cute people like him make me so mad

I wish that V wasn’t being overrun/thrown aside because of Ray/Saeran in his own route. It’s sad to see it because I was so excited and happy and now I see lots of people throwing him to the curb cause of Ray. I don’t know it’s just sad to see to me, like, I don’t know; what happened to “let me save V,” ? I’ve seen people just say “lol sorry V, Saeran is here.” Sure some people still say it but I’ve seen more posts about Saeran/Ray and romanticizing his abandonment and obsessive issues he has in the route. I don’t find it cute or romantic.

Give him a route of his own someday where it’s love not based on his obsession in the end but based on true feelings, a love that isn’t forced because he’s scared to be abandoned. 

Monsta X Reaction #24 - Their s/o has a resting bitch face

anon asked: Monsta X reaction to their s/o having resting bitch face? Thank You! :)

Hyunwoo: He doesn’t even notice honestly. He just has this instinct to be able to tell your actual emotions by looking at you instead of being tricked by your resting bitch face. He has a really positive outlook on absolutely everything, including people.

Whenever someone points out that you look upset he’s just like “huh?? what? but they look so happy to me right now??”

Originally posted by hyungnu

Hoseok: He’s super chill about it, but he also has a slight fear that you’re lowkey mad at him if you’re silent for too long. So whenever you sit with your resting face on, he grabs your attention somehow and he’s just kinda waves at you like *gif* in a silly and cute way to make you smile.

When you end up giggling (because you will, I mean look at this cutie) he laughs back and starts goofing around with you to see your beautiful smile even more.

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the rest of the members are below the cut~

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my photo op with jdm at nj con!! <3

jeffrey is SO sweet and so genuine. when i go into my photo op he said “hi beautiful!!” and im like FUCKD and i asked to do a hug and after the pic was taken he squeezed SO tight and swayed us back and forth and i said i love you and he was like “i love YOU!”. jeffrey loves to talk to fans and he nearly couldnt finish his autos because of it (he had to catch a flight) and they had to make him go down the line of people to finish and i was so mad at first because i didnt think i would get to talk to him but he didn’t give a F about leaving and when he got to me he was like “hi amanda! we are cute as shit!” and i was like “i know, right!??! i love it so much” and he said “it turned out awesome, look how cute you are. it’s adorable” and i said “i love you” and he hugged me and said “i love you too. thank you for coming out, it was a pleasure meeting you. i mean it”

Do You Have To Do That (13/15)

Pairing: The Avenger Team x Reader // Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: I have decided to re-write this for those of you who had started it, I’m going to start over I’m keep the first part and possibly a good portion of the second. But I am going to take it in a different direction. If you want to be tagged let me know, I’ll glad you add you.

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Parts 1-12

When you land, Thor lets go of you. Looking around, feeling out of place outside the stone building waiting for you to enter.

“Good luck.” Thor winks stepping back from you.

“Wait where are you going?” You ask confused and panicked.

“I’ll be back.” He winks and with a flash he’s gone.

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So even though I’ve followed Deep Space 9 since the start, I’m new to Garashir hell and came to it circuitously, through Lawrence of Arabia and my own kinks.

I watched the premiere in college, with my writing partner and friend. We decided it was a deconstruction of Star Trek because we said stuff like that. We analyzed it as queer people. My friend, who is South Asian, saw himself in Julian. I fell hard for Kira, and thought they were going to make her canonically gay. I was so mad when male love interests started appearing.

Julian was cute enough. Garak laid on the sexual innuendo a little thick in their first meeting; he reminded me of a sleazy old professor, a chicken hawk my friend called him. Didn’t notice much of them beyond that as I only had eyes for Kira.
Kept watching it as it aired but it was my 20s and binge-watching wasn’t a thing so I missed a lot.

Two summers ago I decided to re-watch the whole series, but this still was not what led me to Garashir hell. I did notice them a lot more. “The Wire” ripped my guts out, and I was newly angered by Star Trek’s inability to show same-sex attraction, to make it clear why Julian showed Garak such love. The show mostly held up 20 years later but seemed like less of a bold deconstruction of Star Trek and more trapped by its limitations, especially with gender and sexuality. Odo, who is basically a pile of goo, somehow is male when in humanoid form and so his love interest is female. The episode with Dax and the sexy woman-on-woman kiss felt like it had No Homo plastered all over it–no, she only loves Lenara because they were heterosexually married in her previous host. Nothing to see here! And that was it for DS9 for awhile.

Then, this January my partner talked me into watching Lawrence of Arabia with her as she was assigning it to the students in her transnational feminisms class. We made the popcorn and settled in ready to critique. But somehow the movie swept right though my defenses and I was in love. Obsessed. I started reading fanfic, then everything I could find on TE Lawrence. Watched A Dangerous Man:Lawrence after Arabia and omg, there was Alexander Siddig having eyeball sex with Ralph Fiennes. Then I sat down and did something I hadn’t done since college–wrote a story. I joined AO3, posted it, and felt great.

I quickly ran through all the LoA fanfic I could find, but now I had an insatiable need for the stuff. So I began to look for other fandoms and other fics that met my desire for quality and smut. I honestly don’t remember if I read my first Garashir piece because I was looking in the DS9 fandom or if I found it through the BDSM tag. Either way it took my breath away.
And now I’m here, obsessed, wanting to write something but not sure where to start, trapped in Garashir hell.

Namjoon Appreciation

Once again happy Namjoon day!!! This post is gonna be all about our amazing leader, Kim Namjoon, they definitely aren’t all of the reasons he’s amazing but they are some, I’m gonna stick to ten reasons for now

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Whiskey on the rocks

Send me requests!!

Request: Mike with 31

You’re standing at the bar, waiting for the bartender to notice you so you can finally have your whiskey on the rocks and join your friends on the dancefloor. The club is packed and the bass pumping through the room makes you itchy and restless. You just wanna dance, so could the idiot hurry?

You’re about to wave your arm and call for his attention again when you feel someone slapping your butt. You gasp out, turning around with fury in your veins, ready to lash out at the disgusting individual, when you come to a full-stop.

Because there, in front of you, looking like a child caught with his hand in the cookie-jar is Michael Gordon Clifford, also known as guitarist of your favorite band, your absolute idol and inspiration, and your celebrity crush of three years.

And he’s drunk. Giggly and red-faced, he points to where a mop of curly dark hair is disappearing in the crowd.

“He made me do it.”

Oh dear. Your mind is reeling with the fact that not only are Michael and Calum in the same club as you, but they’re drunk and dared each other to slap your butt, and Michael is talking to you.

“That doesn’t make it any less horrible and downgrading,” you finally manage to say, once the initial shock is over and you become indignant once again.

“Sorry,” he says sheepishly, cheeks reddening again and oh my god he is so cute. “Can I make it up to you?” He asks suddenly, his tone brightening at the prospect of maing you happy again.

You guess that he’s a people pleaser, and a generally giggly drunk who doesn’t like it when people get mad at him. The fact just makes him more endearing to you.

“You could help me get a drink?”

Michael leans over the bar next to you, and you try not to get too flustered at his proximity, his smell a mix of leather, vodka and boy. The second the bartender sees him, he hurries over to him. You repress an annoyed sigh at the VIP treatment he receives.

Michael gives you a once-over before ordering:

“A whiskey on the rocks.”

You whip your head to stare at him.

“How did you know?” You ask, a disbeliveing smile forming on your face.

“Just guessed. You seemed like the type,” he grins smugly.

“Oh. And what type is that?” You say challengingly.


“That makes no sense!” Yuou exclaim, your blush deepening as you register the fact that Michael Clifford just called you pretty and that his pick-up lines are adorably shitty.

He shrugs.

“Maybe but it’s true. Hey, wanna play Titanic?”

“Get the fuck away from me Mikey,” you laugh, knowing perfectly well the next thing he’s gonna say, and you don’t think you’ll survive hearing him say that to you.

“Hey, how’d you know my name?”

“Um…I”m a fan?”

“Awesome!” Michael grins.

And that’s how you end up spending your night at the bar, drinking whiskey and talking to Michael about everything and nothing until his manager asks him to leave and he does, but not before giving you his number and a kiss on the cheek, leaving you ina  state of complete shock. And bliss.

anonymous asked:

Could you do some hcs for Jotaro, Okuyasu, Josuke, and Rohan with their short s/o? Good luck with your blog♡

My limit of characters is 3 per request so if you would like to send in another request of the character that didn’t get picked would be ok with me~ So the three I’ll pick is Jotaro, Okuyasu, and Rohan and thank you anon, I will do my best to please everyone or mostly everyone that follows my blog~

Originally posted by seieiryu


•He a tol boy, so if you smol then he will cherish you and be easy with you.

•Like s/o’s hands are so smol in his big hands, what is this? And their skin is so soft, like he loves to rub his thumb over s/o’s hand, especially if their stressed out or really worried

•He will forget a lot of the time that his s/o actually is smol so they can’t reach certain things he can reach. But no need to worry because Jotaro there to save the day!

•" Yare, Yare, Daze… here, I’ll get it for you, don’t strain yourself or you’ll end up getting hurt.“

•Cuddles with him can be kinda suffocating. He’s a big boy so if s/o is tiny they will barely cover his whole body. Not to mention it’s extra cute if s/o walks over and just sits down in his lap and just falls asleep on him. GOD DAMN YOUR CUTE!! He’d grab the blanket nearby and wrap it around s/o to keep them warm as well as rub their back or head.

•If s/o sleeps for a long time he will move up to the bedroom so they can sleep together, s/o will be extra warm in bed with him because he gives off so much body heat from being so tol~

•Smol s/o loves big grumpy bear and grumpy bear loves smol s/o


•Okuyasu is a medium sized bean but he will love his smol s/o so much

•Like Jotaro he will be mesmerized by how tiny their hands are, like holy cow! So soft and smol! Like how kawaii can this get?

•He will often ruffle or pat his s/o’s head which may make s/o frustrated because when he ruffles, he ruffles HARD but unintentionally.

•if he gets tired he will walk up to s/o and lay his head on their head and wrap his arms around them. Stand snuggles~

•if he’s really tired he will pick up smol s/o and go lay down with them on the couch or in bed because he is big spoon and the big spoon needs his little spoon.

•When s/o is too short to reach something, okuyasu will most likely stand there while watching his S/O try and reach whatever they are trying to get, confused on what exactly they were trying to do, but would realize after a few minutes.

•Would walk over and grab s/o by the waist and lift them up on his shoulders so they could reach what they were trying to get.

•"Hehe, I gotcha’ no need to be worryin’. I won’t let you fall, so grab what you needed.”

•He’s gonna get you cute smol accessories and clothes or the shirts that say ‘he’s mine’ ’ she’s mine’ cause he loves you and all of your smolness.


•be prepared for the salty comments from this salty mangaka.

•"Just because your short doesn’t give you an excuse to not reach something. No worries, I bought you a baby stool you can use when you can’t reach something.“

•Because s/o is small, he’d want to draw a bunch of pictures of them.

•He will mostly likely base a new character in his manga off his s/o and make them small and cute. People will blow up and end up loving the character which will make Rohan mad cause then that’ll make him think that people will start to have a crush on his s/o.

•But if he saw how much s/o loved the character he based off them, he’d reconsider and allow the character to stay because he couldn’t break his s/o’s heart like that.

•"It’s not like I’m leaving the character in there for your sake. It’s just because the character Is really popular and people would be mad if I took them out.”

•He will laugh at your smol struggles

•His favorite part of s/o’s body is basically everything. S/o’s body proportions are so different from other people and it just fascinates him so much.

Honestly seeing a smol s/o with these guys would make me blush cause it would be so cute and innocent looking

Be My Friend

There’s a girl across the street from me 

I buried her son beneath a tree 

I don’t know why she’s mad at me 

He was stinking up my garage, you see 

I met a cute boy, he liked my smile 

We fell in love for a little while 

He kissed me on the lips, and it tasted sweet 

So I chopped him into pieces and cooked his meat 

Serial killers are people too 

If you take away the voices I’m just like you 

I’ll hack you up and bury you in my yard 

But why does making friends have to be so very hard? 

I made a dress from a choir girl’s skin 

I wore it to church, the preacher said I’d sinned 

Forgive me Father for my fashion crime 

Your skin is so nice I’ll use yours next time 

Serial killers are people too 

If you take away the voices I’m just like you 

I’ll hack you up and bury you in my yard 

But why does making friends have to be so very hard? 

La la la la la la la…

Why I love Jacob Kowalski

-He is trying to make his dream come true because he knows about his talent for baking and wants to make people happy with it.

-He is just curious about Newt and not even a bit judgemental

-Newt got him into trouble but he is not mad at him for that

-Queenie and him interacting is just cute

-He is always ready to help

-He is so kind and respectful with the beasts

-“I’m the only one like me.”

-He is so fascinated by everything he learns about the wizarding world

-He would like to be a wizard but he is also totally okay with being the man he is.

-He is going out to the rain voluntarily


anonymous asked:

This last post from Kagami on Twitter. Is he denying that Mika is a riajuu? My japanese is not that good and I'm not sure

Shinoa: Let’s begin, shall we?

Mika: You are talking to me?

Shinoa: We’ll detonate it.

Mika: What are you talking about?

Shinoa: We’ll blow up all those riajuu.

Mika: Aren’t you asking the wrong person?

Shinoa: Are you satisfied with your real life?

Mika: I wouldn’t say so, but…

Shinoa: I thought so.

Mika: Somehow now I’m mad.

From what I understood, Kagami-sensei is implying that Mika (and also Shinoa) are not riajuu (people satisfied with their real, offline lives), since Shinoa invited him to blow up all those who are. 

Well, personally it makes sense to me, because Mika seems the type of person who lives in his own ideal fantasy world (one in which Yuu-chan escapes with him and they live together somewhere in the countryside surrounded by flowers and butterflies and cute animals?). If they had a normal life, I guess Mika would play The Sims like mad (and in it he and Yuu-chan are a happy family with lots of kids lol) 

I hope that my translation helped you!

I think one thing that bugs me most about people who try to roleplay Zerum is that they play him as 100% submissive and broken

And that’s not him at all

No one ever bothers to realize he has so much more to him

No one is ever going to respect him enough to play him like this:

or this


He’s not just weak and pathetic, he has a bite to him, he has anger issues, he has reasons to be bitter and hateful

Sorry it just

It really makes me mad to see a character so important to me get butchered by people who just want to make him a cute little fuckslave who needs to be fixed all the time.



  • “It’s really a study of how Hannibal has relationships with people other than Will Graham…. How does Hannibal have friends. Does he play well with others, and clearly he does not.” — 3:59
  • Roman Fell is named after Roman Castevet from Rosemary’s Baby4:27
  • “There’s a recklessness to Hannibal in this first arc that’s uncharacteristic… he knows intuitively that Will’s going to come looking for him. So he’s trying to make some waves so that Will will look in his direction.” — 6:20
  • Would you consider making it that kind of party? “I did cackle when I was writing that scene because… it just felt human and real in that situation… the fun for me is in it is Hannibal’s reaction. Mads is so impish, and cute, when he’s smirking… It felt adult, and appropriate, and yeah I would love to see those three people fuck. — 7:02
  • “It’s his broken heart, and it felt like it was very clear, that you broke my heart.” — 9:11
  • “We work very hard to do it… we have days of just shooting those inserts.” — regarding aesthetics in the show — 10:50
  • “I don’t ever want to see Mischa…  Every time she says Hannibal without an H, I put that fucking book down and I move on to something else. It drives me bonkers. ‘Annibal! I’m like fuck you. So I just can’t with Mischa. But I want to… tell the story of the impact she had on his life.” — 12:55
  • Clarice Starling’s storyline: “There’s yet more story to be told with Miriam Lass” — 14:00
  • “The second episode is our version of Don’t Look Now… a poem to grief. It’s perhaps our most pretentious show that we’ve done. There’s a lot of blood.” — 16:17

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Not even gonna mention the complete lack of Happy Birthday tweets/posts from both the Tomlinsons and OT3. Liam has supposedly a child on its way, Harry adores babies and also Niall. Louis is one of the most important people in their lives and yet they seem uncapable to achnowledge his first child birthday? (just like they did last year the day of the "birth")

Forgetting what Louis was doing in the video for a moment, the fact that B is tousling her hair forward to preen it while she is presenting her child’s first birthday cake says how fake it is to me. Surely as a mother your focus would be on your child not how good your hair looks.

Louis seems like the type of person who wouldn’t be able to even act mad at a baby imo so I don’t see why people think that him acting fond over a child automatically makes it his. If he cared about the kid he wouldn’t be at a concert rn. Smiling at a cute not to mention completely innocent child doesn’t mean anything from my standpoint. But I guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Sorry if this is repeating something that’s already been said and I hope you’re having a great day :) x

I smile at kids I have no attachment with, because they’re kids…. and they’re cute… and I love kids. It doesn’t mean I mothered all of them. Plus, this is even more relevant, because he was so cold for a year and then he smiled for the first time yesterday….. I mean LOL

Louis was polite and soft with F and this is normal. He loves babys, he dreams about own babys. Why he couldn’t smiling? F is cute. Louis don’t hate him. Louis not a father of this kid but it doesn’t mean what he is harassing F. He was careful and kind, why not? One smile on one year? Thing like this don’t doing people dads. Sperm doing. Sex. DNA. . Louis hasn’t sex with B. and he hasn’t generel DNA with F. Case is closed.


In which the anons are me.

Thomas Sangster imagine

Thomas and I are sitting on the floor of my bedroom. We’ve been like this for a few hours, just talking and laughing and stuff. We could go on like this for days on end.

We’ve been best friends for three years now, ever since my first year in London, when it was raining hard, and he knocked on the door of my flat, asking to use my phone. He was soaking wet, and looked tired and upset. I made him a cup of tea and loaned him my phone. He ended up staying for a while. We talked for hours that night too. That thought brings a smile to my face.

“ y/n? You kinda got lost in space..” Tom asked, waving a hand infront of my face, with that smirk he gets, the one where his eyebrows scrunch together. I love that smirk.

“ uh yeah I’m fine. Just remembering the night we met.” I said, brushing a lock of hair from my face.

“ yeah. I had knocked on so many doors, you where the first to let me in. It’s funny how grumpy people can get.” He said, his smirk turning into a little pout, as he stared at the ceiling in though. The sight made me giggle.

“ what?! ” he asked
“ you had the cutest face just then.” I said, blushing when I realised I’d called him cute.
“ you think so y/n?” He said, inching closer to me. I bit my lip and stared at my hands. I could feel him getting closer to me. I was blushing like mad.

“ I think the face your making right now is cute. All embarrassed. ” he whispered, his mouth near my ear now. I look up at him, his brown eyes that I had fallen in love with the moment I looked at them all those year ago, were piercing into mine.

“Tom, I- ” I couldn’t finish the sentence. I stared back down at my hands.
“ did I ever tell you how much I loved you calling me tom? ” he whispered, his fingers tilting my chin back up, so I had to look him in the eye. He looked at me, then down at my lips. I saw him swallow, before whispering in my ear
“ y/n, can I kiss you?”
I was shocked, and before I knew what I was doing, I nodded my head.
He looked me in the eye again, before kissing me sweetly on the lips.
It was like a thousand fireworks went off at once, and I got lost. Too soon, he pulled away, and looked at me. This time, he was blushing.
“ I’ve wanted to do that wet since we met .” He said, and this time, I kissed him. Our lips crashed together, my arms looping around his neck, and his hands resting on my hips. I felt like I belong here, with him, in his arms.
After a while, I found myself smiling into the kiss, and I felt him laugh, vibrating his chest. Such a perfect sound.
“ y/n will you be my girlfriend?”
You stared into his brown eyes, and kissed him again.


Woo I did a thing. I was bored and I think we all needed a little Thomas love. Have fun kissing the man of your dreams ;) I will probably write more so stay tuned. I don’t know if it was any good though! I have never written one before so idk. MESSAGE ME SUGGESTIONS FOR ANY IMAGINE, THOMAS SANGSTER OR NOT I WILL DO IT FOR U

anonymous asked:

Yes!!!! And people don't even acknowledge that Yixing is tired!! He looked liked he could pass out at mamas! They keep on talking about the other members (hinting to people talking about Chanyeol traveling to and from China for his drama) - But Yixing has been all over this year!!! People keep forgetting all the damn effort he has put into promoting with and without exo (while ALWAYS promoting exo)! It makes me so mad!! (I'm sorry about the slightly angry message - but I felt your post)

people only acknowledge yixing when they wanna accuse him of something tbh. they don’t care about his poor health or his busy schedule. evn w the mamas - i saw ppl commenting how it was “rude” how uninterested he was and tht he looked like he “had a bad attitude” when the korean members got no backlash whatsoever!! nobody looked interested lbr and kai was literally sleeping at one point i mean!!! nobody said anything, that was cute 2 them. but theres such a double standard for yixing he can hardly breathe w/o some1 saying he’s spreading germs to the korean members n getting them sick n some evil chinese plot to leave the group.

and god ppl go to extremes to “forget” yixings effort it’s always been like tht, every time xingmis praise his hard work some1 gotta bring up how ksoo is working hard 2 and pcy is currently curing cancer like gtfo!! why is it so hard for yall to let yixing get his credit where it’s due? imo it’s obvious tht he’s doing more for exo than exo is doing for him. at some points its evn obvious tht it would be easier for him to not be an exo member than to be one. but despite that he still works soso hard at it (all year working non stop, v often while sick/injured) for his members and exo-ls. so it’s incredible 2 me how people can dispute his dedication over every tiny thing, and see him as nothing more than a “d*mb” joke. i mean it would be laughable if it weren’t so tiring for us xingmis. and their reasoning didn’t come from a place of racism and elitist bullshit

Literally the only reason I can’t stand Zeref is because the fandom treats him like a cute little kid and that pisses me off to no end.

At this point I just want him dead or I want him to kill someone important so the fandom stops going “cinnamon roll!!!!” whenever he’s in a panel.

Do people really think that Zeref and Natsu are going to have a loving relationship? Natsu doesn’t remember him at all, for one. Two, Zeref has sent demons to kill his friends multiple times, and tried to shank Makarov because he knew it would make Natsu mad enough to want to kill him. And he’s probably going to try to kill other characters too.

When Natsu saw Flare in the sun village arc, he was ready to bite her head off for what she did to Lucy, and that was minor compared to the shit Zeref’s done. I highly doubt that Natsu is just going to hop on the forgiveness train and they’ll be all buddy-buddy!


For @sodomymcscurvylegs Reasons why he’s problematic and needs to delete (long post btw)  

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prettytruthsandlies replied to your post:what abt the jk interview makes it so obvious that they have been through media training? x

Can we talk about how louis laughing sounded robotic. Like every time he laughed it was way too loud and fake as fuck. It’s sad that the ot5 interviews we get now are completely lacking that sincere chemistry we know they have.

it hurt my heart, seriously. Seeing him being like this reminds me of the dark year of the TMH tour and I can’t. I don’t know what is going on but he wasn’t like this THREE BLOODY DAYS AGO when he arrived with the rest of the band and he was on his own. People can stay here saying that Eleanor is irrelevant to Louis but she is not and the whole situation that she drags with her once she makes her glorious appearance in front of the cameras pretending she is bothered by paparazzi drags the WHOLE BAND down. They are five people and if one of them acts like Louis, the whole band is set off and they can try make everyone laugh with silly jokes but it doesn’t work. If you know them, you know that something is not right.
This happens EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME she is there, Louis turns into this ICEBERG that doesn’t even look the interviewer in the eyes. He just stays there saying “yeah” and laughing in that fake laugh of his that he always does when he’s nervous or he doesn’t know what else to do. I know him too well right now after years of this crap and I can tell when he’s not himself. They could have AMAZING OT5 interviews, they are witty and funny, like think about that Australian interview where Louis was on the front row saying that he thought the woman said he was a ball licker and look at THIS MESS right now, even taking a selfie with cute babies was a big effort for him, he stayed there, looking around, hoping the whole thing could end soon and it’s so sad it makes me MAD because Louis is an amazing person and he doesn’t deserve all this, he has never done anything to deserve it and hearing that robotic laugh once again after having seen him on stage in Orlando with his bandmates looking like a complete different person, really breaks my heart. I hope the people who are doing that to him could rot in hell forever, burnt by the flames of the highest fire because that’s what they deserve. He’s 22 year old and he looks like a cardboard stand-in because he’s TERRIFIED by the next question, the next rumor, the next rehearsed thing they have to answer to make 14-year-old fans happy and buy the concert ticket.