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Snuggle up it gets cold ❄️

dear future boyfriend or girlfriend,

when we date, I’m going to come pick you up one evening, we’re gonna go watch the sunset and the stars on a big fluffy blanket. then we will make a cute little jar of all the things we want to do and work on it day by day. after that, I’ll take you home and I’ll treat you to your favorite snack and drink and we’ll fall asleep listening to vinyls.


Another Jyrus edit, these boys give me life


ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!


linadrawingsblog  asked:

I have seen your servamp art, its so beautiful!! ^*^ Could you draw Tetsu and Misono (tetsono)? :D

…why the heck not


Chris Evans Oneshot #1 -Valentine's Day #1

About: Chris Evans x reader. It’s Valentine’s Day and Chris does cute romantic stuff for the reader. 😊

Warnings: A couple swears

Requests are open! Feel free to make requests for imagines, oneshots, headcanons, and ships!

You woke up and Chris’s side of the bed was empty. You longed for his arms to be wrapped around you, giving you warmth and comfort. You pulled the heavy blankets higher so they reached your chin. You heard pans banging in the kitchen and Chris yell “Shit!” You laughed a little bit as you pulled the blankets off your legs and brought your feet to the floor.

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me why you ship masugaku and, if you know, how they got paired together by the fandom? I mean, they're not even in the same clubs! That being said, I love your blog; it's really great that a niche fandom has such a great blog in it.

hm idk, i started shipping it when i saw it in the fandom and i was like “oh thats cute!”

i think a lot of people like pairing together the upbeat, outgoing type with the reserved, loner type. at least thats part of why i like it~ budo is overzealous and excitable and shin is quiet and responsible. i think they would be really cute together ♥ 

it makes me really happy that you like my blog lol (its such a small fanbase, i figured i’d just be posting off by myself haha)

♥ here’s some budo whispering sweet nothings into shin’s ear~ ♥