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Beans has grown into a strong, healthy boy who likes to play outside, sleep on rocks, and lick the blood up off of Jack’s tile floor after he’s gone on a killing spree. Such a sweetie. ^_^

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Oversized (Chen drabble)

15.   How do you know I’m not big?
34.   Show me what you got

Word count: 3009 (Oh boy this ain’t even a drabble anymore lol)

Genre: fluff like super fluffy fluff (send help good Lord)

A/N: I wrote two requests into one. The actual drabble request was by @kpopthirstaddicted, who I love so much, and I mixed it with the anon request above. I hope it’s okay with the both of you. Enjoy and take care xoxo.

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You opened your eyes lazily as the sun rays leaked from the half-opened curtains. Normally you would’ve been annoyed by them, but not today. Today was brighter, happier. You felt… different, somehow, it was hard to explain, but you did.

It was like life was better, like the world was perfect. You’d never felt that comfortable in your own bed, even though you felt something you didn’t usually feel, it was never this warm, and you were never totally cornered to one side of it.

You turned around carefully just to find Chen lying next to you.

“Holy shit”, you muttered to yourself with your eyes wide opened. So it had actually happened. If he wasn’t standing right there in front of your eyes slightly touching your bare skin with his, you would’ve thought it had been a dream.

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anonymous asked:

The RFA + V and Saeren getting their first pet with MC?

hey nonnie, thanks for the request! however im not going to do v and saeran for this one. i spent about half an hour on each of them with no such luck:/


  • this sweetheart is a puppy himself, so when you come home with a little puppy hes just over the moon
  • at first he’s a tad nervous(bc he’s a vet and deals with sick and injured animals as a profession so he just knows have bad things can go)
  • “what if i cant be a good dad??” yoosung u know its a dog right
  • yoosung just falls in love with the little guy
  • for some reason the lil pupper loves yoosung more than you not surprising tbh
  • the pupper loves to cuddle as much as yoosung does, so it always worms between you and yoosung at night can we get some fanart pls????


  • absoluetly no cats 
  • but
  • when you come home with a long hair guinea pig he just falls in love with the little guy (seriously have you seen these things they have like the saame hair as zen)
  • zen loves holding the little thing he doesnt even mind the long hair
  • sometimes the guinea pig will fall asleep on zens lap and he’ll braid its hair zen totally knows how to braid fite me on this


  • just thinking about c-hair make poor baehee twitch
  • birds and reptiles kinda freak her out tbh
  • so fish it is
  • you guys get a little fresh water tank it so cute
  • you both spend hours at the pet store picking out brightly colored fish and plants and decorations that go in the tank
  • she feng shui’s the tank
  • eventually you guys graduate up to a salt water tank and she buys the most gorgeous coral


  • you both tried the cat thing, and now you want to try something else
  • bc jumins rich fuckin trust fund kid i love him you guys get something mildly pretentious like a fox 
  • theyre best of both worlds, a fox is cuddley like a kitty but acts like a dog i want a fox can you tell
  • you guys buy a little boy fox and name him Francesco 
  • little Francesco is jumins pride and joy, second to you of course
  • Francesco is a lil cutie and poor jumin always tries to video him doing the cute but they come out all blurry and shakey  


  • this boy and his love of cats
  • you guys literally adopted three kitten from a local shelter
  • “mc theyre like our kids”
  • your house becomes overrun with cat toys
  • theres also no escaping the cat hair that e v e r y w h e r e
  • tbh seven buys that fancy canned wet food thats ridiculously overpriced because he wants the best for him babes
  • the lil kittys sleep in your guys bed and literally sleep on top of seven
  • he doesnt mind tho

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bf broke up w me im a mess lmao :-'(

ugh boys suck, you dont need him ok

here is a list of food stuffs you canmake to take your mind off it or just make really fast to eat your feelings:

adorable animal thingies bc animals are way better than boys:

loads of movies:

i hope you feel better <3