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Heechul accidentally revealed more about himself.


Childhood sketches~
I really like to think Gaston and Lefou have been friends since childhood. And they were both super adorable! Everyone was touched by their friendship, but not as much as themselves :3

Dear internet, please give my dog the attention she so constantly and desperately craves. She’s practically begging for reblogs!

(This is literally all she does all day. I think she’s broken lol)

Ok, i was just watching Justice League VS Teen Titans (not spoiler, just a fun thing that happened) and Starfire just get out of a shower, with a bathrobe and talking about the new Robin with Nightwing.

And he just looks at her with those puppy eyes of pure and innocent love, like “bae is so cute when she is mad”

But then Star moves and the angle of the camera makes it only showing the boobs


I couldn’t stop laughing but also my poor kokoro just died of “aaawwww”

And then Star lies on the couch so only is showing her legs


Please, destiny, let my have a man or lady like him!

Newt coming out of his suitcase after a long day of creature-wrangling (the Niffler hid his watch and the Demiguises caught a bug of some sort) and finding Tina sitting on the couch with a book in her hand. He plops ungracefully next to her, his head falling into her lap. Tina smiles and is running her hands through his hair, not bothering to mention that parts of it were mysteriously crunchy from his work as she let him fall asleep on her lap even though she knew her legs would be asleep by morning

Hickeys / Joe Sugg

Request : can you write a jack, joe or josh imagine about getting hickeys? Xoxo thank you love, your writing is on point ❤️

You woke up by someone slightly kissing your lips. You opened your eyes with a smile, seeing how your boyfriend, Joe, was gently caressing your cheek with his thumb.

It was weird that he had woken up before you, since the majority of the mornings you spent together, which were a lot, you woke up to him sleeping peacefully by your side. You didn’t mind waking up like this from time to time though.

Joe wasn’t someone to be affectionate until after having a shower in the mornings but every time you had events like the ones you did last night he woke up wanting to be close to you. Some might say he was needy after a night of sex but he just wanted to be close to the person he loved the most. Just holding your hand would be enough for him, but why settle for just holding your hand when he could do so much more stuff.

“Good morning” you smiled at him.

“Morning, love.” He smiled back.

You looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before he leaned in, getting closer to your now parted lips. You closed your eyes, eager for his lips to finally touch yours. He chuckled as he just brushed your lips, you smiled and hit him slightly on the arm, making him close the gap between you two.

The kiss that at the start was so cute and innocent was now of pure love and lust, tongues crashing together as your hands roamed each other’s bodies. Yours running through his hair and his on your stomach under your t-shirt.

You were forced to stop the kiss by loud knocks on the door. He threw his head back and yelled “What?!” at the person that had been knocking.

“We’re going out for brunch, do you guys wanna come?” You heard Oli’s voice.

Joe looked at you questioningly and you pursed your lips thinking whether to stay or go with the boys. Finally you said “I’m quite hungry” you smiled at him.

He nodded and got up from the bed, opening the door to Oli. “We’ll go with you. We’re just gonna get dressed.” Oli nodded and Joe closed the door again.

After getting dressed you both left the room and joined the boys who were waiting for you outside so you could walk to the nearest café. You started walking, hand in hand with your boyfriend, frowning when you heard the boys whispering behind you.

“You guys, can you stop whispering? We are all friends so just say it to us too” You said looking at them.

They looked at each other before Jack spoke up “Crazy night?” you frowned. He walked up to you and pointed to yours and Joe’s necks. “We were whispering about those hickeys” he said, making the boys burst out laughing.

You blushed and looked at Joe, a little smile appearing on your face as you remembered making those lovebites on Joe’s neck. Remembering how he ran his fingers through your hair and back as you made them. You had to admit, you were proud of your work.

The boys being their teasing selves, teased the shit out of you two, specially Joe, of course. You were getting a bit tired of hearing it so as soon as you got out of the café you turned to them, as they said something about you guys getting way too into it.

“Well, at least he’s getting some,” you said, making them shut up “unlike you guys” You smiled at them, making Joe go ‘ohhhhhh’. They knew you were kidding and you knew that they got laid quite a few times a month, but, at least your words got them to shut up.