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"Are You High?" "No I'm Connor" (tree bros)

@idekyimherebutok requested: “if ur still doing the prompt thing then 160 tree bros???”

I’m doing it for as long as people request it!! Even if it’s been like a year since I’ve reblogged it, feel free to send me a request from any prompt number post thing!!! Here’s a cute little fluffy tree bros to get away from the angst of yesterday and next week 😊

Plot: 160: “Do you think you could teach me that?”

Evan wants to help Connor and himself so he takes interest in what helps his boyfriend calm down.
Or alternatively, Connor helps Evan get high for the first time.

Warnings: swearing, drug use, verbal abuse, shitty writing about being high and blunts in general bc I’m a goody goody™ who the closest I’ve gotten to being high is facetiming with s friend who told me I should come over, get high, and give him a handjob so yeah :)

(Requester, please feel free to send me another ask with this prompt if you aren’t comfortable with drug use. It’s perfectly fine and okay if you aren’t and I really won’t mind, I actually might write another fic with this prompt but a different ‘thing being taught’ anyway because I had a cute nail painting idea 😊)



“I’ll fucking end your fucking life, Zoe, don’t you fucking test me!” Connor yelled through his door, which he had slammed just seconds before. His sister, the victim of his verbal attacks, slammed her door as well, sitting on her bed to practice her guitar for the jazz band concert next week. Connor ran his fingers through his messy, dark curls, deciding he couldn’t deal with this bullshit anymore. He flopped to the ground, looking through the bottom drawer of his bedside table, retrieving the small tin box he was looking for. He pulled it out, feeling better already.

He knew Evan wouldn’t want him to smoke, but it was midnight and Connor already wasn’t thinking too straight, and didn’t want to wake him probably sleeping boyfriend up by calling him or crawling through his window. He recalls the last time he crawled through late at night unexpectedly, and how that happened to be the one night Heidi was home from work at a decent hour, as he unlocks the box and grabs a lighter and already rolled blunt. Needless to say, he calls before he climbs through the window now. Pinching the unlit end of the blunt, he brought it to his pale lips, feeling his anger and stress float away with the smoke he exhaled. He sighed happily, already feeling much better and forgetting about what it was that Zoe had done to piss him off this time.

He’d already finished one entire blunt and was as high as a kite. Not being able to control his thoughts, and not knowing it was nearing one in the morning, he pulled out his phone, tapping a few times until he had face timed Evan. It rung once, twice, and a third time before a groggy looking Evan picked up, the duvet was covering his torso but his bare shoulders could still be seen.

“Con? It’s like 1 A.M., mwhat’s wrong?” Evan asked, his voice croaking from having just been woken up.

“Nothings wrong, I just wanted to see my pretty boyfriend’s'all,” Connor replied, his words mixing together slightly and giggling when Evans blush could be seen even in the dark bedroom.

Evan sat up and turned his bedside light on, wincing as his eyes adjusted to the light, “Are you high right now?”

“No I’m Connor,” he giggled back. Evan sighed, setting the phone down and getting up to find a shirt and shoes, deciding on one of Connors hoodies he’d ‘borrowed’ and his usual sneakers.

He picked up his phone again, “I’m coming over, you need a babysitter when you’re high, there’s no telling what trouble you’ll get into.” Evan sighed.

“Yay, boyfriends coming over!” Connor cheered, probably a little too loud. Evan winced at his volume slightly.

“Shhh, what if your parents or Zoe hears you?” Evan tried shushing Connor.

“Parents aren’t home, and Zoe’s too bitchy to hear me anyway,” Connor grumbled, giggling a bit slightly. Evan had seen Connor high on a few occasions, the first time being the weirdest for him. He’d never seen Connor so <i> giggly </i>. Sure, he was cuddly when he was high, more so than when he wasn’t, and Evan really liked that, but it was so weird to see him boyfriend giggle so much. Usually he either laughed, or didn’t, there was never any in between small giggles.


Evan pulled the key from the potted plant and unlocked the Murphy’s front door as quietly as he could, putting the key back and locking the door when he was inside. He tip-toed up to Connors room. It was obvious it was Connors, not just by the crack in the door and small posters littering it, but by the Nirvana blaring from inside. Connor was a pretty big Nirvana fan, but high Connor was the biggest Nirvana fan. He opened the door slowly, hoping that his boyfriend would at least be wearing clothes this time, and was relieved to see he was wearing black sweatpants at least. Connor turned his head, seeing Evan enter his room and carefully close the door behind him, before sitting up on his bed and going over to him, pulling him into a big hug. Evan gasped as Connor pulled him to his chest, his arms held down by Connors bear hug.

“Heyyyyy, Evvvvvvv,” Connor giggled out. Evan held back a giggle, trying to not encourage Connor.

“Hey, Connor.”

“Hey, Evan,” Connor said, mocking Evan by putting on a grumpy expression, “Why’re you so fucking serious, babe, just chill out.” He giggled again, laying back down on his bed and resting his arms under his head.

Evan blushed, liking the fact that high Connor was extra flirty and always called him dumb pet names. He grabbed the water bottle on Connors bedside table, “Here, sober up, please?”

“Nah, fuck that, I’d rather stay fucking lit,” Connor swatted the bottle away from Evans hands, “besides, I’m like totally ninety percent sure that that water bottle is just straight vodka,” Connor giggled again. Evan sighed, giving up and deciding he better just sit and watch to make sure Connor didn’t hurt himself. He sat on Connors bed, cross legged, deciding Connor was too high to bother listening to him no matter how hard he tried to get him to sober up. He stared thoughtfully at his boyfriend, as he attempted to put his hair into a messy bun, and wondered what he felt like high. He knew that he obviously had less control of his thoughts and actions, but he was curious as to how freeing and calming it really felt. Did it really help Connor deal with his anger problems and facing his family?


It had been an hour and Connor was still wide awake, and decided he wasn’t as high as he was. He got off the bed to roll another blunt, Evan watching him carefully as he did so.

<i> Screw it </i>, Evan decided, <i> maybe it does help him feel better, maybe it’ll help me . He fiddled with the hem of Connors hoodie, before speaking up.

“Do you think you could, uh, you could teach me that?” Evan pointed hesitantly at the blunt. Connor looked up, a little bit excited, but also worried. He was never worried about his own health and safety when he smoked, but he didn’t want to risk putting his boyfriend in harm.

“Are you sure?” He asked, seeking serious for the first time all night. Evan nodded.

“I mean if you don’t want to, uh, don’t want to show me its fine it was just a thought-” Connor shit him up with a peck on the lips, pulling away and smiling at the blushing boy.

“If you’re sure you’re okay with this, then I’ll show you,” Connor went back to grab the tin box and set it on his bed, taking out the weed and things he needed to make the blunt, showing Evan step by step how to roll it. When he was done, Evan tried it, surprised at how easy it actually was.

“Do you wanna try to smoke it?” Connor asked hesitantly, not really sure how he felt about his boyfriend smoking.

“Yeah, I mean, uh, sure, I, uh, I guess,” Evan replied, fiddling with the hem of Connors hoodie again as he thought again about how it might feel.

“Okay, do this,” Connor showed Evan how to light the blunt, Evan following his directions. Connor then took Evans hands and set them on the blunt, moving it to his lips, “Now, inhale slowly, and exhale.” Evan did so, exhaling and feeling stress and anxiety he didn’t know he held being lifted away. He sighed as he exhaled, feeling surprisingly calm. He liked it, not enough that he would do this often, but enough that he thought about enjoying getting high with his boyfriend sometimes, both of them feeling calm and happy without having to worry about anything.

Connor looked at his boyfriend as he took another hit, Evan not noticing that Connor didn’t light and wasn’t smoking his own blunt. He had sobered up slightly and was watching his boyfriend carefully. Connor didn’t want to risk him getting high and Evan hurting himself while high because Connor couldn’t protect him.

After a while the blunt was gone, the room was considerably more smoky, and Evans eyes were very red and bloodshot. Connor admired how calm his boyfriend looked and wished he could give him this feeling all the time, taking note of how he fiddled with the string of his hoodie, but not in a nervous way. He fiddled with them happily and playfully as he hummed along to the song playing, Connor chuckling because he knew for a fact Evan had no idea what song it was. Connor laid back on the bed, after he put the tin back in his drawer, and pulled Evan down to lay next to him, the smaller boy breathing quietly as he laid his head on Connors bare chest.

He was probably the calmest person while high that Connor had ever seen. Evan wasn’t as giggly or funny as Connor was when he was high, although Connor noticed he was definitely more cuddly, but he enjoyed it. Evan was more quiet and thoughtful it seemed. Conor looked down and studied Evans closed eyes as he began to drift asleep. He smiled, kissing his messy blond hair and mumbling an 'I love you’ before turning to shit the light off, hearing Evan mumble one in return.