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Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please

okay but in sea of monsters when percy saved annabeth from the sirens and he put them in a little air bubble underwater and she just started sobbing on his shoulder and he was like “now all the fish are going to start rumors about the son of poseidon and daughter of athena” and then in the last olympian when they had the underwater kiss (!!) the fish must’ve like “WE FUCKIN KNEW IT”

Small Percy concentrating in the little things like Annabeth new earrings and Annabeth being taller than him and how long her hair is and how it fell down her shoulders..
 And how his hands were sweaty while dancing with her.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how bi!annabeth could actually come into canon and I’ve decided this is how it happens (I may have pulled from my own experience slightly, but only briefly).

  • Annabeth had never considered her sexuality being anything other than straight until she turns 17.
  • She starts to question after realising that she has had too many ‘girl crushes‘ to not be properly attracted to girls, like why she ever thought it straight to feel the same way when a pretty girl comes along as a cute guy is beyond her.
  • She’s dating Percy by this point, and so she feels bad thinking about it, but she figures it doesn’t mean she loves Percy any less?
  • At first, she wanders if she’s a lesbian, but her feelings for Percy are too strong for her to contemplate that for too long (she is pretty sure her attraction is real).
  • She decides to go to Rachel for help, who had recently came out as gay and is now dating Reyna. This is the main reason she is worried, because Rachel used to think she liked Percy too? What if she is lying to herself?
  • Rachel explains that even though she thought she had feelings for Percy, it was down to compulsory heterosexuality, and that when Rachel had really thought about it she had known all along her and percy were platonic (and that she was forcing herself to like him because she was in denial and scared). 
  • This confirms to Annabeth that she hasn’t been stringing Percy along, because no matter how much she tries she cannot stop thinking about him shirtless.
  • She’s scared of what Percy will think, but at the same time she knows Percy, and she knows he would never be horrible about anything (especially stuff like this).
  • He’s the nicest and most understanding person she knows, so she tells him first.
  • She goes to the beach with him later, and at first it’s really hard for her to find the words but soon she explains and says that she doesn’t want it to change anything. Percy immediately jumps to comfort her, saying he would never think she was more likely to cheat, and he understands that, despite her attraction to girls being completely valid, that doesn’t stop her being his girlfriend and loving him.
  • She nearly cries about how supportive she is.
  • She struggles at first, when she thinks girls are cute she doubts herself (thinking she’s gay) and when she thinks guys are cute she doubts herself (thinking she straight), but eventually she finds a comprimise, no matter who she likes at the time, she is always bisexual.
  • She likes to wear the bi pride colours (pink, purple and blue) literally every day. Even if it’s just her bobbles or earrings (or something else small).
  • She manages to get Pecy to go to pride with her, once he also tells her he’s bi a few years later.
  • She does struggle a bit with jealousy about percy being bi at first, but she quickly pushes it away, reprimanding herself. He still loves her, that doesn’t change.
  • They both paint the pride flag on their cheeks (the bi flag on one and the rainbow flag on the other) and they meet loads of really cool people.
  • She is happier than she has ever been now that she can be her complete and authentic self.
Otp prompt #22
  • <p> <b>A:</b> *reaching for bag of chocolate chips*<p/><b>B:</b> need some help with that?<p/><b>A:</b> *scowling at B* I got it. *Climbs on counter*<p/><b>B:</b> don't hurt yourself.<p/><b>A:</b> shut up, I got it! *falls*<p/><b>B:</b> *catches A*<p/><b>A:</b> ....<p/><b>B:</b> ....<p/><b>A:</b> ....<p/><b>B:</b> ....<p/><b>A:</b> OK FINE YOU CAN HELP ME<p/></p>

A cat and mouse like game between Percy and Annabeth where Percy keeps trying to catch Annabeth under the mistletoe but she’s somehow always one step ahead. Every time she side-steps the mistletoe or moves it before Percy realizes, she just smiles at him innocently. Until Percy finally gives up and Annabeth comes up to him, noses just inches apart as she smiles and raises her arm above their heads, holding mistletoe in her fingers. She kisses him and Percy is too flustered to even notice that Annabeth’s face is bright red and it’d taken her literal hours just to work up the courage to do that.

Theatre AU

Person A and B hate each other and are rivals for the best roles. One day they get assigned to play as spouses. Let the sexual tension and old-married-couple bickering ensue.

Otp prompt #13
  • A conversation between A and B
  • A: I'm at a coffee shop
  • B: cool
  • A: I just made really awkward eye contact with a police officer what do I do
  • B: just keep staring. Never stop.
  • A: I'm asserting my dominance I will NEVER STOP
  • B: just don't get arrested
  • B: A that isn't how it works. I'm gonna be really sad if I have to come get you out of jail
  • B: A stop
  • B: *sigh*

do not imagine your otp joining a choir, singing a very long note, pretending to pass out on each other when the note is over, accidentally doing it at the same time and bumping their heads. don’t

Otp prompt #7

It’s early in the morning, and A is standing in the kitchen in their underwear waiting for their coffee to be ready when B comes in with the energy of a puppy.

B says something like “A! What do you want to do today? I think we should go shopping and then go to the beach and maybe see some friends…” And A just gives B a look that says ‘I haven’t had my coffee yet and I have no idea what you just said’

percabeth things

- one watching the other trying to stay awake while watching a movie with a lil smile on their face

- slow dancing in the kitchen surrounded by candles when the power goes out

- taking a shower together and just standing under the water and holding each other

- comforting each other after nightmares

- ordering pizza and studying during finals week

- waking up late on a saturday morning and just staring at each other with sleepy eyes

- playing with each other’s hair

- making hot cocoa and slipping on fuzzy socks and watching movies during winter

- pillow forts

- forehead kisses, cheek kisses, nose kisses, all tHe sweet lil face kiSses

the apollo trials

okay so everyone is excited to see Apollo’s teenage self interact with his kids, but what if he decides to visit some of his ex-lovers?

  • Imagine him revisiting all of them in order to learn more about his kids
  • The look of confusion they have when they see a 16 year old boy on their doorstep claiming to be the father of their child
  • the awkward silence between them because the father of their child is now a 16 year old boy
  • him making the situation worse by bringing up that their kid is around the same age as him
  • Him thanking them for being there for their child and apologizing for being so absent
  • Him insisting on writing them all a haiku even when they’re like “you really don’t have to”
  • having a better understanding of what his kids must of felt like 
  • going back to camp half-blood with embarrassing baby pictures of his kids
  • Apollo getting mad at his relatives for not being more involved with their kids
  • telling the other campers embarrassing things about their godly parents