cute shar pei

So people who know me on tera know that I have been spending the past 2/3 months intensely looking at puppy listings and almost crying because circumstances just didn’t allow me to get a puppy.
Well. Stuff happened. And I finally got one. A shar pei (one of my favouritest breeds!) called Tumble, or Tummy for short! He’s pure bred and I got him for very cheap, plus it’s a rare find in my area especially!
I am over the moon, he is the cutest, sweetest, laziest thing I’ve ever seen and it’s so perfect. He’s so well behaved and was potty trained right off the bat!
All he wants to do is snooze or eat or give you kisses and he loves everyone he meets!
Here is a video of Tummy sleeping and snoring! (He makes that noise around the house all day, instead of barking he just snorts!)


“My nickname is ‘Squishy’ because of the extra squishy skin I inherited from my Sharpei parent.  I know how to come when called and I sit politely and wait to eat my food until I am told ‘OK’.  I am both a cuddler and a lap dog!  If allowed, I would love to snuggle up next to you on the couch all day.”