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When/how do you headcanon Mello and Matt being reunited? Like did Matt track him down mafia era or did Mello turn to him when he was all out of cronies post explosion even though he promised himself he wouldn't drag Matt into this/is ashamed to have Matt see the person he is now/the guilt of having cold left him at Wammy's without saying goodbye because he's dramatic af? Or were they in contact the whole time doing long distance, Matt hacking into Mels computer to leave cute messages on notepad?

I think post-explosion (when see Matt make his first appearance), Mello was probably left with terrible injuries- no money, identity, or insurance to get himself medical attention- and nobody else to turn to… so as much as he never wanted to get Matt involved in his nonsense, whilst fading in and out of consciousness, holed up in a motel that charged by the hour with his wounds oozing and stuck to the dirty sheets, he realized maybe he needed help… I’m sure Matt would let Mello know in one way or another (hacking into his computer and leaving cute messages on notepad 💕) exactly where he was and how to get a hold of him (let’s b honest.. Matt doesn’t do a whole lot of moving). So Mello calls him up and against his better judgement Matt answers his phone and he can barely hear that raggedy voice over the shitty payphone and he keeps getting drowned out by traffic and passerby but he understands most of it and he grumbles a little just to let Mello know what a pain it is booking a flight to Los Angeles in winter on a Sunday but whispers how much he’s missed him after Mello hangs up. Cue their reunion, Matt trying not to gag because the room where his former-best-friend has been staying smells like Clorox, singed flesh, and other unnameable body fluids… Matt immediately forges hotel waivers and prescriptions and makes a mini-ICU complete with all the fluids and morphine a burn victim could want. They hole up in their new fancy room with various funds Matt has stashed away from breaking ATMs and selling pot over the past few years, and as he heals, Mello informs Matt of their next move. Cue their dumphole apartment, spying on superstars, etc.


04.21.16 - [Target - A Blessing and a Curse]

I found the cutest notebooks today (pack of 3 for $12) during a quick run to Target for cat food. Of course, you always leave Target spending more than you intended -_-” So I couldn’t help but notice this little gem hidden behind a few others notebooks that I wanted. Honestly, I was going to put this back and save it for another time, until I googled them and found out that not even the Mead website nor Amazon sells these. Apparently, they’re limited/rare to find, so I couldn’t miss getting my hands on these beauties!

By the way, I recommend checking out the budget spot! I found cute washi tape, notepads, pencils, and a notebook holder — all for $1 each (notebook holder was $3, but definitely worth it). There are so many great deals you can find at Target. I’m truly in love.


15th June 2016 | Exams seem to be never ending and I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water with the stress (and disappointment that I have to retake some). Distracting myself my purchasing some new cute plants (guaranteed mood lifter). In the meantime I shall persevere on. I know the future me will be grateful for the effort I put in today. Hope all of your finals are going well.