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sleepsafe  asked:

Do you sell your products in Japan/advertise on Japanese sites? I can see a lot of your cute Japanese sweets and products being a hit in stationery stores or craft fairs, I don't know much about the Japanese indie scene though :>

That’s kinda my life’s dream :) If I ever quit my day job (“career”), I would totally be hustling here in Japan! Unfortunately I need my day job to pay the bills heh. My kid’s daycare alone costs ¥50000 a month and I want to have another kid in the future!

That aside, Kyoto has been having a bit of a handmade renaissance, and I’ve definitely thought about setting up a booth at the local handmade / flea market. But it costs ¥4000 per event just to register, so I’d need to make more than ¥4000 in profits or have a plan of how to make that back long-term. I might take a loss one time just to see what it’s like, though!

If I were to make this my full time job I’d spend my days running around cafes and department stores asking them to carry my merch.. and I would probably attend 2-3 flea markets a month, and maybe apply to get a booth at a big maker fair in Osaka. the biggest maker fairs are in Tokyo, but it would cost me ¥8000 just to get there (by night bus). I would also list on apps like Creema and minne, and probably have a bilingual Twitter account and Facebook account, etc.

Maybe someday!

*51/100 days of productivity*

8.3.16 // New American Modernism with Jay Gatz in the morning -
- Old American Modernism with Eliot and his Fishmonger-King -

// p.s today no mimosa, just some Lilacs out of the dead land.
Are you a woman? you’re all year, babe, I suppose //  


Finished up a super cute new little pattern.  I love Dungeons and dragons and table top games but often I find there just isnt enough froo froo-ey stuff So I made this! And expect there to be more :) 



day 2 // 100 days of productivity
making another bullet journal spread, then reviewing my notes from today - also, i’m eating some super good muesli!