cute pieces of pie right here

kaijutegu  asked:

Just wanted to drop a note and say how much I love your art! The way you draw makes everything look so vibrant and alive and your characters have so much sparkle and hope. I also really love all the broadway stuff, especially that Waitress piece with Jenna and Becky. Super cute! Thank you for sharing your drawings!

hi there! thank you so much! that means the absolute world. sparkle and hope, that’s something i really want to embody in real life too, so thank you! and i love drawing the broadway stuff! i gotta do more!

in keeping with the theme of waitress, here’s a thank you pie. my favourite kind is cherry, so take this cherry créme as a token of my appreciation. it probably looks a bit more like a cheesecake (i’ve never made a créme, always just stuck the berries just right in) (but i’m no jenna my pies are always catastrophic) if its not your preferred flavour tho, i’ll eat it.

anonymous asked:

Guren x Shinya : Guren goes to Shinya's bakery every weekend, Although he doesn't like cake. He just want to see Shinya. (Shinya's uniform is based on his Bloody Blades' Valentine costume.)

I’m sorry this took so long to respond to! It’s because… I couldn’t find the uniform…. PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME; I’D LIKE TO SEE TOO!!

But here’s a drabble anyway LOL

Guren brought the kid along this time because if he personally had to stomach any more cake, he’d probably throw it right up on Cute Bakery Guy’s apron.

Not that the cake wasn’t good– no, it was great, as far as cake went. Anyone in the neighboorhood would be hard pressed to find a seat at Hiragi Bakery on a weekend afternoon like this one, and the people who did manage to sit all agreed that Hiragis made the best pastries both far and wide. It’s just that Guren wasn’t a sweets person, he figured, as in there were a lot of other things he’d like to eat–

Other things–

Guren bit down hard on the inside of his cheek, started up the Lord’s Prayer in his head and reminded himself he was gripping little Yuu’s hand. This was not the time to be thinking of the way Cute Bakery Guy’s ass looked in his slacks.

“You look constipated,” Yuu said.

“It’s a different feeling,” Guren replied honestly. “You don’t get opinions by the way. I’m already buying you cake.”

Yuu nodded sagely. He understands, Guren almost imagined, before Yuu dropped his hand like a deadweight and sprinted into the bakery.

Guren’s eyes nearly popped out of his socket. No, no, no, no–

But lady leaving her table already had a chair held out for the World’s Cutest (Borrowed) Kid, and Yuu promptly dropped his jacket in it before spinning towards the counter.

“Wow, you really are pretty!”

And there, turning around to face the tiny child, was Cute Bakery Guy himself. With his hair as fair as powdered sugar and his cheeks as pink as the roses he crafted deftly from fondant–

Fuck, thought Guren. 

“Guren says he keeps coming here because you’re so beautiful. He doesn’t even like cake.”

Double fuck.

Yuu beckoned downwards, and alarmingly Cute Bakery Boy dipped down to meet him.

“H-hi!” Guren didn’t remember how he’d made his way right to the counter in a crowded bakery, but there he was. “Yuu, order your cake!”

Yuu wasn’t done whispering. 

“Now,” Guren commanded, trying to sound firm, but it almost sounded like he was begging and he mostly wanted the floor to turn into lava and dissolve him. 

Then Cute Bakery Guy’s eyes flicked upwards to meet Guren’s own, and Guren felt about as warm as a volcano. Cute Bakery Guy’s eyes were coy, half-lidded as Yuu kept whispering.

“A turtle pie, huh? Coming right up,” Cute Bakery Guy finally said, voice like velvet. Guren swallowed. Finally Yuu removed his mouth from near Cute Bakery Guy’s ear, and the two had the gall to smile at each other.

“And a coffee for Guren, please. Black, just like his soul.”

“You got it!” Cute Bakery Guy chimed, ruffling Yuu’s hair.

And as Yuu and Guren returned to their table, Guren fixed Yuu in a sidelong glare. “I’m dumping your body in a ditch on the way home, you brat.”

Yuu shrugged, and graciously accepted the turtle pie that Cute Bakery Guy was back with in barely a minute. Guren watched the flex of arms as he set the plate in front of Yuu, the deft, slender fingers that placed a fork on the table next to it.

Before Guren knew it a steaming cup of coffee was being placed in front of him too, and Cute Bakery Guy’s face was so near his own shit fuck shit how–

Cute Bakery Guy winked. It was mischievous in all the right kinds of ways and Guren felt the blood drain from his head and right to other places. Cute Bakery Guy brushed past Guren’s shoulder, so, so close and smelling like a mix of honey, sugar and warm, fresh bread. Amazing, Guren thought as his heart hammered in his chest.

“Earth to Guren,” Yuu deadpanned. “Look. 

There, trapped under Guren’s coffee, was a piece of paper.

“I’m not going to sit here for months watching you nasty adults pine for each other. Turtle pie every weekend for three months, and we’re even.”

Shinya Hiragi


Guren grinned. “You got it, brat.“