cute moirail

These precious cuties!!! God, I swear they would make great moirails.

Hiveswap is amazing, and props for the creators for crawling though the abysmal depths of hell to give us this game.


Nepeta and Equius are such cute moirails :3

(I hope I spelled that right)

I love their little roleplaying sessions. Equius has never been my favorite troll but his interactions with Nepeta make him more endearing to me than just him alone.

This pic can also be seen on my dA:

my rarepairstuck contribution, for paradoxicalrenegade who wanted aradia and dave being moirails and happy things for them!

aradia is taking dave on a pale date to go look at one of the new alternia-earth combination’s natural history museums post-game. aradia has just spotted something awesome

they are super cute moirails and she takes them out on all sorts of fun trips and adventures! and they both talk about being time players and the history of their old planets and the coolness of dead things while lying around dave’s apartment half the time. eventually aradia moves into dave’s apartment with them and they’re very happy.

(many more words happened on the a03 version)