cute shit was already a tag ps

Hey lovelies! I was nominated to do the handwriting tag by the lovely @simreject​ (thank u ♥).  I love these type of things but I know some people don’t - so my super shitty writing is below the cut!

I nominate: (in no particular order)

  • @cherrygrapesims​ bcs you are the most supportive liker on my dash ♡
  • @sugar-coated-sim​ bcs the bradford wedding is cute af ♡
  • @sunflower-sim​ bcs I ate grapes today and your legacy is the grapes ♡
  • @tea-sims bcs I fangirl a lil every time aspen pops up on my dash ♡
  • @ghardenia bcs your not too old 4 dis shit ♡
  • @jhongg bcs your blog is peachy perfection ♡
  • @thecactus bcs your aliens melt my heart ♡
  • + anyone who wants too!

Sorry/pls ignore this if anyone I’ve tagged has already done it!

Ps. I’m Australian and that’s how we spell favourite ok 😅

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