cute nailpolish

Happy Pride Month! To all those who believe in love and for our brother and sisters who fought hard for equal right happy pride month! Live openly. Live proudly!

Nail polished used:

Red: Cherimoya: Candy Apple

Yellow: Pure Ice: Show Stopper

Green:  Cherimoya: Key Lime Pie

Blue: L.A Colors Color Last: Happiness

Holo glitter: Blackheart Beauty: Super Glitter

Heart: Acrylic paint

anonymous asked:

dan asking why phil doesn't want to wear nailpolish was him planting seeds in our heads so we ask phil to wear nailpolish so he can get to see his cute bf wearing nailpolish. we're on to you Howell!

this is cyberbullying! peer pressure is real

Super simple 4th of july American flag themed nails. Patriotic, festive and yes the other nails are white Holo. I wish I could have gotten the shift to show though!

By the way I am trying this peel off base coat. I like it so far but I can’t say for sure that it’s something I will keep using beyond the occasional glitter nail. We will see.


Oh K! (twitter @OhK_Life) pastel Colour Changing Scented Nail Lacquer!

Are they scented? Yes!
🍑 Sweet Peach = beautifully fruity and floral
🍰 Vanilla Cream = cake icing
🌿 Mint Ice = spearmint
🍒 Cherry Blossom = menthol cherry sweets

Do they colour change? Uh…only the peach one.

In the photos I’m wearing two coats of each colour.

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