, go on…”, the teacher’s voice was soft and encouraging as he tipped his head to the side, still smiling. Luke still needed a little nudge from his father and a warm “Yeah buddy, tell Marco.” before he looked up again.
“I feel … really pretty”, the boy giggled, rubbing a hand across his flushed face as he grinned at his teacher.
“And you look really pretty, too!”, Mr. Bodt exclaimed, all enthusiasm and kind honesty as he regarded his charge one last time before getting up again and turning his attention back to Jean. Those big eyes would be the death of him someday.

“We uh…”, Jean began awkwardly, still struggling a little to keep the tray upright, “we brought brownies?”
“I helped!”, Luke cried immediately, bouncing on his toes. “I stirred the batter and put it on the tray! And dad let me put the flour in … but not the chocolate cause it was too hot…” Mr. Bodt’s eyebrows shot up at that and, gaze flicked between father and son and the tray stacked with treats a few times.
“Oh? Those look great, I didn’t know you…”
“Could bake?”, Jean finished with a lame chuckle. “Yeah I’m actually, uh … pretty good at it? Cooking not so much, but…”

“His cooking is awful!”, the boy next to him fake gagged, clasping a hand over his mouth and making Mr. Bodt laugh.
“Well, it’s a good thing you eat lunch here most of the time then, right?” The teacher sounded amused, eyes twinkling with laughter as he looked at the child, then back at Jean.
“Uh, anway … my brownies are great, you have to try them. And I also make mean crêpe, maybe you should…”
Before Jean could finish the lame pickup line of Mr. Bodt having to come around sometime to try them his son gave a piercing shriek and let go off his hand to run off back to the gate where a father had just arrived with his daughter.

“Carla!”, he cried out, wrapping the little girl in a clumsy but enthusiastic hug that was returned with just as much energy as they bounced up and down a few times. Mr. Bodt laughed at the sight, a sound so honest and clear that Jean had to take a deep breath.
“It’s like they haven’t seen each other for ages instead of just a day.”
Jean hummed and swallowed down the disappointment and anger rising up in his throat.
That Jäger guy did always have the worst timing. But there was no use in whining and self-pity, the afternoon was still young, he’d get another chance to talk to Mr. cutest teacher alive and maybe not make an ass of himself this time.

Leaving the kids to their excessive greeting Jäger strolled over with a wide grin, holding a large bowl out in front of him.
“I brought potato salad!”, he proclaimed victoriously and Jean was confused for a second before he heard Mr. Bodt’s almost pornographic moan and couldn’t help the deep flush creeping up his neck.
“The one you made last year?”, the teacher asked with way too much enthusiasm to his voice and took a step forward to peek under the lid Jäger lifted for him. “Oh, that smells heavenly, I might just jump in there and never come out again…”
Both men laughed and Jean felt something sting in his chest, anger again as well as something else, something more vicious.
“Please, feel free too”, Jäger snickered, eyes drifting over to Jean for a moment as he flashed a sharp grin.

This had been going on for at least a few months, both of them being crazy attracted to sweet Mr. Bodt, both trying to somehow make a move but always failing thanks to the other or one of their kids – who were getting along incredibly well, by the way.
Just now they came running again, hand in hand as they almost barreled into their teacher, screaming something totally unintelligible. At least it ripped Mr. Bodt’s attention away from Jäger and that damn potato salad.

“Hey, hey, calm down you two!”, Mr Bodt laughed and crouched down again, laying his hands on either of their shoulders. “What did you say?”
“Look, look Marco!”
“We match, Marco!”, Carla cried out, tugging at her purple and blue shirt and pointing at Luke’s skirt with the same colors.
“Ohh, you’re right!”, Marco smiled and looked at their respective outfits. “You both look very nice!”
“Earlier he said I look pretty, Carla!” Luke was flushing a little again as he told his friend about the compliment and she giggled.
“You do, silly!” Then she turned back to her teacher. “We need to show you something, Marco!” They both took one of his hands and tried to tug him along, almost tipping him off balance as he struggled to his feet again. Two kids with that much energy were harder to handle but he had even more practice.

“Okay, just give me a second, yes?” With that he turned back to Jean and the man standing behind him.  “I assigned you both to the salad bar, if that’s alright? Just over there … your shift starts at two and then an hour? Of course you can stay and enjoy the party with us afterwards…”
“Second’s over!”, Carla insisted and the kids began tugging again, this time Mr. Bodt went with them willingly, only shouting over his shoulder that Jean could give his brownies to Petra Ral if he saw her around.

Hearing Jäger clear his throat he turned back to him, looking at that raised eyebrow and borderline smug expression.
“One hour, eh?”
“Ugh, shut up…”
It would be one very long hour. But to get the chance to talk to Mr. Bodt again today, Jean could tolerate one shift at the salad bar with Eren Jäger. Even just barely.

Christmas present ideas for the signs

Aries: They are a very busy passionate sign, sweet meaningful things will be cool to them, but honestly when it comes to an Aries, get them something they are REALLY REALLY interested in, some ideas are
1. Gadgets, electronics of some sorts, earbuds are always good if you can’t spend a lot.
2. Music they enjoy, or a mix CD, maybe something you like and you want them to give a listen.
3. If you know them well enough, clothes or shoes are something an Aries would love, but only if you know their style well enough to know what to get them.

Taurus: This sign can be super picky about gifts, they have fairly expensive taste and VERY specific taste too, so if you don’t know them super well go for a gift card to a store you know they shop at, some ideas are
1. Gift cards to a clothing store they like, or a store in general they like
2. Jewelry, if you know their style well enough, a cool ring or a stylish watch will be loved by this sign.
3. Jackets, sweaters, socks they will love you if you get them a fancy beautiful expensive jacket, or a warm sweater for the winter (As long as its cute) And socks that are fuzzy are typically always a win for this sign!

Gemini: These signs can be fairly picky or hard to read when it comes to getting presents! But they are good at being appreciative and are almost never rude when receiving a present, even if it’s not something they wanted, some idea are
1. Scarfs, pretty printed ones, dark ones, fluffy one, any really they like a good scarf.
2. Books, if you know of any they have been yearning for or you know a few good ones to suggest you might buy it and see what they think!
3. Candy, the unique variety, if you find any spunky spicy candy you might go ahead and snag it as a present for your fellow Gemini, they like to try out new things.

Cancer: This sign is easy to buy for! Anything comforting, loving and comes from the heart will make them beam with excitement! Some ideas are,
1. Something homemade or very meaningful, a scrapbook you made for them, art you painted or a story you wrote (They aren’t a huge fan of knitted sweaters if they are itchy and scratchy so careful with that! They are a fairly stylish sign)
2. Cooking supplies, depending on how old the Cancer is, pots pans, spatulas la dee da are a wonderful idea! They love to expand on that (Even if they haven’t moved out yet)
3. Journals and pens, they are a fairly artistic sign, so some paints and a canvas or pen and a journal will make them happy, most Cancer’s keep a dairy so it’s not a bad thing to buy them another!

Leo: This sign has quite the taste for things, but loves little trinkets and sweet things, they enjoy opening presents and being given things, they love the idea of you thinking about them and picking something specific to their taste out, so they will love you just for considering them, some ideas are
1. Bags, purses or laptop bags, they love it if you know their taste and find something you think they will like specifically so if you know them well enough purses or some sort of bag for any gender will make them glad.
2. Taking them out, going to see a movie or getting dinner instead of a present will make them very happy.
3. A new outfit or taking them shopping is a good idea if you know them well enough.

Virgo: Virgo is pretty easy to please, they like things simple and small and not a big fuss on presents, don’t overdo it with their presents! Some ideas are
1. Coffee or tea, if you know the kind they like or you can pick one out you think they may enjoy trying.
2. Soap, fresh scented lovely soap is a great gift for this sign because they love smells and especially very fresh and natural ones.
3. Books, if you know of some good ones buy it for them to try it, they sometimes have a hard time finding a good book and won’t buy any so it’s good when someone just buys it for them.

Libra: This sign is very sweet about presents! They love getting them but they love to give back, so know when you give them a present the likelihood is they will try and make theirs bigger and better (Out of love) Some ideas are
1. Cookies or chocolates that are themed for Christmas is a really cute idea to give them, they like cute things and will appreciate it, this is a good present if you don’t know them super well or don’t want to spend a lot of money.
2. Incense or candles, they love smells and they LOVE their house to smell good, so this is always a great idea, also perfume/cologne if you know them well enough!
3. Something cool and unique you found somewhere, like a small little store or a quirky little place, or you went out of town and found something funky, they love unique little items!

Scorpio: This sign is more simple then you would think, they are sometimes shy about taking presents but they honestly love being thought of, some ideas are
1. Concert tickets to a band you know they love, for you and them or for them and someone else! Or just one ticket if they like to be solo.
2. Journals, this sign enjoys to write down their thoughts and the things they notice around them.
3. Coffee, you can buy them any kind and they will be happy (After all coffee is coffee) But if you get the REALLY REALLY good kind, they will love you forever.

Sagittarius: They are actually quite sweet about gifts, they are incredibly appreciative when given a present, they may be honest if they don’t like it but they will still be glad you thought of them, some ideas are
1. A dream catcher, now I know this sounds cheesy, but really this is very sweet and meaningful gift, ESPECIALLY if you make it yourself.
2. Instead of a present go out for the night! Do something fun with them, take them dancing or something they will love.
3. Quirky jewelry, funky cool things, like big rings and colorful bracelets would be a nice gift to give to this free spirited sign.

Capricorn: This sign is sooo hard to read, and they will never tell you what they want because they are stubborn, if they are close enough to you they may mention of specific item they want but nothing more, here are some ideas though
1. A journal, or a planner, OR a calendar sense it will almost be the end of the year, they like to stay organized so things like these are helpful gifts.
2. Fuzzy socks, this is more a winter thing, but they love warm cuddly things.
3. Technological things, if you can afford more expensive things go for this, a keyboard for their I-pad or a cheaper item like a laptop cover,  is something they would really enjoy, they are typically fairly high tech.

This funky sign is always happy to get a present, they love opening it and being surprised by what someone has gotten them, however they can be pretty picky about what they want! Here are some ideas
1. Funny t-shirts, they love good jokes! So silly shirts (Or just cute slogan shirts) mugs or socks are a good goofy gift for them.
2. Paints, if the Aquarian you know is an artist they love expensive (Or just good) Paints, creative presents are typically good for this sign.
3. Comfy cozy pajama pants are a good idea for this sleepy changeable sign who loves a day in their pjs, so if you find some cute ones buy them for an Aquarius.

Pisces: They are super creative, dreamy and idealistic, they love thoughtful presents and really just the whole idea of receiving a present, they aren’t hard to buy for but they probably will never tell you what they want, here are some ideas
1. Slippers, or fuzzy winter boots are a great idea for this cozy sign.
2. Notebooks, for drawing or writing will be a super awesome idea, because they are very creative and you can almost never go wrong with a notebook for them.
3. Candles, warm, sweet smells are something they love, it’s comforting and very festive to have around.

You can also check your moon for this!
This is solely based off people I know with each sign.

A Faith Crisis: Crushed By Doubt, Questions, and Disconnection (And Some Good News)

Two anonymous questions:

Hi pastor, i’m a 21 year old girl from philippines. i messaged you before about my doubts about God’s existence and my faith in Him. that was almost a year ago. Praise God that I was able to recover my faith and go back to normal living with God and i believe it became even better. but i feel so sad again right now because my doubts came back just a week ago. the desire to know God is still here but questions are bothering me. i still have lots of things to share. please help me. thank you!

Hi:), i write to you because i think of you as an understanding and matured faith person so i thought maybe i could share with u my problem.. So, i have a big faith crisis now, like somehow i found myself drowning among doubts … I just started a biblestudy on God’s personality but somehow i found myself on a worst place. As i do the biblestudy something says these “cool things” should make an impact in me, but they dont, like my inner radar would be broken … i wanna thank u that you share things so openly!:)


Hey my dear friends: Please first know that I love you both dearly in Christ, and I know how hard it is to fall into this fog of doubt.  I appreciate you both being so honest and real about this, and I’m also grateful for your encouragement even in the midst of this harder time.

You see, the Big Christian Secret is that every Christian in the world runs into doubts, question, confusion, and frustration, because there isn’t anything wrong with you that isn’t already wrong with everyone else.  This doesn’t make you a bad Christian, but an honest one.

In fact, I would say that every human being who ever existed runs into doubts about their own worldviews, a sort of existential panic about what they truly believe, and it can be downright disorienting. 

Here are three simple things we must know.  I have said them many times before and they could sound familiar, so please feel free to skip around.


1) Sometimes doubts are just seasonal valleys, because we’re fragile squishy human beings who occasionally get moody.

No one is expected to maintain an emotional high about their faith all the time.  Not everyday is a rocked out laser show singing to Jesus on full blast.  Maybe at that Sunday service or the retreat or revival, you felt a spine-tingling surge of divine ecstasy with God, and it could’ve been a legitimate experience: but not everyday of your marriage is supposed to look like your wedding.  That sort of hype is impossible to sustain.  We’re not in Heaven yet, and we don’t need to force it either.

Moses didn’t split a Red Sea every Thursday.  David didn’t kill a Goliath at every revival.  And Jesus didn’t transfigure – that scene in Mark 9 when Jesus shoots laser beams and lightning out his face – every time they ate breakfast.  We’re not supposed to re-create our highs, but to remember the Most High in our lows.

And you know, some days you just get tired, cranky, jaded, or gassy.  Sometimes you’re just not in the mood.  Sometimes this means for very long seasons, you might not “feel God."  And when you feel far from Him, maybe that doesn’t get to determine your overall faith, or maybe we’ve measured our entire progress on absurd spiritual parameters.

When you think God isn’t near, you can tell Him, "I feel so far."  God is not mad about your doubts, your venting, your shaking of the first, or your inability to get excited about Him.  He receives us in every condition, so that His grace might fill the dryness of our desert seasons.

Your feelings are very real, but they can’t be everything.  If we always waited to feel right with God to be good Christians, no one would ever get right or get good.  So it’s really not about "how to get this right,” but simply pressing into God with even the tiny little bit of faith that we have today, for Jesus said even a mustard seed of faith is enough to move mountains.

Also check out:

- Five Ways To Kickstart Your Faith Today

- See Him: If You’re Not Sure About God Right Now


2) Sometimes doubts are gentle promptings to investigate your deepest beliefs, especially when life hits hard.

The truth is: Doubt is not a “sin."  It’s great to have a vibrant, robust, thriving sort of faith, and God wants that for you.  But our deepest roots are born out of the winter nights when we’ve had to dig into the shallow dirt of our infant beliefs and reach into the soil of our most core foundations.

Contrary to pop culture option, Christianity will challenge you to think for yourself. As a pastor, I never want to teach you what to think as much as how.  True faith, the kind that perseveres through pain and trials and urgency, takes a surgical navigation through all the very difficult questions of life.  Only doubts will ever get you to ask them.

When pain hits home and you’re walking through that cancer or car accident or earthquake, you want the kind of faith that can face death.  In the end, I want a faith that doesn’t just tickle my inspiration or gives me cute slogans, but a faith that can get beat up by suffering and scholars and satanic evil, and will keep on standing.  And that only comes when you’re able to hold up those doubts to the light, rotate them over and over, and take a second look at every intellectual and existential answer that Christianity has to offer.

There are too many Christians who don’t really dig to the bottom of what they believe, so that when tragedy comes, they wonder how their concept of God could ever allow such misery.  This quickly turns into a toxic disillusionment because their faith was never nuanced enough to deal with the gray-space struggle of real life.  It’s not that their God was not big enough, but rather much too small.

It’s one thing to say that "Jesus died for my sins and got up from the dead."  Any church attender could say they believe this, and maybe they do in some esoteric symbolic way.  But what really gets you through the grinding jaws of suffering is to know that Jesus actually conquered a nameless grave, that he threw a right hook at Satan and an uppercut at sin, that the Resurrection offers a sweeping victory against entropy and aging and disease and atrocity, and that Jesus uppercut death in the face.  Jesus destroyed all our greatest enemies by entering through them himself, and then invites us into such power and grace.

The Resurrection, if it really happened, has to be both existentially satisfying and intellectually complete.  It’s totally wise to doubt that such a thing happened: but such doubt drives you to seek the truth, and when you even entertain the possibility that it happened, it’s downright electrifying.


3) Some of us are simply wired to be more doubtful than others. 

Though I believe Jesus is the ultimate answer and accommodation for our reality, I also doubt him every single day

When Moses split the Red Sea, there were probably 1) victorious triumphant warriors saying "This is our God!” and 2) doubtful panicking screamers running full speed through whales and plankton.  I’m a Screamer.  I’m a cynic.  I’m a critic.  I’m Peter, who fell into the water after he got off the boat.

I’m not giving you an excuse to have a halfway lukewarm faith.  I would never wish that upon anyone.  But I’m okay with my slow-burning, smoldering, sit-in-the-backseat sort of faith most of the time.  Just because I don’t sing like the front row of worship service doesn’t mean I don’t love Jesus.  It just means I’m wired to love him when I write, when I see the sun break through the stitching in the clouds, when I serve the homeless and see the face of Jesus there. 

Please don’t beat yourself up about a slowly sizzling faith.  Each day, no matter how you feel or what’s happening, pray anyway.  Read the Bible anyway.  Sing anyway.  Serve anyway.  Your life keeps going, so talk with God anyway.  And just sometimes: the Sea will split again.  Those giants fall with great aplomb.  And Jesus will be there on the mountaintop, full of light and glory and weight, unleashing his furious love poured out for us destitute, despondent sinners. It’s those rare moments which I call to mind as I descend back into the valley, and no one can ever talk me out them.  Even with my tiny little bit of seed-sized faith, I can say, “So there I saw him on that mountain, and he is true.  He is good.  He is down here, too, as He always was, and will be.”

– J.S.

[TRANS] Yoongi’s letter to Santa

25th December 2016 If by that time we do get any awards I hope we receive the daesang award. I told you we are all working hard

mxryshxw  asked:

Hello Father, I am an SSPX Catholic and my boyfriend is Novus ordo, and because of this from time to time I do get ... let's call it feedback from some people he associates with (but never from himself, he's respectful), I recognize sspx is not linked with the Roman Catholic Church, but I am a practicing Tridentine Catholic, how can I stand firm in telling others who may see me as schismatic from the church and Catholicism?


As Catholics, the first thing we should stand firm on is, our faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our Lord and Savior. We should stand firm on the teachings of the Apostles and the truths of Sacred Scripture, as these have been handed on in the Church since the Apostolic age.

In our lives, we should stand firm on the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity. Faith is believing in what God has revealed through the teaching Church. 

Hope is trust that God gives the holy Church the protection of infallibility, invincibility, and indefectibility in her sacraments (that the rites of the Church are always valid and cause grace, as promulgated by the Church, even if the rites change and are reformed).

Charity is the virtue by which we love God above all things, and our neighbor as ourselves, for the sake of giving glory to the God whom we love.

How sad, and how woeful to the Church’s sense of being one, Mystical Body, that we now find ourselves, referring to ourselves, as “SSPX Catholics”, or “Tridentine Catholics” or “Novus Ordo Catholics.” I understand why you used these terms. It helped me to clarify your concern, which was helpful :)

At the same time, I would like to repeat that a person who confesses Jesus as Lord, who confesses the Holy Church as mother, and who accepts all that is taught and believed by the Church, is simply a Catholic.

I am not a Mexican Catholic. My neighbor is not a White Catholic. Jeb Bush is not a Republican Catholic. Nor are there “Pre-Vatican II Catholics” and “Post-Vatican II” Catholics. Each person is who is a Catholic, is according to the One, True Faith, a Catholic, without adjectives and qualifiers and other sectarian terminologies.

The Church is one, not just in dogmas and Tradition, but in her discipline and obedience, She is one, united to the Roman Pontiff, Pope Francis, and working humbly under those bishops who obediently submit to Pope Francis’ direction as visible, Supreme Shepherd.

I would say that the priestly Society of St. Pius X is certainly linked to the Roman Catholic Church, because their faith, is the faith of the Church. However, while not being termed a schismatic group, they are certainly cut off from the discipline and mandates of the local bishop. These priests obediently take orders, only from their superiors within the Society, and not from the Pope or the local bishop.

This situation is not ideal, by any means. It is a breakdown of the discipline which must accompany the Catholic mission, the Catholic mandate, of Catholic Action. In a spiritual sense, it is like having too many cooks in the kitchen. The Pope or bishops give one set of orders for teaching, liturgy, and canon law, and the bishops of the SSPX and district superiors give conflicting orders. 

If one says, “I cannot be in the Novus Ordo parishes, because I do not trust them to guide me with Catholic fidelity” I understand that. If one says, “I find it very difficult to attend the modern liturgy and understand how it is nourishing me with grace” then I understand that also, and the decision to seek out the Tridentine Latin Masses of the Society.

But there is a consequence to this decision. The consequence is that when people tell us we are separating ourselves from the mainstream life of the Church, we cannot hide behind crafty apologetics and cute slogans to make it sound as if we are, in fact, not separating ourselves. 

For all the good work that the priestly SSPX does, it does not have a canonical mandate from the Roman Pontiff, and therefore, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, it “does not exercise a legitimate ministry in the Catholic Church.”

Let me clarify, again, that the SSPX priests do excellent work, and they are doing ministry and taking care of the spiritual good of their flocks. But they do so in a state of canonical division from the local bishop (”legitimate” ministry comes from “leges”, or what is the law), and this is a poor witness to Catholic unity and a cause of spiritual affliction for the rest of the Church, who would like the SSPX chapels to reincorporate into the regular structure of Papal and episcopal authority.

Even if a priest or bishop claims a supplied jurisdiction, because of an emergency in the Church, that supplied jurisdiction must be analyzed, interpreted, and validated, by the Church’s present leadership (i.e. Pope Francis and his bishops). 

Outside of a canonical and legal affirmation of the present hierarchy that there is a valid case of supplied jurisdiction, a priest or bishop must surrender to authority. He must surrender to the interpretation of canon law given by the proper authority (the Pope) and not to the lawyering of savvy and learned men who believe they are in the position to correct the Pope’s interpretation of canon law.

So, stand firm in your love for Jesus Christ, and in your confession of the faith and morals of the Church. But also pray and seek out a way, a path, to make this confession part of the present structure of the Church, even though that is difficult because of the crisis we see in the Church. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel