cute nick names

  • Me to my brother: So Kameron, you know homestuck even though you didn't get really far into it?
  • Brother: Yeah?
  • Me: What do you think would be a really cool shirt design.... that even YOU'D wear?
  • Brother: Gamzee?
  • Me: Yes! But... doing what?
  • Brother:
  • Brother:
  • Brother: ...hugging....
  • Brother: ..
  • Brother in a small voice: ...Tavros...?
Ian's Mickey-Given Nicknames

• Carrot Top
• Mumbles
• Sleepy Face
• Private Ryan
• Fire Crotch
• Cinderella
• Gallagher
• Red Head
• Tough Guy
• Mary Poppins

More Zootopia shipping ramblings. shut up i know i have a problem.

Once Nick and Judy start dating, Nick still likes to tease/mess with her, but there are certain areas he just fails so hard at because he still underestimates her in places. Like he thinks seeing her jealous if he spent time with another women would be really really cute, but when he tries to she just DOESN’T CARE. AT ALL.

Like he’d be Gazelle’s security one time, and he texts Judy, ‘hey babe, just checking in on you, don’t worry about me, i’ll just be alone with a beautiful woman tonight. all alone. with a gorgeous girl. all night. alone. with her.’

she texts back ‘pick me up some tickets for her next concert. also you left the toilet seat up again, i almost fell in’.

(meanwhile gazelle gives him a look “sooo you’re upset your girlfriend has absolute trust and faith in you?’ ‘LOOK I’M NEW TO THIS CUT ME SOME SLACK’)

What Being Jin’s Crush Would Include

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  • Receiving an overload of gifts from him
  • Homemade foods that always taste amazing
  • Him always being really invested in whatever you say
  • Weekend trips away from home
  • Not so date dates that end up being dates????
  • His phone background is you and him together
  • Blanket cuddling while watching movies
  • Making him stay the night after watching a horror movie together
  • Except usually he sleeps on the couch
  • He’s a gentleman…
  • Having cute nick names for each other
  • Songs playing on the radio that remind you of him
  • Sweet handwritten notes he gives to you after being away
  • Trying new things with him
  • Jin using the excuse to hold you hand so you ‘won’t get lost in the crowd’
  • there isn’t even a crowd
  • Stealing his socks
  • Facetiming and watching him get really flustered after winking at you
  • Getting your cheeks pinched a lot
  • Baking together
  • Visiting places that bring back old memories
  • Looking through photo albums with him
  • Eating sweet meals at a quiet cafe
  • Him bringing you coffee/tea in the morning
  • Sometimes driving you to work/school when he’s free
  • Duets in the car
  • Hand holding while he drives
  • Board games that last for hours or until one of you are ready to kill the other
  • Binge watching TV shows together
  • Waiting until next week until the next episode is out, only to watch it together
  • Conspiracy theories about the show
  • Color coordinating outfits, probably
  • Complimenting so much but never getting tired of it
  • Reading books together
  • Shy cheek kissing
  • Just loving the little things both of you do
  • Weekend movie nights!! (maybe probably with the rest of the boys…)
  • Having dinner together often
  • Letting him play with your hair
  • Nose boops
  • Him taking to you secluded areas for pick nicks (mountain tops, parks, a quiet beach)
  • Jin telling you that he loves you more than Mario
  • Air kisses when he’s attempting to flirt
  • Long hugs when he needs to go away
  • Brushing hair off your cheeks when it’s windy out
  • Him showing up at your place late at night with take out or home made food
  • Getting taken care of when you’re sick
  • Him running errands for you just because
  • Surprise visits when he comes back early

So this very heavily inspired by samijen modern FAHC red riding hood au!! Go check out there sweet art for the au!!

Runner Gavin | Runner Ray | Its basically the same AU concept??? Like red riding hood with FAHC crew but all the lads are runners and they all have there own kinda basic look with the red hood, but with there little twist. And Ryan is still the wolf lol (and calls the lads cute nick names)

Thomas trying out The Glader jobs like-

Thomas: And…you do this?

Chuck: NO. You’re holding the broom upside down

Thomas: Broom? I thought this was a pogo stick?…I’m confused-

Frypan: Thomas pass me the eggs

Thomas: here you gooo

Frypan: …Thomas…this is a melon

Thomas: …Um…Yes?

Frypan: EGGS

Thomas: ….No?

Newt: pull that weed out- NO, TOMMY NOT THAT ONE-!

Thomas: *rips out plant*

Newt: ….my….tomato’s….

Thomas: There ya go, Newt! :D

Newt: …you killed my tomato’s.

Jeff: Wrap it like this-

Thomas: *giggles* 

Jeff: what are you doing?

Thomas: Look, I’m a mummy


Thomas: JEFF

Alby: Thomas, go meet The Greenie, will ya? 

Thomas: OK. Hi, I’m Thomas, some call me Tom, some call me Tommy, Minho calls me annoying, cute nick names right, so, over there is death- over there is death, over there is Newt and over there is death-

Greenie: *cries*

Thomas: wtf y u cry?

jared probably has nick names for everyone because in his introduction to the blog he referred his friend raj as rajder-dodger and then in the law suit post he calls their lawyer ron “the bomb” laflamee and just imagine jared calling richard cute dumb nick names like what is life

or telling just richard his nickname ideas and richard just protects him from saying them to anyones face