cute rescue dogs


Destined for euthanasia, 10-month-old Picasso, a pit bull corgi mix, was recently rescued from death row by Luvable Dog Rescue in California. Picasso has a misaligned snout. He was brought in to be euthanised with his brother, Pablo. The breeder explained that he couldn’t sell the pair. Thankfully, the nonprofit rescue centre saw the unique duo and knew they had to save them. Now, people across the globe are desperate to adopt the adorable brothers.

Inuyasha runs a no-kill dog rescue shelter, because he hates humans but he loves dogs. He works there part of the day and delivers pizzas the other half to pay for the shelter. He walks them, bathes them, feeds them, and always tries his best to get them adopted into good homes.

His least favorite type of people? The ones who come in to drop off their dog because they didn’t know dogs could be such a handful.

In comes Kagome who’s kid brother recently thought it’d be a great idea to take in a dog without her approving it.

After a heated argument over the type of person she was or wasn’t (“Gramps is allergic! What do you want me to do about it??” “Typical. Typical irresponsible selfish inane excuse.” “Which part of I didn’t bring him home is not getting through that thick skull of yours!?”) she somehow ropes herself into volunteering part-time at the shelter to help him out and clear her bad rep.

Cue the tag-team dog-food shopping excursions, hot Adopt a Dog fairs, the ocasional sick dog that needed to stay overnight at Kagome’s (and heck Inuyasha might as well come over to check on it and bring over some free pizza and sure hell why not stay himself), fights on who can clean the most fur off the floor the fastest, and you got a fluffy fanfic which may or may not end in a kiss.

Me: Hey, Ducky. Do you know what today is?

Ducky: Yes. The present day, time, or age; this day; the present time.

Me: Technically you are correct. But do you know specifically what makes this day special?

Ducky: I do believe today is Extra Treat Day.

Me: Not at all.

Ducky: According to my calendar it is.

Me: You don’t have a calendar.

Ducky: Which explains why we missed it last year. 

Me: Today is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!

Ducky: Hey! I was a shelter pet!

Me: That is correct!

Ducky: However should we celebrate?




Ducky: Hey! I have an idea!

Me: Is the idea that you and I should post a conversation where we remind everyone that shelter pets are awesome and that anyone who wants a pet should always look to see if a shelter pet is right for them?



Ducky: That was not my idea.

Me: But?

Ducky: But it’s a pretty good one. If all the pets in shelters had homes like this they’d be happier.

Me: And the people that adopted them would be happier.

Ducky: Did adopting me make you happier?

Me: Yup!

Ducky: I knew that was going to be your answer. But if you’re going to post this it’s helpful for you to verbalize your inner monologue so the reader…

Me: No need to pull the curtain back so far, Ducky.

Ducky: Dilutes the message?

Me: A bit.

Ducky: Stay on topic? 

Me: When possible.

Ducky: How about a slogan?

Me: Okay.

Ducky: Celebrate National Adopt A Ducky Day: Being Adopted Is Quite A Treat!


Ducky: It’s a call back. Shelter pets are famous for call backs.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.