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BTS when they try to flirt with you but you don’t speak much Korean (Written version)

May I have a reaction with Suga, Jungkook, and V if they saw you around at like a coffee shop or something and they liked you but when they asked you out found out that you didn’t speak Korean well.


The moment he saw you walk in, his eyes were glued to you. No matter how much he tried to pay attention to what Namjoon was saying, he couldn’t seem to look away. He noticed the way your hair fell in your face so beautifully, the way your sweater was too long, so you could hide your hands in your sleeves, and the way your cheeks were a little pink from the cold outside.

He sighed sadly, because he just knew a girl as beautiful as you couldn’t possibly be single, there was simply no way he ever had a chance. But then he saw the waiter come towards you, and you ordered a drink right away, which meant you weren’t expecting anyone, and this gave him hope.

His eyes twinkled slightly, as he noticed you pull out a book, and begin skimming the pages while you waited, the little crinkle between your eyebrows showing as you concentrated on the words, and he smiled. Namjoon noticed his mental absence from the conversation, and followed his gaze, smiling widely when he noticed you sitting there alone.

“Go talk to her” He whispered, in an attempt to keep this a secret from the younger guys, which obviously failed. Suga nodded, before rising from his chair, and mentally preparing himself to talk to you so his words wouldn’t get jumbled up on his tongue.

But nothing could have prepared him for what he felt the moment your eyes met his, and he suddenly forgot everything he wanted to say, losing all of his swag.

“Um. Hi, I’m Suga, can I sit here?” he asked, pointing to the chair in front of you. You looked up towards him with a confused expression, and once you noticed he was quite possibly speaking Korean you shot him an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry, my Korean isn’t very good.” You replied in English, incredibly disappointed because you too wanted to talk to the handsome man across the coffee shop. He sighed, lifting his pointer finger up at you as a signal for you to wait.

He rushed over to the table with the guys on it, and you heard them laugh, as he put his head down in shame. Then, the taller looking guy whispered something in his ear, and pushed him back towards you, giving him a light pat on his back.

The boy came back to sit in front of you, and flashed you his precious gummy smile, making you smile in return. You were excited to see where this was going.

“Hello. I’m Suga. My English isn’t very good, but I think you are pretty.” He replied in slightly broken English, with the cutest accent you had ever heard. You had to restrain yourself from cooing at him.

“Hi Suga, I’m Y/N. Pleased to meet you! And just so you know, I think you’re really cute too” You told him with a smile and a wink, that sent his heart fluttering.

By the end of the afternoon, between broken English and broken Korean, you both had managed to make yourselves understood to each other, and with the help of some translation apps, and some under the table texting to Namjoon from Suga’s part, you had both managed to find out you had a lot more in common than you thought, so you exchanged numbers and promised to call soon. Honestly? You were excited, and so glad you had chosen that café in the end. You couldn’t wait to meet Suga again.


He wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on around him, his mind was still focused on the complex choreography he had been learning that day, he didn’t usually become troubled by the steps, but this time there was a series of steps that he just couldn’t get quite right, and it frustrated him. He wasn’t one to take losing very well.

He sat down, and absent mindedly ordered a soda, his brain still immersed on mentally repeating the steps over and over again, trying to pinpoint the exact reason why he was having trouble coordinating himself.

The soda was placed in front of him, bringing him out of his daydreams, when he noticed his band members were no longer laughing and talking about training, but were looking in a completely different direction instead, whispering under their breaths, and smiling like idiots.

He turned around to see what they were looking at, and the moment his eyes connected with your frame, his world froze. Suddenly the choreography didn’t matter anymore, as the Earth shook underneath him. The air around him seemed to become thicker, and he was struggling to breathe.

His cheeks began to become tinted red as he stared at you with his lips slightly parted in wonder. The boys noticed this, as they elbowed each other and pointed towards him, mocking his expression and laughing. Jungkook felt slightly ashamed of his obvious behavior, but he couldn’t help himself, he was entranced by you. It took some coaxing from the boys for him to gather up the courage to go talk to you, since he doesn’t have much experience with girls, he didn’t quite know what to say.

He nervously walked up to your table, his heart beating hard in his chest the closer he got to you. He stopped in front of you, and his eyes widened, as his heartbeat went off charts the moment you looked up from your phone. He nervously began to rub the back of his neck, as he stumbled to find his words.

“Ah… I’m Jungkook. I see you like soda. I do too… Maybe we could have soda together?” He asked you nervously, giving you his cute shy smile, but unfortunately, your Korean was very basic, so you just bit your lip with a conflicted expression.

“AH… English? My Korean is terrible…” You replied in very broken Korean, which honestly made you cringe the moment you heard the words coming out of your lips. He felt his stomach drop the moment you uttered those words. His English wasn’t the best either, so communicating with you was going to be difficult.

“Just one second.” He said in English, before he ran back to his table, and started tugging on a tall boy’s arm. The boy looked incredibly confused for a moment, until the cute boy mumbled something to him in Korean which you couldn’t understand, making the boy’s mouth form into a ‘o’ before he got up with a chuckle. You watched the pair walk back towards you.

“Hi, I’m Namjoon, this is my friend Jungkook. He doesn’t speak much English, but he would like to get to know you better, so if that’s okay with you, I’m going to sit here and mediate until you can figure out a way to communicate by yourselves.” He spoke in perfect English, making you let out a sigh of relief. At least you’d be able to understand this guy, even if he was still slightly intimidating.

“Yeah, that will be fine, would you both like to sit here? Should we order more sodas? Ah, I’m nervous, what do I say?” You stuttered nervously, playing with your thumbs. Namjoon laughed, before pointing to the chair in front of you, and sitting beside you, between you and Jungkook.

“Maybe you should tell us your name?” He suggested, raising an eyebrow. You hit your forehead with your palm.

“Ah! Of course, I’m Y/N. Pleased to meet you.” You spoke, looking straight at Jungkook. Namjoon translated for him, and he smiled, saying something back in Korean.

“He says it’s a cute name, just like you” He translated directly, making you blush. Aparently Jungkook understood what he said, because he hit his hyung on the arm, and you could more or less have guessed he was not supposed to say the last part judging by the blush on his cheeks.

Despite the language barrier, you grew to like Jungkook, and ended up having one of the best dates you had ever had. You exchanged numbers, and made a mental note to enroll yourself in Korean lessons, so you could continue talking to him, hoping he would ask Namjoon for help with his English.

Your phone buzzed as you got home. It read:

Jungkook <3: I like you. Meet me soon?


The moment he spotted you inside the café, he pestered his friends for 10 minutes straight, so they could go in there to have a snack or something. At first they didn’t understand the sudden craving for coffee and cake Taehyung seemed to have, they had just eaten an hour prior to that, and the café really wasn’t their style.

But after some convincing, and some whining and moaning from Yoongi’s part, he managed to get them to enter the café, and sit at a table pretty close to yours. He was giddy, he kept bouncing on his chair like a child at the prospect of possibly getting to talk to the cute girl with the sketchpad on her table.

Jin followed his gaze to you, and suddenly everything made sense, he elbowed Namjoon and Yoongi, and suddenly the whole table was staring in your direction with cheesy smiles on their faces and a knowing expression in their eyes, while Taehyung just stared in your direction completely hypnotized by the way your hand moved on the paper, and the cuteness of your small sips of coffee.

“Ooooh V has a crush!” Jimin teased, poking his friend in the shoulder. Taehyung brushed him off and complained, trying not to get too much attention to himself, suddenly feeling bashful.

“Shut up” He hissed, blushing a deep red.

“Oh come on don’t be shy! Just go over there and be your cute self! I’m sure she will fall for you.” Jin encouraged him, smiling warmly. But the younger boy just shook his head.

“Well, I guess since you aren’t going, I will. I know of a good steak place I can take her to.” Replied Yoongi, as he got up from his chair. Taehyung’s eyes widened as he stared at the older boy. He stretched his body out, and grabbed his arm, trying to stop him.

“No, please hyung.” Taehyung begged the older boy, who stared at him with a cheeky smile, the other boys looking at each other with amused expressions  on their face.

“Relax, I’m just going to the bathroom, but if you like her so much, you really ought to ask her out before someone else does.” He replied teasingly, before removing Taehyung’s hand from his arm, and continued on his way to the bathroom.

Throughout the whole scene you had remained unfazed, as you continued to sketch something on your sketchbook. Taehyung sighed, as his cheeks were tinted red, before getting up, and walking straight towards you without any hesitation.

“Hi, I’m Taehyung, can I sit here?” He asked, pointing towards the chair, you looked up from your sketchbook, and closed the lid on it, setting it to the side.

“I’m sorry, my Korean isn’t very good. Do you speak English maybe?” You suggested, as you pointed to the chair, letting him know it was okay for him to sit. He rummaged through his brain, trying to remember all the English conversation phrases he knew. With an “ah” He nodded, and sat down smiling at you with that beautiful squared smile of his.

“My name is Taehyung. Kim Taehyung. What is yours?” He tried again in incredibly cute English. You smiled widely at him, and he swore his heart skipped a beat.

“I’m Y/N. Pleased to meet you Taehyung. Would you like to drink something with me?” You asked him, pointing to the menu card, but he pouted in response.

“No! I was supposed to ask you that!!” he pouted cutely at you, making you smile shyly.

“Oh, I’m sorry” you replied, covering your mouth with your hands as you giggled.

“That’s okay, because you are cute.” He said, making you blush profusely.

You enjoyed your café improvised date with Taehyung a lot, he tried his best to speak to you in English, and teach you words and phrases in Korean so you could understand him better, and whenever neither of you understood what the other person was talking about, you pulled out your sketchbook and opened it at a new page, so you could draw pictures of what you were trying to say.

It was probably the most fun date you had ever had, filled with laughter and giggles, and awkward attempts at trying to understand each other through pictures, broken languages and signing at each other, but you had so much fun, when he asked you for your number, you didn’t hesitate to give it to him. You were surely going to have to make sure you practiced your Korean more, because you hoped to get to know Taehyung a lot better.

What you never would tell him, was , that the picture you had been sketching before he walked up to you, had been him the whole time.