cute month

Here’s another art swap I did with @f-lowerprince (Connor and his OC Ashton) and @nimblecivet (Luke and his OC Nola) ! 

For this, we had a different person do the sketch and color (While the creator of the OC did lineart) in order to make the final product look like it was drawn in a totally different style.

(Artists from left to right, top to bottom)

Gloria, Connor, Luke

Luke, Gloria, Connor

Connor, Luke, Gloria

warm up before i start commissions :)c there was no need to draw percy ft. infant tyson but everyone’s on that Big Bro bandwagon so here i am (also what size are baby cyclopes??)

A log a day keeps anxiety away 😂 am I right? Started the 100 days of bullet journal challenge, but I won’t post something everyday, more like twice a week :3
For those who asked if I had a studygram: yas I do now, cause one of you convinced me somehow 😂 my names allcutified_desi 🤗
Happy journaling everyone ❤