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Pipefish -  A Weird Cousin of the Sea Horse

unquestionably sea horses are one of the most bizarre looking sea creatures. Pipefish, a close cousin is even weirder. Look at these fishes and you will agree with me.

Along with sea horses and sea dragons, the pipefish belong to the group Syngnathidae. There are thousands of species living in the oceans.

Like their sea horse brethren, the male pipefishes also do parenting duties like carrying eggs and also “giving birth”.

Most of the pipefish species live in the coral reefs. Some can also be spotted in sea grass beds. Here are some more photos of them.

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Baby seahorses everywhere at @discoveraqwa today! They look like they are swimming in the night sky! Look at how they tustle with each other!

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clairense  asked:

Did you see George he looked so cute in the seahorse suit ohmtgod

YES someone said he looked like heath ledger and i was like GIRL I BEEN SAYIN THAT THE WHOLE TIME i love and miss heath ledger so much so it was such an emo moment 😭

Super small and super cute - Pygmy Seahorse. Found a few living on a branching coral in the middle of rubble.