cute piglets


Squee alert! Four little warthog piglets—1 female and 3 males—made their debut at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and explored their African Outpost habitat this week. Born on July 12, this is the 3rd litter to mother Orkima and father Stuart. Warthogs are found in the savanna, woodlands and grasslands, from north central Africa to the southern tip of the continent. Warthog populations are stable in the wild for now, but as with many other animals, habitat loss looms as a threat. This species of pig is best known for its tusks and warts. Males use the tusks during fights, while the warts cushion blows.


Our 4 new little piggies did not go to the market and they certainly didn’t eat roast beef (that just doesn’t make sense), but they did leave their den and are out exploring their habitat. Less than a month old, this ‘drove’ of warthog piglets is cute and curious, especially during morning hours. Adult warthogs can be identified by their tusks and namesake 'warts,’ which are actually just thick skin. Guests to the Safari Park can visit our playful piglets in the African Outpost. (source)


Video by 🍪🍪 on Instagram: “Somebody is very happy today and has an extreme case of the zoomies💨💨💨🐷🌱. 

Look at that happy piggy!!!