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i'm new to fairy kei and japanese street fashion in general and i really want to try it butttt the problem is.... clothes i usually wear are dark or white, and i feel like it would be weird if will suddenly wear these clothes... what do you think?

You can build up your wardrobe! Gradually increase the amount of pastels and “kawaii” things that you wear, perhaps starting with a cute printed t-shirt with your regular jeans, or even a cute necklace!

This will help you feel more comfortable wearing pastels, and if you’re worried about the people around you, they’ll become used to seeing you in them!

I hope that helps!

“Nana what do you think?” She asked as she hadn’t bothered to stop changing in front of her friend. Nana had been so kind and allowed her to come with her to a charity event, part of Hailey wondered why of course, and she had decided to buy a new swimsuit. Recently her boobs had gotten a little bigger as she smiled sweetly at her friend. “I think it makes me boobs look good. And it’s a cute print don’t you think?” She asked as she twirled a bit. (@fractured)