cute nail ideas


Today was my annual check-up with Dr. B.!  Dr. B. was absolutely thrilled to see how much I have grown since she last saw me!  Mommy was thrilled, too:  I have put on almost another 10 grams since last month!

Dr. B. looked me all over, declared me healthy and the cutest, and gave me another nail trim.  Nice nurse Kim even gave me head rubs during my nail trim.  It was like going to the spa!

Dr. B. is at a different vet center from where she used to be.  Her new place has the most horrifying examining tables:  They are covered in squishy, dark blue, nonslip material that I absolutely abhor!  When Mommy first put me on the table, I was paralyzed with horror at the awful blue stuff I was sitting on.  So nurse Kim gave me a paper towel to sit on.  I spent the rest of my visit going round and round my paper towel peering at the awful blue stuff surrounding me.  I tried putting one or two feet on it, but had to back up every time.  I was so upset that Mommy felt bad and gave me cuddles while we waited!

Dr. B. said something about doing some blood tests next year when I am even bigger so that she can know my baseline levels.  I don’t know what that means, but I hope she has a new table next year!