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BTS Reaction: The boys coming home and seeing you curled up on the bed because of bad period cramps (Requested)

Jin: Usually when Jin came home, there would always be dinner on the table for him. But when he didn’t see any, he knew something was wrong. He went up to your bedroom and saw you were in pain. He would ask what’s wrong and when you told him, he would go to the grocery store and get you some chocolate and a heating pad to lessen your cramps.

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Namjoon: When Namjoon came home and saw you curled up on your couch, he was honestly confused. He would panic until he realized what was going on. He would order you pizza and make you take a warm bath to make you feel better because he’s a clumsy ass who would probably burn your house down if he tried to do anything.

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Yoongi: You talked to him earlier and told him about your situation. He would come with your favorite takeout meal and some chocolate cake. He would also bring you some extra strength Tylenol and cuddle you till you fell asleep.

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Hoseok: Ugh this angel. His presence would honestly make you feel better. In addition to bringing your favorite food and chocolate, he would shower you with kisses especially on your stomach. He would have a movie marathon with you, which would make you feel better eventually.

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Jimin: He. Would. Just. Cuddle. And. Kiss. The. Fuck. Out. Of. You. I’m just kidding… I’m not. That’s literally all he would do, in addition to chocolate and a warm bath.

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Taehyung: This cute little weirdo oh my god. He would bring video games and movies to distract you but he would bring you some chocolate and pain killers as well. Him being him, he would talk to your stomach saying “Stop hurting my girlfriend you’re being mean”.

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Jungkook: These poor little fetus. When he saw the position you were in, he would be so confused and shook. He wouldn’t know what to do. He would probably call his mom for help and she would tell him what do to. Other than that he would just cuddle you because he didn’t know anything before he asked his mom.

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Go would the members react to their short girlfriend jumping up and down saying "is height everything?!" jokingly // thanks!!

Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you enjoy it.

Cory: Well, I wouldn’t say everything…” He’d tease you about it a lot, pretending to think it over while laughing at you.

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Daeil: “What did I even do to deserve this?” He’d be laughing and judging you, but internally he’d be dying over how cute you look.

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Sungoh: You’re way too cute.” He’d pet your head and squish your cheeks, smiling when you shoot him a death glare.

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Kisu: “Are you serious right now, Y/N?”, he’d say, laughing really hard before coming closer and doing mostly the same as Sungoh: making you feel even smaller.

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Jeunguk: He would just laugh for five minutes before saying anything. “How can you be so cute, you little weirdo?” He’d call tiny and small through the entire week, just to remind you of the incident, but since he really did find it very cute, he’d also squeeze you between his arms whenever he did.

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Hui: He’d just stare at you for a second in disbelief before starting to laugh really hard, getting secondhand embarrassed for you. He’d then proceed to not know what else to do but giggle until he finally decided to just hold you bend to bury his face on your shoulder to hide a little bit of the redness on his cheeks, both from embarrassment and too much laughing.

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Jinhong: He’d tease you so much, while giggling non stop. He’d talk to you like if you were five years old, pinch your cheeks, pet your head, say “You’re literally the cutest tiny little thing”. 

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Meet the Family - Eos (6/7)

Eos is a rowdy, hyperactive, rambunctious little bird that gets into everything. He climbs the china cabinet, crawls behind cages, burrows in my in-box, and generally plays with anything and everything not intended for birds.

He loves trying to play with the cockatiels, taking baths, and flapping around on the floor. He makes the cutest little “eek eek eek” sound when he flies. :)


Me talking about 5sos: those idiots what are they even doing with their lives they can’t spell they literally are so strange why do I even like them I mean yeahhhh they’re talened and hilarious and cute but seriously why am I in this fandom