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anonymous asked:

How can you like rats

Because they are literal fluffballs of cuteness. They are some of the sweetest animals I’ve ever known. Remy my first rat always wanted to snuggle up and sleep on me.

Meanwhile Houdini was always hyper and wanting food, but he adored attention too. But food was his favorite thing. 

And now I have three cute new dorks. It’s taking time to get them used to me but we’re working on it. Rats are extremely social creatures and often time fall in love with there owners (HARD). I’ve never felt so loved then when Houdini would always come rushing up to the side of the cage whenever I entered the room. I never felt more loved then when Remy would cuddle up and fall asleep on me. I never felt more loved then when I had pet rats. They are honestly one of the greatest animals I’ve ever come to love.