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Just saw that you would like us to send some hcs requests so hopefully this can do! What kind of lovers do you think the bros and Ravus would be? Not necessarily in a NSFW way: things such as affection levels and how they show it, how often they'd text/call their s/o, what kind of activities they like to do with them (not necessarily dates) and so on. I'm not really good at explaining things, I hope you can see where I'm going with this, haha!

I totally get what you’re getting at, dear anon. :D Kinda like what the bros would be like as boyfriends, yeah? I’d be up to write that! *finger guns* So here! Have some headcanons for the bro-chacos~

Lover Boy – Final Fantasy XV Lovers Headcanons

Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • For a prince with a life of riches, he’s not exactly the kind of wild party prince that most people would assume. He’s not one to abuse his wealth and throw it around for people to take advantage of.
  • But his modesty as a lover and boyfriend is perhaps what makes him rather humbling to be around. As long as he’s in your company, holding your hand, seeing you smile – it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, because it’ll be a great day no matter what.

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So why do some fanfictions portray Nancy as kind of an airhead, or Mike being the nerd of the family, or whatever, when we SEE that she clearly, obviously cares for her grades and schoolwork???? When we see her studying, when Steve mentions that her GPA is like “3.999…” I mean, honestly. That girl is a genius and will definitely stay that way.