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happy birthday my swee t…. 

inspired by @taqibun​‘s rlly cute jade pic!

(also if this drawing is inappropriate or inaccurate in anyway, please tell me!! i’m more than happy to change it! ( ᐛ )!!!)

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if 21 isnt the most connorxevan thing ive ever seen idek. please!!!

Coming right up! Enjoy!


Evan stumbled towards the door, he was barely awake due to the fact it was one in the morning. It was odd to have a visitor in the early hours of the night? Maybe his mom forgot her key? Evan unlocked the door and opened it, he was surprised to see his boyfriend, Connor standing there, in thin pajamas and a hoodie. “Connor what are you doing here? It’s one am,” Evan yawned.

“I just wanted to see you,” Connor said. “Cuddle a bit,” Evan rubbed his eyes once again and opened the door wider, allowing Connor in. “You came all this way at one in the morning to cuddle with me? What happened?” Evan asked as he led Connor to his room.

“Just some stuff, don’t worry about it,” Connor was being vague and Evan really didn’t like it but as they both climbed into Evan’s bed, Evan wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and let Connor curl into him. Connor felt safe in Evan’s arms, he was glad his boyfriend dealt with him. “Connor, really what’s wrong?” Evan muttered a he buried his head in Connor’s hair.

“Just some stuff on my mind, and drama with my parents, can we not talk about it,” Connor muttered into Evan’s chest. Evan simply made a noise of agreement, Connor had come to escape whatever was on his mind, not be interrogated about it. “Thanks for being here Evan, even at times like this,” Connor whispered as he was slowly drifting off.

“No problem Connor, I will always be here for you,” Evan muttered as he closed his eyes, keeping Connor held tight to him. They were okay, whatever was on Connor’s mind would fade and they would be okay. They had each other and that was enough. Evan would always be there in Connor’s time of need, even if it meant cuddling him at one in the morning.