cute sea creatures

which playlist is your ideal girlfriend?

your girlfriend is the moon and she is so beautiful and kind. she watches over you at night and illumiates your way home from work to guide you. and every night you get your guitar out to serenade her with love songs.

your girlfriend is a fairy and loves tending the garden. everything she grows tastes amazing and sometimes cute animals come in your garden to ask your magical girlfriend for some food as she is generous to everyone.

your girlfriend is actually a super cool mermaid with a blue/green tail and you visit the ocean after work every day to swim with her. she shows you all the cute sea creatures and enjoys basking in the sunlight with you.

Manatees sleep differently than humans. Instead of one long sleep cycle they take short naps under the waters surface, coming up to breathe every 5 minutes or so. Each manatee will have it’s own favorite way to sleep, and some, like this manatee, will even sleep on their backs.

(Photo Credit: Carol Grant)