cute shiny things

How to get me in little space:

🌸 Play with my hair

🌸 Pile me up with blankets

🌸 Dress me up 👗 

🌸 Spray your cologne/ perfume (or my favorite scent) on my pillow

🌸 Talk about something you genuinely enjoy

🌸 Watch a cute movie with me

🌸 Dom voice 😳😳

🌸 Hold my hand

🌸 Sing a song 🎶🎤

🌸 Tell jokes

🌸Give me pet names

🌸 Tell me about yourself

🌸 Give me a task to complete

🌸 Take me out

🌸 Do each other’s hobbies together

🌸 Help me name my stuffies 🐻

🌸 Talk to my stuffies 

🌸 Buckle my seat belt

🌸 (Bubble) baths! 

🌸 Get me my favorite snacks

🌸 Put me in your clothes

🌸 Cuddles

🌸 Pinching my cheeks (either set of cheeks works…) 💥💥

🌸 Coloring 

🌸 Putting your hand on my thigh 

🌸 Letting me sit on your lap

🌸 Commands

🌸 Counting 

🌸 Dance parties

🌸 Tea parties ☕

🌸 A newly cleaned paci

🌸 Warm sweaters

🌸 Anything cute

🌸 Colorful items 🖍️ 

🌸 Shiny things

🌸 Tying my shoes for me

🌸 Cold rooms (Idk, that’s just my thing) ❄️

🌸 Night lights 

Anyone have any more?? 🌸🌸🌸


【VY2V3 Falsetto】 UNI / うに 【VOCALOIDカバー】

What’s this? Bonus falsetto version!!

kayjaydee17  asked:

I've been playing the 'cute girl who likes shiny things' role with a lot of my POTs, which makes it really easy for me to ask for a gift for the first meeting; I just do the "are you going to bring me something pretty? ;)" thing, but I don't quite know how to change that to ask for something financial (because, lbr, I'd rather have cash than something shiny). I find it a bit harder to be cute when asking for money. Any advice? I know you're more Dommy, though, so I understand if you don't.


If you are uncomfortable asking for cash upon meeting, I would suggest the following:

I’m looking forward to meeting you, I was wondering if you could possibly help me out with my cab fare/hair/nails, etc. I want to look my best for you on our date :)

Men have an easier time gifting you cash if they believe it’s for their benefit. Furthermore, by wording it this way, they see it in a perspective where you are doing it for them, rather than for greed ;)

ninjago doctor who au

-lloyd is a time lord called the green ninja, but so many of his companions insisted he get a human name that he caved and goes by lloyd too

-lloyd runs headfirst into danger, always. usually by chasing after a cute person or shiny thing

-kai is his companion in this au, and every time lloyd calls him a child he smarts, because he’s twenty three, and lloyd’s like what sixteen?

-lloyd is a thousand years old

-lloyd: see? you’re a child. just twenty three?
kai: well to humans I’m an adult. a young one, but still
lloyd: oh, right. humans… you burn out so quickly, don’t you?

-lloyd insisting that the safest place in the universe is by his side. (kai disagrees with this statement)

-morro, lloyd’s cousin, and other last of the time lords, occasionally makes an ass of himself

-micah is here too because i can do what i want

-lloyd: kai, what do you see when you look at that boy?
kai: uh, i dont know? a guy?
lloyd: we have been to three universes, a satellite, and ten different human eras in seven locations. and i have seen that boy every time.
kai: what does that mean?
lloyd: it means im going to go over there and ask for his number

-half of this is lloyd and kai shenanigans and i l o v e i t

-lloyd: *hitting his sonic screwdriver* it doesn’t do wood! why does it still not do wood!
kai: *just kicks the door in*

-lloyd: oh, that’s wonderful!
lloyd: thats part of its charm!

-kai: why do you dress in ratty old sweaters?
lloyd: well when you’ve seen the universe for what it is in all its terrible and wonderful awe, it feels less like a red carpet event and more like going to a friend’s house

-lloyd is so happy go lucky and bright and cheerful about everything sometimes its easy to forget that his entire planet was destroyed

-lloyd just… casually forgetting about time lines, especially the one kai lives in

-lloyd: have you read that really cool webstory thingy, ah, 17776?
lloyd: wait, no, it hasn’t been released yet. in a couple of months

-lloyd: why dont you just go over and see shakespeare? im sure he’d love a visit from a fan
lloyd: no wait he’s been dead for hundreds of years

-lloyd: what did you think of the series finale of gameblood?
lloyd: wait, it hasn’t been aired yet
lloyd: and that show doesn’t exist yet
lloyd: … and the writers haven’t been born yet

-lloyd: im what humans might call… *puts on shades* autistic
kai: and?
lloyd: … time lords called it the same thing im autistic

-lloyd: humans! the best thing since sliced bread. I should know, i invented sliced bread
kai: no way

-lloyd: pick a place on the map!
kai: uh, how about… here.
lloyd: BOR-ING. lets go here instead!

hikaoru-fujioka  asked:

Can you please create imagines where the main Karasuno players (Optional: you can add other characters if you want-) as babies and how they would act, pretty please with sugar on top? ●w●

Well, shit. I made the most popular ones I think. Thank you for the request, I hope you’ll enjoy~! It is more like babies-kids-children imagine, but I tried XD

Daichi Sawamura

✲ the most mature kid ever

Koushi Sugawara

✲ who was the cutest kid ever? he was. and even though he is a teenager, he is still the cutest

Asahi Azumane

✲  apologized for everything, even for things he didn’t do

Yuu Nishinoya & Ryuunosuke Tanaka

✲ the ones who always end up with bubblegum in their hair 

Tobio Kageyama 

✲ never knew what was happening, the kid was clueless

Shouyou Hinata

✲ he was in love with cute, beautiful and shiny things, smol bby

Kei Tsukishima

✲ kei has never been amused

Tadashi Yamaguchi

✲ teacher’s favourite hee

FE:F Analysis - Character Ages Pt. 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Mikoto (35+) - Mikoto’s age largely relies on Corrin’s. If Corrin is 17 at the start of the game, I guess Mikoto was about 18 when she gave birth to them. She can of course be younger or older, but I like to think Mikoto was a very young mother - or she moisturizes regularly.

Silas (17) - In his supports with Ryoma, Silas states he is the same age as Corrin. This is reflected in their interactions where they behave similarly and seem to have equal maturity.

Kaze (24) - Kaze acts like a mature man, often looking after his younger comrades. He was also old enough when Corrin was kidnapped to have been trained in the ways of the ninja, but young enough that he failed to take initiative to stop the kidnapping.

Saizo (24) - Saizo, like Kaze, is very mature, but much more no-nonsense, making it clear that he is the elder brother. His demeanor is very similar to Ryoma’s, so I feel they must be of close or equal ages. He also calls female Corrin a “little girl” when he meets her, suggesting he has a few years on her.

Rinkah (19) - The overall impression I get from Rinkah is a young lady who still has a lot to learn about the world and others. Takumi also hints that Rinkah is still very young, with Rinkah recalling the “old days” for the Flame Tribe, but Takumi commenting that it can’t have been too long ago if Rinkah recalls them.

Kagero (24) - Kagero strikes me as much more mature and wise compared to the other characters, which makes me think she is an adult around the same age as Ryoma. However, she can’t be too old, because she is still able to identify with and stand equal to younger characters like Rinkah and Subaki.

Hana (15) - Hana is the youngest of the retainers. She regularly mentions others underestimating her because of her young age, and she has to be young enough that she can share a close relationship with Sakura.

Subaki (20) - Subaki is a bit tricky because of his self-assuredness, and his being respected by so many different characters. Despite this, I am convinced he is still a very young man due to his immature streaks.

Orochi (24) - I can’t imagine Orochi being anything but the same age as Kagerou. However, she must be young enough that she could see Mikoto as a mother-figure, but old enough that she enjoys teasing the younger members of the army, like Silas and Hayato. She also mentions that she would babysit Takumi when he was younger, suggesting she is quite a bit older than him. Orochi also hints that she and Saizou are similar ages, having known each other since childhood, and they speak to each other as equals.

Setsuna (16) - Setsuna’s relaxed disposition tells me that she’s still young and new to any need for strict formality or professionalism. Between her and Hinoka, I imagine Setsuna being the younger, spoiled sister who gets away with anything no matter how silly, while Hinoka is the older, caretaker sibling.

Azama (26) - I imagine Azama is perhaps the oldest of the retainers as he always talks down to others, never showing much in the way of respect. That said, I still think he’s a fairly young man due to his sense of humor being quite crude and still lacking in manners.

Hayato (12-13) - Despite his insistence at being an “adult,” Hayato is repeatedly referred to as a young boy, with many characters like Felicia and Corrin treating him as a younger brother. The only character who treats him as a equal is Sakura, so I must conclude they are of similar ages. 

Oboro (16-17) - Oboro strikes me a teenager for similar reasons as Takumi. They both have difficulty letting go of vengeful feelings, but are mature enough to give thoughtful commentary and advice to others. Her interest in fashion and overall appearance also make her seem like a teenage girl.

Hinata (17) - Hinata seems to be Takumi’s closest male friend, so I assume they must be close in age. Hinata strikes me as a bit older, however, especially thanks to one particular comic in the official anthology series that has Hinata ask Takumi to consider him as his “big bro.” All in all, Hinata’s behavior suits a young man of 17.

Reina (40) - Sadly there’s not too much to work with when it comes to Reina’s exact age, but she’s served as Mikoto’s retainer since she joined the royal family, suggesting she is in the same general age range. However, of the two, I peg Reina as a fair bit older due to the stronger presence of wrinkles.

Kaden (19) - Despite his narcissistic personality, Kaden is capable of being very wise and mature when he chooses. He acts as an older brother figure to Hayato, and Hayato gets along fairly well with him, so I don’t imagine Kaden is too much older. Of course, kitsune-aging might be entirely different than how humans age, so who knows how old Kaden actually is? 

Scarlet (21) - Her overall youthful appearance, love for cute, shiny things, and freckles indicate that Scarlet, despite leading a resistance movement, is still a young woman.

Yukimura (34) - I have this headcanon that Yukimura is an older adult, but just a smidge younger than Mikoto. 


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some extremely important cute little things about clear that matter very much:
- when he waits for you to turn away to eat (and he does it at sonic speed)
- his lil watch
- his lil tummy poking out of his shirt
- he being naive sometimes when exposed to things
- he likes to collect cute shiny things
- hes kinky
- he watches aoba sleep because hes constantly worried about him dying like his grandpa did
- he sings
- he sits on roofs and can jump up walls and buildings
- he is super strong and beat up a gang
- he loves fluffy things
- hes a robot
- r o b o t s



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