cute minho is my favorite minho


This will forever be my favorite Onho gif set because
1.) Look how Onew shyly touches Minho’s back until he notices and moves his arms
2.) Onew’s like “I’ll just put my hands here” and Minho’s like “Nope, bring them ALL the way around me, hyung!”
3.) The way Minho pats Onew’s hands around his stomach
4.) Onew looks so content to be back hugging Minho

Reaction to BTS being jealous

Anonymous asked: can you do a reaction to BTS being jealous.

You were an idol just like he was and unlike most girls you were mainly friends with boys. Jin didn’t have an issue with it but when Chanyeol hugged you wishing you good luck in your comeback stage he thought he hugged you longer than he needed. You turned around noticing Jin face you started to giggle finding jealous Jin adorable. You kissed his nose being extremely short compared to him. I’m yours don’t worry. You whispered to him hugging him tight

Namjoon: You we’re out for lunch with your friend from uni and didn’t think anything of Namjoon telling him where and who you with. But when you you got home smelling of someone else’s cologne he was super pissed but when you explained it he calmed down slightly but he was super jealous but let’s say you made it up to him after dinner.

Min Yoongi:
You were fangirling over Got7 and they’re new song admiring Jackson’s rapping skills. Yoongi didn’t like it one bit. You didn’t notice it until he was towering over you smirking. “He might be a good rapper but does he have my tounge technology?” He asked smirking a glint in his eyes.

You being a SM idol meant dancing with other SM idols. Hoseok went to your practice hearing you were learning how to better your moves. You mentioned having help, but he didn’t notice that your partner was the infamous dancing King Kai himself. He sat there solid as a rock. But when you thanked Kai and hugged him, he calmly but firmly pulled you away and dragged you our of the studio. From now on I’m your dance partner.

He was working on Hwarang when you came to visit him in sit. You were a huge fan of the show and Minho was your favorite character. When Minho came an joined y'all for lunch Tae pouted the entire time because you kept laughing and enjoying your time with Minho. When he left Tae just kept pouting until you kissed his lips. “I’m yours just like you are mine. Yes Minho is one in one of my favorite shows and band but you’re my favorite person in the world and always well”. You said smiling

You were a huge fan of Monsta X and your bia was I.M. You were at a Count down when you ran into Monsta X. You were so shell shocked that you could barely form a word. They all found it extremely cute and when I.M pinched your cheek you blushed madly. And behind you Jimin was watching closely and stepped forward Infront of you. He smiled and said bye for you. He pushed you up against the wall covering your entire body. He kissed you showing how jealous he was. But you didn’t mind at all

The youngest of then all had the hardest time with jealousy only because you worked with extremely handsome men at work I mean you worked with Super Junior, EXO, and SHINee who wouldn’t get jealous. But kookie knew he had nothing to worry about since you always came home to him.

ot5 hogwarts au

Taemin, in all his first year glory, was absolutely, positively lost. Seriously, why didn’t first years get maps? This was ridiculous. He didn’t even know what floor he was on, let alone how close or far he was from his Transfiguration class. McGonagall was going to absolutely rip him apart. It was already bad enough that his first class was with the Gryffindor Head of House, but now his sad little Slytherin ass was going to be late as well.

“Hey, firstie,” someone called, and Taemin turned his head to see another Slytherin student standing off against a wall with a Hufflepuff. “Are you lost?”

Taemin looked around, saw that he was the only one who had stopped, and then looked back to his fellow Slytherin.

“Yeah, you,” the kid said, and Taemin nodded his head fast. “Come here. Where are you supposed to be?”

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we’re high, we’re right, we’re high, we don’t stop



You were fixing up the Homestead on the day Gally decided to give you off from repairing things around the glade, and you found yourself doing just that.
You went out to get some water to mop up. You walked over to the well and felt the odd feeling someone was looking at you, you turned around and caught Minho giving a panicked expression and rapidly jerking his head in the other direction. You turned back around and filled your bucket and headed for the Homestead. You took a quick look behind you and saw Minho eyeing you and quickly darting his eyes to the sky once he realized where your gaze was headed.
You shrugged it off and started mopping the dirty floors.
You got lost in your work and started humming a familiar tune.
“So you like mopping huh?” A voice behind you called causing you to jump, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you!” You frowned at the voice’s owner.
“It’s ok,” your mouth unconsciously said for you once you saw it was Minho, “um, what did you ask?”
“Oh, you like, um…cleaning?” He asked awkwardly lifting an eyebrow.
“Ah, not really,” you said through an awkward giggle/hiccup, resting your mop up against a wall.
“Oh.” He paused.
“So what brings you here?” You asked desperately trying to fill the void.
“Oh I was uh, just-“ he fell again, sending you down with him. You fell on top of him, and looked down at his chocolate brown eyes and immediately to his soft, pink lips. You snapped out of it, “oh, sorry,” you chuckled uneasyingly and got up, grabbing the wall for support and helped him up for real this time.
“Um, so you wanted to ask me something?”
“Oh it’s nothing,” he started walking away.
“No really, what was it?”
“Um ok,” he slowly turned, “would you like to go out on a date with me?” He sheepishly grinned.
“Minho, I’d love to!”
“Really? Great! I’ll see you later then,” he walked backwards still staring at you in awe and ran into the door frame, “Oops, ah, I’ll see you later,” he rushed out leaving you smiling yet to clean up the huge puddle.

This was one of my favorites to write 😂👌

maltakan0  asked:

Which models have done the bucket challenge?

Here are the ones I know of:

Ahn Jaehyun (the sound he makes before he does it is so cute)

Bang Taeeun

Chae Sangho

Cho Minho (definitely my favorite)

Choi Minsoo

Do Sangwoo

Hong Dooyoung

Hong Yoonjae (best ending)

Hwang Inseung

Jang Kiyong

Joo Woojae

Kang Chulwoong

Kim Jaeyoung

Kim Sungchan

Kim Woobin (he doesn’t even flinch)

Kim Yongha

Lee Jongsuk

Noma Han

Oh Ann

Park Hyungseop


I probably missed a few so if anyone knows any more please send them over


My favorite “cute” Minho photos for sakurazukaredocean​ 

Chicago Fanacc!!

ok i don’t really know how to do this but here we go anyway. this is hella long. 

let me just start off by saying shawols are the sweetest most comforting and beautiful fandom ever. literally everyone i talked to was so nice and the people i sat around were like my new best friends and everyone was so respectful and great to shinee and when i say we’re the best fandom we really are and shinee knows that

honestly seeing shinee perform live is a whole other experience all together. like their energy in general is amazing but the fact that they weren’t lip synching and they STILL killed it is what got me. i didn’t notice that they were singing live until taemin did his high note in everybody higher than what it usually is. they sound exactly like the cd if not better. AND they are the best performers alive just hands down.

speaking of taemin, lemme tell you, the cameras do not do justice on him at all. he is so beautiful like ethereal, and every time he spoke english my heart would just burst out of chest. when he was playing charades he started mouthing the words out to the girls omfg and then when he won he gave all of them a group hug and started smiling really wide. and when they asked him what his english name would be we all shouted out francessco. he just kept smiling and laughing really widely and i just love lee taemin

now choi minho, the amount of charisma this guy has when performing is amazing. the crowd got so incredibly loud, even more so, when he sang/rapped especially his rap in lucifer, i could not. he said his favorite actor was brad pitt and then the MC asked us who was better looking and its obviously choi minho. and then he started shaking his head my little humble prince. when key had to play charades him and taemin kept distracting the fans guessing by doing other stuff. you could see his eyes getting moist towards the end as well. choi minho really is a prince  

i also need to be kim kibum’s friend. he’s incredibly funny and cute and everything about him is flawless. the first thing he asked us was where we got all our shinee merch because they don’t sell it in the U.S. and we started yelling ebay and amazon prime. and when asked what he uses for his skin he said ‘you know we promote a beauty product right? use that one’ CLASSIC. kibum’s laugh is also the highlight of my life. he assured us that they would be back for sure to which im trusting him on bc kim kibum is a saint and the lesson here is i need to be his best friend 

i also need to be jinki’s best friend because he is the sweetest human being on the planet. his smile blinded me bc i looked directly into the sun. he kept smiling while singing and i cried bc of him during replay. he kept saying ‘so amazing’ throughout the night and when they were playing charades he gave everyone high fives and the MC didn’t have a mic for the fans who were guessing so he walked up and held his mic for them. he also got giraffe for the game and started doing the giraffe thing he does with jonghyun and minho smh. honestly jinki really made me feel so wholesome throughout the entire event bc he kept talking about the fans and how much we mean to him and im rambling now i just love him so much

now onto the love of my life. kim jonghyun is the most beautiful human being inside and out. i’ve already said this but he is blindingly beautiful, like it’s too much and sometimes i was in awe of how perfect he is. he’s also so tiny but he’s so loud when he’s singing and his high note during lucifer had me deceased. he said all five of them cried at debut, but then kibum pointed at him and called him out by saying ‘i did not cry. i cry a lot but i didn’t cry then’ AND THEN JONGHYUN GOT UP AND GOT DEFENSIVE ABOUT IT. he was also so cute during charades. when he got his category he immediately regretted picking movies but he did really well. even tho he cheated he got jurassic park and he started imitating the t-rex but then just resorted to pointing to himself, he got star wars and said ‘i am your father’, to which i collapsed and the girl behind me had to check on me, he also did lion king by getting down on his knees and singing the beginning of the movie. he got really emotional towards the end of the fanmeet and he took one of the banners to keep. basically everything about this man is perfection and when he smiled i just felt like everything is good in the world, i also kept yelling ‘marry me’ bc i picked the right man to love with all my heart

overall this was the best night of my life not only because i got to see shinee, but i got to be with my family members, aka shawols. everyone that had anything to do with this, and the shawols who couldn’t be there, give me so much strength and i just love shinee so much

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Ok! Garlic! My favorite😍😂😂 Alexa Santoy #cute #funny #shinee #taemin #minho #Kpop #okgarlic

Classic Jjong…Classic SHINee

Slang and Diction//A Gally Imagine

Anon said: Hey could you maybe do one where y/n has a nervous tic, and it really acts up when Gally’s around and everyone notices except Gally himself b/c he’s too busy thinking about how cute you are and how much he likes you

Omg yes pls


“Morning (Y/N),” Frypan chuckled as I stumbled into the kitchen, blinking at the light.

“Ugh.” I put my head on the table.

“Today’s the day Alby and Newt decide what job you get. You excited?”

My head shot up. I had completely forgotten today was the day I got my job assignment. I began to rub my palm with my thumb like I always did when I was nervous.

“You’re gonna rub a hole in your hand,” he chuckled. I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Just gimme some food, dammit. I’m starving.”

He complied, sliding a plate of eggs and tomatoes in front of me.

I wolfed it down, and then sat there, not entirely sure what to do next.

“I’m gonna go for a walk,” I announced. Frrypan nodded and I walked to the woods, humming under my breath. pulled some loose nuts and bolts and a couple other things and began to assemble them, not quite sure what I was making.

I walked around for a couple hours, thinking about what my job might be. I hoped they made me a Builder. I liked building things. I also liked the Keeper of the Builders.

After a while, I decided to head back to the main part of the Glade. Looking at the sun, I guessed it was about nine or so. I wandered back and sat down by the Garden, fiddling with the stuff in my pocket. “Hey, Newt?” I asked.


“When are you guys going to decide what job I get?”

“Right after lunch, so in about three and a half hours.”

I groaned. “Do you want to help?”

I nodded. “Please. I am hella bored.”

“The Builders need more tools. There should be a tool box in the shed.”

I groaned. “Is that it?”

“I mean, unless they have something for you to do. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything.”

“Thanks,” I sighed and ran off towards the tool shed. In the corner was a bright red tool box. I picked it up and headed towards the builders.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Gally said. 

I set the tool box down and unconsciously began to rub at my hand. “Newt told me to bring this over. He said you might need some tools.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

I rubbed my palm so hard, I thought Frypan might be right. Maybe I actually would rub a hole in it.

.   .   .


She was so cute. She was pretty tall, one of the tallest here, and she knew it. Her eyes looked like she knew everything about you. My favorite thing about her, though, was the way she talked, with words like hella, legit, or zero chill. Apparently, Alby had zero chill.

“Dude, look. She’s doing it again,” I heard from behind me. 

“So? She does it all the time,” said another voice.

“Yeah, but she only does it when she’s nervous, and I’ve never seen her do it more than when she’s around him.”

I turned to see Frypan and Minho. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh nothing,” Minho said quickly.

“Tell me,” I demanded. “Who do you think (Y/N) likes?”

“No one.” Frypan said.

“That’s a load of klunk,” I said.

Minho caved. “We’re pretty sure she likes you.”


“Okay, first off, she’s really articulate when you’re around,” Frypan began.

“Wait, no, that doesn’t mean anything. Maybe that’s just how she talks,” I interjected.

“Dude, no,” Minho said. “You notice how she never uses those weird phrases she does when you’re around? The only reason why you know she says that is because she tends to yell. The other day when she was helping Frypan, she forgot the word for cauliflower, so she called it albino broccoli. And then she was teaching a couple guys how to make something blow up, terrible idea by the way, and she said ‘you put this thing in that thing and then it all goes boom.’”

“Did she really?” I asked. That was actually kind of adorable.

“Yeah. Second off, you know that nervous tic she has? The one where she rubs her palm with her thumb?”

“Yeah. She did it nonstop for like the first week she was in the Glade.”

“Yeah well, aside from that, I have never seen her do it more than when she’s around you.”

I thought about it, and realized he was right. I had barely seen her do it when she didn’t know I was looking.

“You make her nervous,” Frypan said. “In the good kind of way.”

“Are you going to do anything about it? It’s pretty obvious that the feeling’s mutual.”

“Yeah I think I might. Right after the meeting where we decide what job she’s gonna get.”

I heard her voice from a ways away. “I’m gonna go take a nap, and none of y'all fuckers better bother me, or I will beat your ass.”

I smiled. Minho was definitely right about the speech thing. 

“What if we want to sleep with you?” someone yelled. I was going to go hit the guy, but I heard a very colorful stream of profanities begin to flow, and looking over, I saw (Y/N) making the most extremely obscene hand gestures at they guy, and I had to sit down, I was laughing so hard. 

After lunch, the Keepers all gathered in the Homestead, and came to a unanimous agreement that she would be a builder. If she wasn’t rubbing her hand or doing something, she was messing with the bolts and other things in her pockets. She told me that she always had to keep her hands busy because she couldn’t keep them still. Building was perfect for her. She was pretty strong too, so that was good.

After the meeting, I went to find her to tell her what her job was going to be and that other thing. I found her sleeping under a tree. Before I could get there, another glader got there first. He shook her awake and I tensed up. There was no way this could be good. She stood up, blinking. “Ugh, what?”

“We were thinking, you’re the only girl here, right? So we figured that your purpose was to satisfy the rest of us. They shouldn’t be bothering with giving you a job. They should just give you the title Glade Whore. Whaddya say? Wanna get started?”

My blood boiled. But yet again, (Y/N) had no reason for me to save her.

“You pig!” she roared. “I am here for more than sex! You are hella disgusting and hella mistaken if you think that I am doing anything like that with you.”

“Oh come on baby, don’t be like that.”

“Oh my god, zero chill. No means no, slinthead.”

Clearly, they didn’t understand. They began to box her in, which was a huge mistake. She wheeled around, the heel of her foot connecting with his temple. He crumpled and she fell to her knees, shaking, her thumb rubbing furiously at her palm.

I ran to her. “Are you okay?” I tried to put a hand on her back, but she flinched away.

“Hello Gally. Are you here to call me a whore as well?” All traces of obscenities and slang were gone from her voice. She pronounced everything clearly.

“No. You’re not here for sex and I am so sorry they called you that. I know you were put here for more than that.”

“So what did you come over to tell me?”

“You’re a Builder." 

Her face lit up. "I am?”

“Yeah. You start training tomorrow.”

“That is amazing.”

“Why do you do that?” I asked suddenly. 

“Do what?”

“Talk really articulately. Like, I’ll see you around other guys and you’ll use all the slang and talk like them, but whenever you’re around me, you speak perfectly.”

“Oh, I never noticed I did that.”

“Also the hand thing. You almost never do it around everyone else, but then I show up and your thumb immediately goes to your palm. Like right now,” I said, pointing at her hands. 

She flushed red. “I do it when I’m nervous. I cannot control it.”

“You’re nervous around me?”

She nodded.


“Because I like you,” she said softly, looking at the ground. 

I tilted her head so I was looking her in the eyes. “I like you too.”


“Yeah, really.”