cute people like him make me so mad

Why I love Jacob Kowalski

-He is trying to make his dream come true because he knows about his talent for baking and wants to make people happy with it.

-He is just curious about Newt and not even a bit judgemental

-Newt got him into trouble but he is not mad at him for that

-Queenie and him interacting is just cute

-He is always ready to help

-He is so kind and respectful with the beasts

-“I’m the only one like me.”

-He is so fascinated by everything he learns about the wizarding world

-He would like to be a wizard but he is also totally okay with being the man he is.

-He is going out to the rain voluntarily


It makes me so mad when people say Jin doesn’t suit BTS’ music because literally the first time I watched Dope, my first experience w/bts, my reaction to Jin was “This guy is a good addition to the group” specifically because he gave a different feeling then the other members. I specifically liked him because he acted cute while the others acted charismatic, I liked the group more because of Jin. Literally the only time I’ve ever thought he didn’t suit something was when he did that gruff voice thing in We Are Bulletproof p2 (but it was still cute).

Ya’ll need to stop believing that crap excuse and start calling bighit out for not appreciating what Jin brings to the table/being competent enough to show what he brings to the table.

Literally the only reason I can’t stand Zeref is because the fandom treats him like a cute little kid and that pisses me off to no end.

At this point I just want him dead or I want him to kill someone important so the fandom stops going “cinnamon roll!!!!” whenever he’s in a panel.

Do people really think that Zeref and Natsu are going to have a loving relationship? Natsu doesn’t remember him at all, for one. Two, Zeref has sent demons to kill his friends multiple times, and tried to shank Makarov because he knew it would make Natsu mad enough to want to kill him. And he’s probably going to try to kill other characters too.

When Natsu saw Flare in the sun village arc, he was ready to bite her head off for what she did to Lucy, and that was minor compared to the shit Zeref’s done. I highly doubt that Natsu is just going to hop on the forgiveness train and they’ll be all buddy-buddy!