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BTS Reaction | When their S/O loses their voice

| bts react when their s/o was caught really bad cold and lost their voice for a few days | this is me rn I survived getting my wisdom teeth out only to get a fucking cOLD FMLLLL ~Admin H who is dying rn save me 

Jin/Seokjin: Mother Mode On™ he’s gonna do everything in his power to return you to full health he’s gonna wrap you up in 2000000 blankets and not let you move he’s gonna make you soup and just if ur ever sick call jin bc he’s the perfect person to have on hand when ur sick and especially if you lose ur voice he’s gonna get a notepad and demand u not say a word until ur throat is completely better

Suga/Yoongi: poor darling isn’t super the best at handling these kinds of situations he’s more of the behind the scenes taking care of kind of person if that makes sense?? like he’s the person who if you leave ur keys on the table all the time he’ll slip them into your pocket so if you’re sick he’ll try his best to take care of you even if he isn’t the best he’s trying his best and nobody can fault him for that <3 he’s another person that will go the notepad route for when you lose your voice.

J-Hope/Hoseok: honey pie h a t es it when ur sick!! when you feel bad he feels bad bc ur his sunshine his inspiration his everything and when you’re in bed w a fever he hate hate hates ittttt!!! he’s actually low key overwhelming and smothering w his attention but i mean who doesn’t like to be comforted and spoiled when they’re sick?? he absolutely extra despises it when you lose your beautiful voice bc to him theres no sound more amazing and lovely so he’ll send u cute flirty texts 

Rap Monster/Namjoon: leader babe is such a hardworker and he does take good care of the rest of BTS for sure that he knows how to take care of someone when they’re sick, but we all know his poor curse of breaking things and being so accident-prone so he did boil over the soup he tried to make and he did break the bowl he make oatmeal in and then he put too much water in the oatmeal and then he almost blew up the kettle trying to make tea and ur apartment is a wreck bUT ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS OKAY AND HE SENDS U CUTE LIL TEXTS WHEN HE HAS TO LEAVE AND WHEN U LOSE UR VOICE HE STILL SENDS U TEXTS EVEN IF HE’S SITTING NEXT 2 YOU

Taehyung/V: okay so im fully convinced that next to Jin taehyung is the best person to take care of u when ur sick bc he would make a hella good husband he’s v v attentive to you when ur sick but not as overbearing as hobi but he’s gonna get u a little whiteboard to draw on and get you a coloring book that you guys color in and giggle over while you wait out your illness and he always decorates ur whiteboard w cute magnets 

Jimin: awww okay he’s gonna be so cute he’s gonna make u a whole nest of fuzzy blankets and make u tea and get ur favorite take out and make sure u have lotion tissues and just try his best to stay with you and he’ll use a sketching pad to draw cute lil sketches of you and of BTS and u guys will watch rom coms and giggle and try ur best to communicate without you having a voice :(

Jungkook: honestly he might be panicking inside bc he has no idea how to help u and he hates feeling helpless in these kinds of scenarios but tbh his method of getting u to feel better is he makes u a huge pillow fort and fills it with blankets and makes u guys hot chocolate out of the packets and he runs down and buys you guys some spicy ramen and its not the healthiest meal but it clears out your nose lmao and he teases u over ur squeaky voice until you lose ur voice entirely then he buys u a cute notepad and decorates each page w a goofy drawing of his members