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Pipefish -  A Weird Cousin of the Sea Horse

unquestionably sea horses are one of the most bizarre looking sea creatures. Pipefish, a close cousin is even weirder. Look at these fishes and you will agree with me.

Along with sea horses and sea dragons, the pipefish belong to the group Syngnathidae. There are thousands of species living in the oceans.

Like their sea horse brethren, the male pipefishes also do parenting duties like carrying eggs and also “giving birth”.

Most of the pipefish species live in the coral reefs. Some can also be spotted in sea grass beds. Here are some more photos of them.

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8/25/2017- Pony acquisition post #434: G4 My Little Pony the Movie Baby Sea Ponies!!

Year released: 2017

My local Target finally stocked the super cute Baby Sea ponies! These cuties are teeny tiny and come with a bunch of accessories! They come in super cute molds with turnable heads as well as they each come with a starfish that has a suction cup on the back, uniquely molded shells that also have suction cups on the back, as well as a uniquely molded sea creature to go with them! The color combos on the sea ponies are all quite cute and I am impressed with the amount of new molds made for these cuties. If you look at the packaging you’ll even see that each baby seapony has something unique about their artwork (such as a white spot on an eye, etc.). Of course I wish that was translated to the toys but they are still really cute! I’m having fun sticking the suction cups to my Seaquestria Castle!

Original Condition: Mint

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: Mint!

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whats ur fav pokemon

i havve a lot more favvs tbh but these are the first big 6 i could think of!!