cute set


🌷 whaaaat~~ ji hit 1k and she’s doing a giveaway?? 🌷

das right y’all :’) although it’s been a little over a month since i’ve had my studyblr, i am super excited to announce that i have 1k lovely followers :’) in order to say thank you to all of YOU who have inspired me and motivated me to continue this lil blog, i splurged a lil and decided to host a giveaway!!

what do i win?

  • white muji eraser
  • a pack of muji gridded loose-leaf paper  OR a blank muji notebook
  • a cute set of muji sticky notes
  • muji gel pens in 0.38mm black, 0.5mm black, 0.7mm navy blue
  • a pack of ten stabilo .88 fineliners
  • and some extra surprise stationery

how do i enter?

to enter:

  • follow me (jiyeonstudies)
  • reblog this post (likes do not count)
  • be a studyblr! (if sideblog, please put your studyblr in the tags!)
  • extra entry if you tag me in a post :’)

that’s literally it~

giveaway is open internationally, as long as you are willing to send me your address so i can send you the prize!!

winner will be chosen on april 30th, 2017 at 5pm PST

once again, thank you so much for 1k 💗