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Our Day (Mesut Ozil imagine)


I sat on the couch and looked over to the door, waiting to see if it would magically pop open and Mesut would walk through it. The girls were both already asleep, Phillia on the couch opposite of me while Cioma was sleeping on my lap. I sighed as my gaze went over to the clock on the wall, and I decided to just put the girls to bed and head to sleep. 

After lifting up Cioma and tucking her into her bed, I went back getting Phillia and placing her into her bed as well before going back to the living room. And originally I was going to sleep but hey waiting a few more minutes won’t hurt anybody right?

~2 hours Later

“Y/N…..Wake up” Someone whispered

I opened my eyes to see Mesut kneeling next to me, and he stood as I’d pushed myself up. “You’re home” I said

Mesut chuckled, and nodded his head. “Let’s go to bed, you didn’t have to wait up for me” He said


When I woke up the morning something felt a little bit strange. First of all, there wasn’t any rustling or anything and Secondly, I’d heard no alarms at all. As I opened my eyes and looked over I saw Mesut sleeping peacefully on his bare chest, “Babe I’m trying to sleep here” He said

I jumped slightly, “I didn’t even say anything” I said to him

Mesut chuckled turning to look at me, “That doesn’t mean I can’t feel that intense gaze of yours” 

I chuckled, “What are youu doing home anyways? Don’t you have practice?” I asked

He shook his head, “Nope today’s a day off, so I could spend the day with the wonderful women in my life” He said

I smiled,  “You think the kids  are up?” I asked

Mesut didn’t get to answer because within seconds the door sprung open, and in walked Phillia and Cioma with their bedhead and sleepy eyes. “Daddy” Phillia said yawning

She made her way over while, Cioma just took her time and climbed the bed laying down on it and closing her eyes. I chuckled, “Ci you’re not going to give Daddy a hug and kiss?” Mesut asked her

Cioma looked at him before yawning and placing her head back on the bed. I chuckled at his rejection, "Well I guess Daddy will just have to go to work since Cioma doesn’t want me here “ Mesut said

Quickly Cioma raised her head and shook it, "No Daddy if you leave Mommy be mad” She said seriously

Mesut opened up his arms and she nestled into his chest, closing her eyes. “So what are we going to do today?”Mesut asked looking over to me

I shrugged, “Anything and everything since you’re home for the time being” I said


“Daddy higher!” Phillia said kicking her legs

Cioma and I watched as Mesut pushed Phillia on the swings, we had just finished sliding down the slides at the park. Since that was what the girls had wanted to do, on the way here we stopped at the store and bought some things to have a picnic and relax. 

We’d probably gotten here about an hour ago, and I was pretty sure by now everybody was hungry. “Cici let’s go eat” I said as we got up from the slide

She nodded and we went over to the car getting the blanket and the stuff to make the sandwiches before placing it down on the floor. Cioma helped me make the sandwiches and afterwards went to get Mesut and Phillia. When they came back, Mesut laid his head on my lap as I handed the girls their sandwiches. 

After a while the girls finished and went off and continued playing. Mesut looked up staring at me, “What?” I asked chuckling

Mesut smiled, “Nothing it’s just not seeing you for so long and only getting a glimpse made me want to take the time and really look at you” He said

I chuckled and leaned down giving him a kiss, “I’ve missed you too” I said 

We watched the girls play for a little while longer before we packed everything up and headed back to the house. When we arrived at the house we all decided to play some games on the Xbox and then watch some movies on Netflix. 

“Mommy look I can dance like the trolls” Cioma said getting up

I smiled as she got up dancing and singing the songs from the movie, a few moments after Phillia got up and began dancing with her. Mesut and I watched as they danced, and after a while they yawned as we continued watching Netflix. 

It didn’t take long for the two girls to fall asleep, “I’ll get Phillia” I said looking over to Mesut

He chuckled nodding as he picked up Cioma, picking up Phillia we both made our way to their bedroom setting and tucking the girls into their beds. We made our way to our bedroom, and I sighed sitting up in bed and waiting for Mesut to come. 

Once he was finished changing his clothes he snuggled up to my side placing his arm around my waist. I placed my phone down on the dresser and messed with his hair, “You know what?” Mesut asked

I raised an eyebrow, “What?” 

Mesut pulled me closer to him, and stared into my eyes, “Don’t you think that something is missing recently?” He asked

I chuckled, “Besides seeing you all the time, I don’t think so” I said 

“Really? You don’t think that somethings missing?”

I shook my head confused, “No I’m not getting this”

Mesut chuckled, “Let’s have another baby” He said 

I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, “Another baby?” I asked

Mesut nodded his head, “Yeah another baby, this time hopefully we’ll hit the jackpot with a boy” He said 

I chuckled, “And what if we don’t?” I asked

A smirk spread across his face, “Then I guess we have to keep trying”