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Gravity Falls Theme - Original Lyrics
Lizz Robinett
Gravity Falls Theme - Original Lyrics

I wrote/sang lyrics to the Gravity Falls theme song since I just love this show forever so here’s a short cover! (Art used)

There’s something more to this
That we have missed
Things around here are suspicious
Who can we put our trust in?
What have they all been hiding?
Secrets that lie in shadow
How much do they all know?
A place so full of mystery
Is just a puzzle to be solved


Aaaaaaaand, IT’S DONE ! It was supposed to be really quick and sketchy, failed. English isn’t my first language, so please, if you see some mistakes just say it and I will edit my mini comic. And sorry for my ugly handwriting. 
I had this idea two month ago and wanted to finish it before the final. Couldn’t make it on time because lots & lots of work x3 

Please, let my very personal headcanon be yours <3 Shooting star, THE GENESIS ! 


College Student Dippers & Mabels

Rev! Dipper & Mabel: 21
Fight! Dipper & Mabel: 19
Classic Dipper & Mabel: 17 
Wow much twins

I imagine the 4 older brothers & sisters all love their younger brother & sister very much (not in the sexual way), they think Classic Dipper & Mabel are super cute and are very protective of them.

That’s a super duper adorable family <3

Other doodles of this AU 

Mabel and Friends - Aah it’s finally done and I’m so happy with the result, it’s been a while since I was this happy with an illustration I made. Anyways, this is the first illustration I’m planning to sell on my online store, I’m still developing everything but that’s the idea. ^^