cute nailpolish

Happy Pride Month! To all those who believe in love and for our brother and sisters who fought hard for equal right happy pride month! Live openly. Live proudly!

Nail polished used:

Red: Cherimoya: Candy Apple

Yellow: Pure Ice: Show Stopper

Green:  Cherimoya: Key Lime Pie

Blue: L.A Colors Color Last: Happiness

Holo glitter: Blackheart Beauty: Super Glitter

Heart: Acrylic paint

Excuse my jammies! I found another pic of my drip naisl!

Products used:

Thumb: I don’t know the purple but the pink is Color Clubs: It’s a Suana out here

Pointer Finger: Purple- p2 volume gloss- assistant awesome, Blue- Color Clubs- No curfew

Middle Finger: Green- Color Clubs- Tic-Tac-Toe, Purple- Sinful Color- Let’s Talk

Ring Finger: Yellow- Pure Ice- Show Stopper, Red- Cherimoya- Candy Apple

Pinky: Orange- Pure Ice- Happy Hour, White- Cherimoya- White

My new thing is carebears because I’m from the ‘90′s… barely.

Used in Mani

Green- Color Club: Tic-Tac-Toe

Hot Pink- Color Club:  IT’S A SAUNA OUT HERE

Light Pink- CHERIMOYA: Slippers

Pink- CHERIMOYA: Sadie

Yellow- Pure Ice: Show Stopper

Orange- Pure Ice: Gourd-Geous

White- CHERIMOYA: White