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d&e with hakyeon in la


Friend doesn’t need to say Thanks all the time.
a comic I did post on my twitter
Its actually happened when I thinking about what Killua said to Ikalgo in ep107
and I feel like …maybe its not work for Gon lol because I saw that Gon Thank you Killua a lot.

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GLEE MEME: Eight Friendships
2. Kurt Hummel & Brittany S. Pierce

magnitude101999  asked:

Hey!!! Evermore anon again, could you do 'once upon a dream' from Sleeping Beauty with Asra x Reader?

Bare feet shuffle through the grass as they hum a tune, twirling through the forest with a basket of berries looped around one arm. They find themselves alone, left to wonder where the animals had scurried off too, though they don’t ponder it long. Their answer comes when they come scampering back donning a stranger’s clothes, arranging themselves to resemble a vaguely human silhouette with the colorful ensemble they’ve picked up. 

With a laugh, they resume their dance, this time with their new “partner.” They sing along to the song they previously hummed,and in the midst of their impromptu performance, they find they are joined by another voice. Eyes of glittering violet meet theirs when they turn around, shocking them into silence for a moment.

“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” they eke.

“I’m no stranger,” he says, retrieving the ridiculous feathered hat from where the animals had left it on the ground and plopping it among a mass of white curls. “You said it yourself: we’ve met before, once upon a dream.”

A very nice Frit artwork done by the oh-so lovely @human-warrior-tenebi !
(Posted with permission, of course. ^~^)

Ahhhh, look at this blue jelly bean! He looks so pleased and blushy…. and those ripped jeggings- omg! …. I still can’t over them! Hehe. Gosh….. this is definitely a great treat to see right about now!! 💖.