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This is a friend over on Instagrams doing!! She posted a pic of Varric smiling and I had to see what smiling Solas looked like… So yeah! This is what he would look like if he really liked showing us those gnashers… 🤔 I feel very conflicted… Nice to see him smile and all but hmmm…. Also, I think we should all ignore the fact that he looks a bit like Gargamel in the bottom left pic… Yes… As you can see, I have had a very productive morning and got many, many important things done… *pats self on back*


Three different things to be exact. Got some more charms for people who would be interested!

I forgot to write it in the first image but ALL THREE ARE 2 INCHES BIG. The mchanzo bottle is 12$ and the other two are 15$. If you buy 2 of any of the 15$ ones you can get them at a discount price of 26$. Some parts of the design will be semi-seethough for cool effect!

ALL THREE CHARMS will get separate BONUS pre-order stickers! so if you buy all three you will get 3 DIFFERENT bonus items!! The Bonus will be 3 stickers each and the designs will be released at a different time!

Pre-Order will go until early to mid May! And will probably ship out by the end of May! 

Bottle charm here! —

R76 and Mchanzo charm #2 here! —


I GOT THE TOP RESULT IN MY BIOLOGY MOCK EXAM!! I’m actually so excited, shows my hard work is paying off ☺️ and my friend let me borrow her mildliners (she has all four sets and orders them based on colour) so today was extra great.


21.04.17 // i’m in berlin visiting my sister in her new flat and we went shopping today!! i bought a new planner at this cute little korean stationery shop for only 6€ i love it so much it’s so cute ✨