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White Lies

Word Count: 951

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Hank McCoy x Reader

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Warning(s): None

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“Oh my god, look! A puppy!”
“(Y/N), that’s a fire hydrant,” Hank sighed, grabbing her shoulders and redirecting her towards the mansion. “Come along, we’re almost home.”
“What are you talking about? We’re nowhere near home, silly. We’re in New York!” Her words slurred together as she stumbled forward, tripping over non-existent pieces of rubble in the street. He just chuckled to himself and steadied her, keeping her upright.
“Remind me not to let you drink ever again, okay?” He shook his head. Apparently, a night out with friends is equal to getting blackout drunk on shots of tequila and margaritas.
“Oh, c’mon Hank, you’re no fun,” (Y/N) hiccuped. He led her to the front door and helped her climb the steps into the house. He brought her up the staircase and around the corner to his bedroom. There was no way he was leaving her all alone in her own room. She could spend the night with him then go on her way in the morning when she was sober.

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His Pet-Names For You|H.Holland

Others In this Series:

Tom Holland-Pet-Names

Peter Parker-Pet Names

Sam Holland-Pet-Names

Angel Eyes: 

  • This one came about when he first meet you 
  • He calls you angel eyes because your eyes captivated him 
  • “Hey angel eyes look at me..” 
  • He loves looking into you eyes and watching the blush appear on you face. 
  • “Harry stoooppp.” 
  • “Never Angel eyes” 


  • “I’m not a ghost Harry..” 
  • “But boo..” 
  • You’d roll your eyes till it just grow on you 
  • It was a cute little nick name he’d call you when he just wanted to spend time with you 
  • Tons and tons of soft kisses when using this one 


  • “She’s so sweet she’s my little cupcake..”
  • “Cupcake, I love you so much.” 
  • He loves calling you cupcake 
  • Licking his lips after a long kiss
  • “You taste so sweet..” 
  • Just a cute little pet name he loved calling you watching as your cheeks flushed. 


  • He called her this when talking to others 
  • “Why Dove?” 
  • “Cause they are a symbol of everlasting love..” 
  • “My little dove..” 
  • Giving you a pair of doves for your Christmas tree


  • Okay but hear me out 
  • He’d be all like “Oh honey bee I didn’t mean it.” 
  • “Honey bee it wasn’t my fault.” 
  • “Calling me honey bee won’t make it better Harry…” 
  • “It’s not suppose too!” 
  • He’d like to call you honey bee because while you were as sweet as honey you could bite back. 

Love Bug: 

  • Was when you were feeling clingy 
  • He loved when you were like that 
  • “Harry..” 
  • “Does love bug want cuddles…” 
  • Smiling when he called you that knowing you’ve won 

Pretty Girl: 

  • Was more intimate 
  • It was for your ears only 
  • “Pretty girl, I love you so much” 
  • GENtal touches
  • Soft kisses 
Dating Dick and Jason Would Include...


-he is a puppy in love
-he just follows you everywhere
-when you’re talking he just looks at you, even when you’re not talking
-from across the room you can be certain his eyes are on you
-he loves waking up before you just to watch you in a peaceful state
-he always tells you not to stay up for him but he secretly loves it
-romantic dates
-he loves to make you blush and makes sure to bring you a small gift for each date
-he is a flirt
-you thought he would stop once you got in a relationship with him but it seemed to get worst
-he would constantly complement you and use cheesy pick up lines
-“I’m not a photographer but I can picture you and me together.”
-“Dick remind me why I’m dating you?”
-putting up with his brothers at ungodly hours
-Damian is really attached to you
-you and Dick take him out to eat ice cream each Sunday
-sex any day, any hour, any where
-this boy just can’t control his damn hormones
-expect him to come in his police uniform just to tease you
-he loves bragging about you
-his favorite topic? you
-literally everyone seems to know your favorite color and what you dressed up for Halloween when you were 7
-having to go cereal shopping constantly
-a whole section in the cabinets is just dedicated to his cereal addiction
-him trying to teach you basic acrobats
-over all just a big cuddly boy


-Jason totally thought he was one sly motherfucker when crushing on you
-the waitress at about any coffee shop knew he was crushing on you it was that darn obvious
-did he hear your name? tell him more
-it took him forever to finally ask you out
-his brothers had to lock him and you in a closet
-he is such a desperate romantic
-he took you to an old diner just to do the cliché milkshake with two straws thingy
-he randomly quotes books
-all his advice is mainly from books as well
-which is not always the best thing
-“You know just kill them all.”
-so many cute nick names
-‘doll, baby girl, doll face, etc’
-he is kind of shy about PDA but if guy is looking your way he immediately has his hands all over you
-he is just one jealous smol bean
-he has insecurities but you always reassure him and vice versa
-he really likes your hands
-compared to his yours are super soft and small
-holding hands is one of his absolute favorite things
-his hands are always cold and yours warm his up quickly
-meeting his family was interesting
-you know he secretly loves them
-he has become more open because of you
-taking his leather jackets and long motorcycle rides in the middle of the night
-taking long car rides to no where just to talk about nothing and speak out all your bottled up feelings and thoughts

Dating Namjoon

other members; yoongi | hoseok | park jimin | taehyung | seokjin | jungkook

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- him actually being such a dorky boyfriend
- he’d put so much effort into the relationship
- he would do anything and everything he would do make sure the relationship was stable and working out
- cute little nick names that didn’t seam like a lot but meant a lot to you two
- beautiful, angel, gorgeous, babe, baby, princess
- “princess,”
- “joonie, I’m trying to sleep,”
- “but it’s cold,”
- “quit complaining,”
- “come cuddle with me,”
- cuddles
- cuddles
- oh, and did I mention lots of cuddles
- him acting like a hottie on stage, but in reality being a really cutey
- namjoon being your personal teddy bear
- random dates for o apparent reason
- him trying to cook for you
- that obviously ended horribly
- whenever you get into a argument he’d always apologise first
- even if he wasn’t apologising for what you wanted him to apologise for, he’d just end up apologising for his bad temper
- you bring out the dorky side of him
- sMiLes
- him being super clumsy
- and you basically having to move everything valuable to you out of his way
- him spilling things, smashing things, and just tripping over everything
- laughing fits because of him falling
- whenever he wants something he’d drag out the endings of his sentences
- “babeee, could you come hereeee?”
“namjoon, what do you what?”
- everything you do would be special to him
- holding hands in public is a must
- to be honest, he’d just love taking you out and showing you off
- getting angry when a boy even thinks about looking at you
- “baby, could you come to the studio with me today?”
- pda everywhere
- him buying you teddies, just so he can steal them off you weeks later
- “babe, have you seen that teddy? you know the one you got me last week, I can’t find it anywhere,”
- “no, sorry babe, I haven’t seen it,”
- he says as he’s shoving that exact teddy into his backpack to take back to the dorm with him
- he’d see you shiver the smallest bit, and within seconds his jumper is over your head or his jacket is wrapped round you
- making up stupid raps for you, or about you, at random points throughout the day
- whenever he’s stressed all he wants to do is cuddle with you
- you’d have a lot of arguments with namjoon, but they’d never been big ones and they’d be resolved within minutes
- overall, he’d be such a cute boyfriend.
- like, namjoon, please love me and marry me
- he’d be the kind of boyfriend to do anything and everything for his partner. and is willing to risk his life fro the person he loves.
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Hey, I’ve Got You- Chapter Five

Tony Stark x enhanced! Reader

Summary -The reader was captured and experimented on and given the healing factor and she has claws that extend out from the bed of their nails. The people who are experiment on her cover her skeleton in vibranium. So the reader now has metal claws. They keep her locked away for a very long time. They rarely feed her or let her out because there is such a high chance of her escape now. Somehow the UN panel that is in charge of the accords finds out about the illegal experiments and send Iron Man in to shut down the operation. The reader is the only one there because the scientists had gotten word that they had been discovered. Tony finds the reader and takes her back to the compound.

Message- The baby is here!!! Lots of time jumps! Sorry if it sucks!!

Warning- Reader is held captive and experimented on. Mentions of torture. Self-injurious behavior.

Background Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

Word Count- 1,000ish

“What about Howard?” Peter asks.

“No way in hell.” Tony snarls. “What about Henry?”

“I’m pretty sure the first guy I went steady with was named Henry.” You say.

“Ok, definitely not Henry then. What about-.”

“His name is going to be Edward Anthony Stark and we’re going to call him Teddy.” You say glaring at everyone. “I’m giving birth to him. I choose the name.” You were days away from your due and had been becoming increasingly moody with each passing day. You looked around the room and everyone nodded. Tony even blushed a little at the idea of kind of naming your child after him.

“When did you decide on that name, my love?” Tony asks.

“Last night. Are you okay with it? I like how it sounds and I thought Teddy was a cute nick name.” you murmur.

“I love it.” Tony says as he leans in to kiss you.


You were exhausted and in pain, but you could already feel your body start to heal itself. It had taken 18 hours to finally get little Teddy out. You had decided to give birth at the compound because hospitals beds and most doctors still freaked you out, so you had chosen to use a midwife. You look over and look at Tony holding your son and a warm feeling spreads through your body. Then Teddy starts to whimper and cry out.

“Shh, Teddy, I’ve got you.” Tony whispered while rocking the baby a little. “I know you want your Momma but she had a really long day and I think we should let her sleep a little longer.”

“I’m awake.” You say as Tony passes Teddy to you. “He’s probably hungry.”

“Helen thinks that he’s going to be able to heal like you.” Tony says as you start to feed Teddy.

“How do you feel about that?” you ask

“I kind of like it. It’ll probably help with my anxiety knowing our baby can’t get hurt. I also like the idea of the two of you living forever.”

“No one lives forever.” You whisper

“Well there’s a first time for everything.”

“Then Teddy will be that first. Let’s stop talking about him living forever, he’s not even a day old yet.” You say as you look down at your son. “He’s perfect.”

“He is, you did so good today, I’m so proud of you, my love.” Tony says as he leans down to kiss your forehead.

“Mmm” you moan “Sorry about the sheets, and the mattress, my claws just kind of came out. I didn’t cut you did I?” you ask starting to panic.

“Just a small scratch.” Tony says showing you his hand.

“I’m so sorry, Tony! I-I didn’t mean-“

“I know, its fine, there’s nothing to forgive.” Tony says as he lays down next to you. The two of you lay in comfortable silence as Teddy feeds. When he’s done, you burp him and then he drifts off into a peaceful sleep.


The last month had been amazing. Everyone in your little gang absolutely adored Teddy and why shouldn’t they, he’s an incredible baby. You were all wary of what was coming tomorrow, Team Cap was coming “home”. All of you were currently lounging in the living room. Tony was holding Teddy.

“I think we shouldn’t meet them outside.” You say quietly.

“What do you mean?” Rhodey asks.

“We should make them come to us, maybe in a conference room or by the pool. Put them a bit off balance. They kind of deserve it, don’t you think? After what they did to Tony.”

“I forgave Bucky a long time ago. He wasn’t in control when he was the soldier and everything he did after was to save himself and Steve. Can’t really blame him for that. Also Cap apologized, kinda.” Tony mumbles.

“He said he was sorry that you didn’t understand why he did what he did. That’s crap, not an apology.” Pepper says.

“They need to realize their actions have consequences. They need to see that what they did will have lasting effects. Cap and the others need to realize that it’s not going to go back to sunshine and rainbows. But I think your right about Bucky. He was a prisoner, like me. The only difference was I had you there to help me from the start and he had no one.” You say and everyone nods there head. So you come up with a plan. You are going to meet them outside with Peter and lead them into a conference room where everyone else will be waiting. You all agreed on presenting as a united front. Tony will not be left to fend for himself. When Rhodey says that Tony rolls his eyes and says he’s not as delicate as he looks. After a bit more planning you have everything ready.

“What about Teddy?” you ask quietly.

“I think that we should keep him from them, at first anyway.” Tony says.

“If you guys need a babysitter I can call my girlfriend to see if she can watch Teddy.” Peter says as Tony gets up to hand Teddy to Rhodey, who is in his wheelchair. Rhodey usually uses the robot leg things that Tony made him but sometimes if he’s having a bad day he’ll use the chair. You have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be one of those days.

“Ooh, Spidey has a girlfriend. Have you been holding out on us?” You gush. At that Peter blushes and starts to stammer out an answer. Her name is MJ and they just started dating a couple months ago. “Call her, tell her that if she wants to she can come up today and spend the night, as long as it’s okay with her parents. Also tell her she can’t tell anyone about Teddy. We’re not ready for the world to know about him yet.” You say. Peter nods and leaves the room to make the call. He comes back a little while later and says that she agreed. Tony sends a car to pick her up. “We should probably have her watch Teddy at the house. It might get a little crazy here and I don’t want him exposed to that yet.” Tony nods in agreement. Everyone spends the rest of the night enjoying the peace and quiet, knowing that tonight will probably be the last time the compound was like that for a while.

Not my boyfriend

Title: Not my boyfriend

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Warnings: light swearing, fluff

Summary: You’re out in a bar with Gabriel when a waitress assumes the two of you are dating. Unfortunately neither of you know that the other wants it to be true just as badly.

Word count: 1500

A/n: This is for @percussiongirl2017 (aka @alwayskeepfightingmoose). It’s your birthday! Good morning, sunshine! Happy 18th! Have a good day and an even better adult life!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

For the last time he’s not my boyfriend” You growled at the young waitress who came over to complain about your ‘boyfriend’ for the fourth time tonight. Seriously, you never regretted anything more than taking Gabriel with you to a bar. You should have known better. The trickster, archangel, pagan god or whatever title he preferred today, was never easy to handle. But you had been tired after your last hunt with the Winchesters and really needed the drink and relative normality of a bar. Sam and Dean were just behind you or so they said. After waiting for them for ages you checked your phone. Someone decided to put hair dye in their shampoo and truth be told pink really wasn’t their colour. So you ended up alone with Gabriel who insisted on sticking around (not wise in your opinion. Dean was going to kill him for that last prank).

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So this isn’t a random headcanon or even fan theory, but I kinda like the idea that Toffee is/was Queen Eclipsa’s son. Like I know, it’s random and any supporting evidence for it is circumstantial at best, but hear me out.

First there’s Toffee’s design. And maybe this trait is just a defining feature so the audience can recognize him easily as an important character, but it still kind of bugs me. What am I referirng to? Toffee has hair. Actual hair. In comparison, other reptilian monsters we’ve seen in Star VS The Forces of Evil don’t have hair. They may have features that are meant to represent the idea of hair, but they all still look like they belong on a reptilian creature. More like frills or elongated scales. Yet here’s Toffee with this well styled, mammalian trait. But maybe the creators are just taking creative liberties. I can buy that.

But then, Toffee is biologically immortal and in both the present and in Moon’s flashback is shown as an adult. And no one ever mentions how long Toffee has been around. So it’s very possible he’s centuries old and just hasn’t drawn as much attention to himself has he has in the show.

And finally, Toffee is incredibly powerful when it comes to magic. I’m not just referring to defeating the high commission either, although that is a good example. But another hint we were given earlier in the show was in Storm the Castle, when Marco tries to punch Toffee. We as the audience clearly see Toffee standing right in front of Marco, but as soon as Marco throws that punch Toffee is gone, Marco bruising his hand against the crystal cage and Toffee standing behind him. If this was meant to be a joke alone, why make the transition between real Toffee and reflected Toffee so noticeable? But again, I could be reading too much into that. Another good example also comes from Storm the Castle; Toffee knows about the Whispering Spell and what exactly it does. He could have picked up that knowledge from years of research (take a look at the book he’s reading in Mewnipendence Day), but how did he know that it was traditionally the first spell taught to the princess? Because his mother taught him. Eclipsa might have been around long enough for Toffee to start learning magic from her before she was crystallized.

And let’s not forget what we just saw in the Battle for Mewni. Toffee, after getting into the wand and into the universe’s supply of magic, corrupted the entire thing without losing his own consciousness. That is a big deal, even more so when we see that his body is basically just a manifestation of the corrupted magic while Star still has her physical body in the space the magic is in. While it is possible that this was just a plot hole and done to make Toffee all the more threatening in those scenes (which worked extraordinarily well, mind you), a lot of fantasy and myths involving magic often mention how dangerous and corrupting on one’s body, soul, and mind it can be. And yet, here’s Toffee just swimming around and infecting the entire universe’s magic and making it unusable and not completely losing his mind. That is unbelievably impressive.

Plus, the idea of Toffee being Eclispa’s son could also explain some of his motivations. My best guess, Eclipsa probably had two children; a “human” (because let’s face it, you can’t really call the Butterfly family entirely human with that second form they have) daughter who successfully claimed the throne and continued the blood line, and Toffee who due to his monster lineage was most likely targeted to be killed as an abomination immediately after his mother’s defeat and was never going to claim any sort of power in Mewni.  And got to witness firsthand the prejudice and hypocrisy against monsters by the humans. So it would make sense he would go rouge and kill one of Mewni’s queens. But it also explains the larger schemes he had in the show as well. He probably recognized the spell Moon used as one of his mother’s (maybe not right away), and once he realized where she had gotten it from and how it worked decided to use the situation to his advantage. Basically, he would have to die in order for his mother to be freed, but he was going to also paralyze the royal family and strip away their power as well. Hence the corruption and neutralization of the magic. Unfortunately, he only got half of what he wanted accomplished (or so it seems right now).

It also could play into making Eclipsa an even bigger threat. I’ve seen a few people saying how they hope Queen Eclipsa just ends up being that ‘weird grandmother’ character. And I think at first- under this line of thought- that’s how she starts out. Weird and maybe a little morbid at times but still nice enough and adores Star. But then she finds out what happened to Toffee and well… Hell is nothing compared to a grieving mother’s wrath.

But I’m probably just reading too much into things. It’s still a fun thought though, so I’m going to keep entertaining it for a while.

(P.S. Also, very minor circumstantial evidence, but did anyone notice that the candy Eclipsa was eating crunched? I can’t think of a type of chocolate bar that does that besides ones with rice crispies in them. And toffee bars. (Yeah, under this line of thought, I don’t think Toffee’s his real name. I think it was just a cute nick name his mother gave him and he started going by it full time after her defeat.))


[Sugiyama Noriaki - Cute Seiyuu who Thinks Himself As Not-Cute]


[How he ended up being called ‘Nontan’]

Because Takeuchi Junko ate a sweet tasty oyster several days before the Oh! Naruto Nippon recording, she decided to give Sugiyama Noriaki  rhetorical question about how to read the kanji for 'Sea Urchin (雲丹 Uni)’. She said, 

“(雲丹 Uni) can be read as ’Un-tan’. It makes your (紀 Nori), can be read as ’Nontan. Lets decide your nickname as 'Nontan’ then!" 

Sugiyama Noriaki was quite uncomfortable with 'Nontan’ nickname at first, saying that he is not the cute type, so that nick name is wasted on him. But after several events and Takeuchi Junko effort of asking the fans to call him 'Nontan’, Sugiyama san was finally give up ^^


Sugiyama Noriaki was called 'Non-kun’ during his childhood. It was one of Takeuchi Junko’s references before deciding on 'Nontan’ nickname. Nontan also affectionately refer as 'Sugi chan’, 'Sugiyama chan’,  or 'Sugi sama’ by his fans. All of those nicknames still feel awkward enough, to make Nontan drifted his gaze or touched his nose lightly (his habit when he is embarrassed)

[Avoiding Microphone]

He used to have a habit of 'avoiding’ mic while talking ^_^” (are you really a voice actor, Sugiyama san?). All of seiyuu who are close to him, used to take turn and remind him whenever they see him drifting away further and further. It was either, “Sugiyama san, please get closer to the mic.” or “Sugiyama san, please hold the mic a bit closer to you.”  

When Miki Shinichirou was questioned in BLEACH SOUL SONIC 2005 about 'three things he hate the most about himself’, MiShi answered panicky, “I can’t stand those… tiny tiny things that doesn’t feel right…. Like, 'Sugiyama san, please hold your mic closer to you .” Audience and the seiyuu cast was laughing, Nontan laughed nervously and said, “You don’t have to highlight that one…”


[Number One Serious Seiyuu]

Nontan is a serious person. He also not good at making ad lib and will continue reading the script seriously, despite the scene that he was in, had turned into NG (No Good) scene by another voice actor ^_^; Although he admitted that during Hetalia preview recording, especially, it was getting harder and harder not to laugh when Onosaka Masaya (France) purposely 'misread’ his lines.


During the BLEACH event, when other seiyuu cast told Morita Masakazu to make the conversation to be more serious, Morita replied, “Seriously? Then, Sugiyama san, please prepare to talk~ Calling for Sugiyama Noriaki san, please prepare for a talk~”

[More than just a Voice Actor]

Sugiyama Noriaki was praised in Anime Magazine featuring Hetalia: Axis Power, as the seiyuu who casted perfectly for the character they portray. Sugiyama san and his character, England - Arthur Kirkland, were said to have same gentleness, softness, both of them are shy, as also a work devoted person. Their bond as seiyuu and the character are deeply strong.


It was said that 'No seiyuu understand NARUTO anime, better than Sugiyama Noriaki’. Sugiyama san would be the first person who realize if there was differences between the anime and the original manga, and gave suggestion to improve both script and animation. It was no strange view to see Sugiyama san dragged by the staff for some discussion; and whenever the staff faced trouble with the NARUTO animation direction, Sugiyama Noriaki would bring his own NARUTO manga to the studio and showed them for reference. 

The reason behind the degradation of NARUTO animation after Uchiha Sasuke left Konoha episode, was said related to the absent, of a certain character and the voice actor behind him.

[Nontan’s not-so-serious Moment]

To familiarize himself with Uchiha Sasuke, Sugiyama Noriaki started to read NARUTO manga and he got hooked up really fast ^_^“ He once told Takeuchi Junko that one day before going to bed, he read NARUTO and promised himself, "Just one volume…”, but when he realized, he already read FIVE volume and had no intention of stopping.


Sugiyama Noriaki hates the time when he has to get up after laying down (sleeping), because that time he usually still half awake and much prefer to go back to sleep. He also said that Inoue Kazuhiko has same problem as him.


Sugiyama Noriaki spends his day off SLEEPING


Before the JumpFesta 2009 Event, Sugiyama Noriaki was aimlessly doodling inside the office while chatting with staff and other seiyuu. The 'thing’ that he draw, was accidentally had something similar with 'hair part’ and 'mouth part’, made it look a bit like an anime character. When Takeuchi Junko saw it, she said, “This is not a regular doodle! This is Sugiyama Noriaki’s Masterpiece!” Others joked about it as 'Ghost Picture’, but NARUTO mangaka, Kishimoto Masashi, joined Sugiyama san’s doodle line together, colored it, and made the publisher published it ^^ That drawing is really Sugiyama Noriaki feat Kishimoto Masashi’s Masterpiece.

[Nontan’s Cats and Dogs Stories]

Nontan loves cats and dogs. He also thinks Morikawa William AXL-ONE (Morikawa Toshiyuki’s dog) is really cute. One day he met Morikawa Toshiyuki in one recording studio, and Morikawa asked him and otherseiyuu, “Do you want to see the pictures of my dog?” Everyone happily agreed, saying “So cute~” at AXL-ONE pictures. 

The next day Nontan met Morikawa again at another studio, and Morikawa Toshiyuki asked him again, “Do you want to see my dog’s picture?” Nontan smiled and answered, “I saw them yesterday…” But Morikawa replied, “I have NEW pictures~”   On OH! Naruto Nippon, Nontan told Takeuchi Junko that he totally lost against Morikawa san’s doting parent attitude…


Sugiyama Noriaki lost count of how many times he was walking and cats started to gather around him to get petted. Sometimes those cats will start to fight each other, to decide by themselves, which cat will get petted first ^^ That’s how Nontan ended up with 'Neko Sennin - Cat Hermit’ title.


Happy Birthday Sugiyama san :) You are one talented, funny-and-cute-in-your -own-way seiyuu san. May God bless you and your fans. All the best for you :D NONTAN~

hayounga​, ziqahmahfaryhumancat8991 , byulbelmont ,nontanlove​, nachi-bbakpaocoklat, and all Sugiyama Noriaki fans, Happy Nontan’ Day ^^/ sorry that the post is too long -___-“


I want to put a lot of GIF but a lot of them are not loading :( I wonder why…  Gif because real life NONTAN is MUCH CUTER than photograph Nontan ~^^~

bunny-carrothunter  asked:

Well considering how close Vegeta and Goku always are, I think it's safe to say ChiChi HAS heard him call him "Kakarot" and came to that conclusion that is was basically based on "carrot". Here's the thing tho. It's because of his Saiyan roots that he's always fighting and training, something that even tho ChiChi allows him to, doesn't particularly like. Heck we haven't even seen her APPRECIATE the result of this training. She's a fangirl, but not because of the body, but because..He's Goku. 1/2

But the point being, I don’t think she would call him by his Saiyan name because she’s always calling them ‘delinquents’ and such. Sure, she brags about having him (“MY Goku’s the strongest man on the planet” “MY Goku’s gonna win”), but not really because of his race. If anything, I’d think she most likely use it as a joke, like making him carrot salad or carrot juice just to play with him, least when he notices. G-“Hey hun, what’s for dinner :D” C-“carrot >w>” “… Oh you silly” 2/2

I think you’re right, she probably most likely will not call him Carrot or “kakarot” or anything like that because we know that she mostly calls him “Goku-sa” (that sounds like a cute nick name she gave him already) but, still it’s just nice to fantasize. ^^ 

And personally I think that she does appreciate his body/training at least when she’s thinking about them doing the deed together. *-* well at least that’s what I think cause this her reaction when she is remembering her time spent with goku. I’m pretty sure she checks out his body and appreciates it.