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 My Happiness *Mesut Ozil imagine*


I sighed scrolling through my phone once again. I felt like every time I went onto social media or went outside my name was constantly being talked about. Now you see it would be different if when my name was being spoken on it was about something good like my career achievements or the fact that Mesut and I are renewing our vows in a couple of months but no it had nothing to do with those two things. 

If it had to do with those two things I would let them continue to talk about me all they wanted however. The subject at hand was about my religion and what I chose to wear. As annoying and as immature as it sounds people really do judge you based on your religious views rather than who you are as a person. 

“Oh look at this one, this one’s new Y/N” Julie said 

I turned over to look at her, and smiled. “Isn’t this one nice? I don’t think you even have this color do you?” She asked

I chuckled, Julie has been my best friend ever since Mesut and I moved from Germany. She’s always with me and always the one to cheer me up whenever I needed it. “It looks nice actually” I said

She nodded, “And it’s on sale” She said excitedly 

I smiled, “Let’s buy it woman” 

We both chuckled, and bought another hijab. After a little while, Mesut walked through the door a smile on his face, “What are you two doing?” He asked setting down his bag 

“We just bought matching hijab’s” Julie said happily

He smiled, “You know what Y/N, when the hijab’s come in we have to wear them together. But for now I shall leave you and your man to it” She said getting up 

I chuckled, and both Mesut and I waved as she walked out the house. He came over and sat down next to me. “You okay?” He asked looking up

I shrugged, “I’m as okay as yesterday” I told him

Mesut gave me a reassuring smile, “You know I love you right?” 

I smiled, “I know, I love you too”

~At The Game

“I can’t believe she actually dared to show up like that” 

“I really don’t understand what he see’s in her, I mean she wears that scarf thing around her head all the time isn’t he afraid she’ll do something to him” 

I rolled my eyes, as I tried to focus on the game in front of me but sadly like many things in life I couldn’t focus on it due to all the people criticizing me instead of looking at what they paid for. 

“You would think after a while she’d just take it off”

I turned around giving the two girls a smile, “Just because my hijab is covering my ears it doesn’t mean that I can’t hear your talk” I said 

The two went quiet immediately before I turned around and continued watching the game. When it finished I met up with Mesut outside of the locker rooms, and he smiled. 

We both walked out hand in hand, and made our way to the car. As soon as we got to the car we got in and drove home. Once we had made it back home, I went into the kitchen to start making something while Mesut took a shower and then watched some TV. 

As he watched the TV, he stopped on one channel and from the kitchen I could see his concentration on the channel. “What are they talking about?” I asked

He turned towards me, and motioned me over. Drying my hands I came over and took a seat next to him, “What’s wrong?” I asked

“You won’t ever leave me right?” He questioned

I chuckled, “Mesut what are you going on about?” 

“Just promise me you won’t”

I nodded, “I promise I won’t leave you” 

He sighed, “Good” 

I chuckled, “Would you like to tell me why you’re asking that question?”

Mesut all of a sudden got really serious while he spoke, “You know that you’re literally my everything, if you were to leave me I’d die and I’m being honest-”. “-Whatever anyone is saying about you, whether it be my fans or the teams fans, staff, media, people on the street when we walk together you’re beautiful to me.” 

I stared at him, “Mesut I’m not-”

“Wait I’m not done” he said interrupting me, “When you’re happy because you’re practicing our religion and you’re wearing the hijab. I’m happy because you look beautiful day-in and day-out, and you don’t care what anyone says to you. I love that you carry your head high and are always informing people that our religion is not one of harm it’s one of love and trust.”

“I overall love you, and I thank you for staying by my side everyday and every hour”

I smiled, and placed a kiss on his lips. “I love you too Mesut, and I don’t care what anyone says. I will always be here for you and I will always be by your side, cheering you on and encouraging you with every step that you take.” 

He smiled, “You’re my happiness Y/N, and I won’t let anyone take you away”


Practice With Her *Mesut Ozil imagine*


This felt so nice. Spreading my arms out, I reached over to the space besides me and my eyes opened up as I realized there was nobody there next to me. Sitting up I looked around, and rubbed my eyes, I didn’t hear the usual running of the shower and some new song playing in the bathroom. Or the sound of Ozil cursing the frying pan in German because he’d burnt himself. 

Getting up out of the bed, I walked out and into the kitchen looking around to see no one in there. My eyebrows scrunched together, and just as I’d glanced over to the counter I saw a note. 

Picking it up it was from Mesut, 


 I didn’t want to wake you this morning so I moved around the house extra careful because I know you had a long day yesterday. I also didn’t have time to make breakfast but there’s some smoothies in the fridge, don’t forget to let Minka out. I love you have a great day.’ 

I chuckled placing the note back down on the counter, and doing exactly what he said letting Minka out. After that I decided to just eat some cereal because I didn’t feel like doing anything. When I finished eating my cereal, I went and took a shower doing all the necessities before getting dressed and then headed to the car. 

Getting inside, I drove to the nearest grocery store which just so happened to be like 5 minutes away from the Practice fields. After picking up a few things, I drove over there. When I reached, I waved to the security guards, before heading inside. 

As I looked over to the fields, I saw only Mesut really practicing over there the others were probably in the gym. I smiled as I watched, him practice the drill over and over again and get frustrated when he couldn’t do it on the last time. 

After a few seconds he just sat down on the floor sighing, I chuckled and took that as my chance to go over. As I walked across the pitch, I’d made it just in time. Right as I got over there he was going to lay down, and he’d placed his head right on my lap. 

I watched as confusion came across his face, “Wow, it’s so hot out here that I’m hallucinating” He said outloud to himself

I chuckled, “I don’t think this is a hallucination, Mesut” I said 

Mesut looked confused as he stared into my eyes, before they widened. “Whoa” He said sitting up and staring at me

“When did you get here?”

I chuckled, “Wow I’m happy to see you too” I said

Mesut looked at me before chuckling and giving me a smile, “I am happy to see you” He said

I nodded, “Sure you were, and to think I came and brought  my boyfriend something that he enjoy’s. But I guess I’ll just give it to the man over there” I said standing up

Mesut instantly stood up giving me a smile, “I’m kidding, i’m kidding.Actually I’m  thrilled at the fact that my beautiful and loving girlfriend is here" He said giving me a smile

I chuckled and handed him the bag. When he looked inside and at the contents he smiled up at me, “And this is why if there was an award for the Best Girlfriend in the World, you would win” He said

I smiled shrugging, “I know”

Mesut chuckled once more, before he took my hand and we walked over to the shady part of the fields. Placing down the jacket that he’d had we both sat down, and ate. It was cute, like one of those little surprise lunch dates. 

“Did you take Minka out?” He asked

I nodded, “She went out,and then in” I said 

He chuckled, “What made you think to bring me food?” He asked

I gave him a smile before puling out his note from this morning, and showing it to him. “This is what made me bring you food” I said

Mesut smiled, after we’d finished eating he stood right up and grabbed a soccer ball. “Let’s see if the futboller’s girlfriend has skills” He said

I chuckled, “The amount of times you do this to me, I should have more skills than you homeboy” 

He raised an eyebrow, “Oh really?”

I nodded, we both laughed and Mesut began juggling before passing the ball to me. Now even though I don’t play, I’m pretty sure I could pass for a futboller because I’m pretty decent. 

We messed around for a little while before he took me inside. And even though I’ve been inside here millions of times for various different reasons I still can’t get over how big this place was. “You know if you leave your mouth open like that you’ll catch flies faster”Mesut said breaking my attention

I rolled my eyes, “Look out everyone we have a funny guy on the loose.” I said

Mesut laughed, “Hey it’s the lovely dovey couple” Alex said 

“Lovey Dovey Couple?” Mesut asked

He nodded, “Like you two are really in love with each other” 

I chuckled at Mesut’s confusion, “Hey Y/N what are you doing here?” 

I pointed towards Mesut, “I came to hang out with him”

We all talked for a little while before, I looked at the time. “It’s time” Mesut said

I raised an eyebrow, “Time for?”

The two boys looked at each other before sighing, “TIme for the intense training to begin” He said

I chuckled, ‘I’m going to head off first bye Y/N” 

I waved as Alex jogged off leaving Mesut and I once again. “After this I’m running to the car to get home” He said 

I smiled, “Don’t hurt yourself, and go extreme” I said as he started walking backwards

He smiled, “I love you” 

“I love you too Mesut, and don’t forget to have fun!”