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hiya:) could we have more Catholic!percy au? thank you!

  • the first time Annabeth asks if she can go to church with Percy they’re laying in his bed, fully clothed, as they rest from a particularly vigorous make out session 
  • she reaches out to play with his St. Jude pendant as she asks it, avoiding eye contact because she’s feeling weirdly bashful about the whole thing 
  • he places his hand on top of hers, and rubbing gently so a to get her attention
  • when she looks up at him, there’s apprehension in his eyes 
  • “only if it’s what you want” 
  • and it is– it’s not the religion parts, cause that’s not really her thing, but she wants to be with Percy and understand this part of him that’s so important 
  • they’ve been hanging out in a more intimate sense for the last month and she finds herself craving more of him– more than the lips crashing and hands on bare skin, she wants to know every curve of his soul 
  • if one of those curves happens to be church, she’s willing to work to get to know that part of him too 
  • she’s leaving home that morning, and her dad and step mom are like  “where are you going” and she deadpans “church”– she’s out the door before they can make sure they heard her right 
  • she knocks on his front door and gets an instant rush because he looks so cute in his outfit
  • a blue button up shirt tucked in to black dress pants and a pair of converse on his feet ((”these are my fancy shoes”)) 
  • and his hair looks like he spent a long time trying to comb it (a fruitless effort unfortunately) 
  • she can’t help but run her hand through it as he places a kiss to her lips
  • Sally walks out behind Percy, “I hope you don’t mind if I walk with you two!” 
  • Percy offers an arm to each woman, and they walk down the street like that, making pleasant conversation that has a familiar ease to it that Annabeth isn’t used to in a family setting 
  • as they walk into the building, Sally bids the kids farewell, going off to sit with some friends 
  • she kisses Percy on the cheek and looks at both of them expectantly, “see you at home later?”
  • Percy looks at Annabeth who lights up, “Yes, absolutely” 
  • Percy being super attentive during church, showing Annabeth the hymn they’re on and pointing out bible verses as the priest speaks 
  • his smile when he says “be right back” before going to accept eucharist is so warm and comforting that she doesn’t even twiddle her thumbs that much as she waits for him 
  • after church, they walk down to a diner that Percy says is his favorite after church spot, “they have killer hot chocolate” 
  • while there, Percy explains that his mom had to work a lot to support them so he spent a lot of time at church activities and they gave him a scholarship to attend the school since him and his mom had been such good congregation members 
  • she finds herself asking how he keeps his faith when bad things happen, and he explains that that’s the point of faith– “It tests you. But just like with people, you don’t just walk away because things get a little tough.” 
  • as he says that, a warmth settles into her chest and she thinks she could definitely have faith in someone like him