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HC: Ronan lynch has a tumblr

oh my ,,,, 

- he DOes and tbh its so #aesthetic and he reblogs pictures of hands and cars and ravens and  boys! he ‘s so gay he has No chill at All

- everyone loves him so much bc he’s rll sassy and replies to hate asks with hot selfies like and ever1 is dyi n g,,, 

- he has a rll shitty username like thief or smth bc he’s Cool

- he literally takes out all of his emotions and angst in this one blog bc he cant do that in real life bc it doesnt go with his badassness

- he has a “for him” tag that’s full of shity GAy poems and pictures of forests and did i Mention HAn  DS wow ,,,, , 

- anyway every1′s like wait who’s “him” ?? ? who r u tagging all of these posts for does he have a tumblr  r u maried /??? 

- and . ofc adam doesnt have a tumblr i mean he has ten thousand jobs + school + dealing with cabeswater he literally does Not have time for this!!! 

- so ronan always replies with “he’s the fucking love of m life” because, as i mentioned before, and every1 already knows, he’s GAY As Fu Ck FO r ADAM PARRISH !!!!!!

- aaa but one day. right. he and adam r at monmouth just chilling (the other’s are. away ??? somewhere idk maybe like baking cupcakes at fox way or kissing in the camaro who cares) 

- and ronan , bc he’s an idiot …., left his computer on the sofa and its fucking opened to his blog ??? y is he like this honestly 

- adam sees it and he’s like ??? ooo what’s this lynch ?? ? 

- ronan blushes like idk five thousand different shades of red and starts stammering no thing forget it p a rrish shut up ,,, and he tries to snatch the laptop back but it’s too late adam’s already reading through it and so ronan sits back like, frozen , waiting for dea th 

- they literally sit in complete silence for a few minutes and ronan’s literally Not Breathing 

- finally,  Finally Adam looks up and  he says, rll rll rll soft and quiet, “who’s ‘him’ ronan ? who’re you in love with?” and his heart is like, racing bc what if could it rll  i  dont deserve this he’s ronan lynch and im just me 

- ronan can like. barely speak. but maybe he sees smth in adam’s eyes i mean. idk. but he kind of turns away and burries his face in his hands and you can barely hear it when he says it but, “it’s you”

- adam is like. Freaking Out, i mean maybe he didn’t hear correctly i mean it’s ronan lynch 

- so ronan looks up and hes terrified bc oh fuck of course he doesnt feel the same way now i’ve freaked him out adam no please forget it its fine 

- but adam cant forget it i mean,, , it’s r o nan lynch. and he’s adam parrish, the boy with the shitty childhood and shaking hands and this is ronan lynch and he loves the parts of him that are broken he mustv’e heard wrong or 

- it’s ronan lynch 

- but he’s adam and fuck it if he isn’t brave and stubborn and terrified. so he inches closer. and Ronan’s eyes are popping out of his  h ead 

- “is it rll me?”

- “it’s always been you” 

- their voices are so fcking soft im crying 

- they kiss 

- adam insists ronan should upload a picture of the two of them so one day when they’re in cabeswater and the sun is hitting adam’s face just right and his hair looks like its on fire ronan takes out his phone that he hates using and snaps a picture

- he uploads it with the extremely gay caption “it’s always been him” and then he logs out and never goes on tumblr again

- # nice 

Girls are just so cute with their pretty dresses and their great hair and their large sweaters and high-waist shorts and their amazing legs. And boys with messy hair and big glasses, and they’re just skin and bone and everything they wear is just a little big and they have freckles and rolled up sleeves. And nB PeOpLE with colored hair and button-up shirts and cute smiles and dimples. And gIRLS with toned arms and tank-tops, with their snapbacks and ripped jeans, and their piercings and cool tattoos. And bOYS with tight t-shirts over muscle and and baggy pants and styled hair and their formal suits with ties and just uGH PEOPLE ARE SO CUTE, I LOVE THEM ALL 

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Favorite pynch fics?

there are always the two fics i wrote lmao but 

anyway these r all gonna be rll fluffy and one shots probably just saying

 midnight moon - fairy tales and kisses and angsty boys falling in love, u know 

keep me warm  - oh m y ??? gosh ! christmassy pynch !!! rll wamr n soft and sweet ronan and kisses !!!! 

 couldn’t dream you - ArtIST RONAN!!!!!! i repeat !!!!! arists ROn AN! 

 incandescent - post-canon cuteness where everyone is happy and ALIvE!!!!

 rain dance - this is so cute it hurts my heart + rain and sleepy adam ! !!

in my defense, spring - aaa  ! ! !! adam wakin up with the love of his life next to him, yes 

 drift - ye s!!!!!! yes! shirtless adam , i mean

sometimes a hug is enough - my heart hurts . hugs !!!!! lots of hugs 

this isn’t a heist - F ake Dating  !!!!!!!  atten tio n !

these are just some of my favs but im trash for pynch so i’ll read , anything ? 


HELLO MY LOVE (this lady has a really nice blog you should follow her, also i love her)

OKAY so OH WELL MRS BANKS, not but seriously, when thats revived you and me babe. Okay also Wendla in Spring Awakening and MILLIE (i’ve always thought that tbh) and KATHERINE FROM NEWSIES HOLY SHIT and I also would love to see you as Phoebe in Gentleman’s Guide

Thanks for submitting!!!

Casting Meme (Done for the Night <3)


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