cute little vampire

 Boys and girls of every age
 Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
 Come with us and you will see
 This, our harem of Gothic Girls!

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shadowhunters season 3

Things I want in Shadowhunters Season 3 :

- a lot of malec’s scenes (w/ forehead kisses, cheeks kisses, hugs, cooking, cuddling, being the best couple ever)

- magnus say ‘i love you’ first

- clary being badass and happy (with or without jace idc)

- maia and luke everywhere

- isabelle being badass girl and the best forensic in ny

- simon being a cute little vampire

- magnus say i’m bi or alec say i’m gay (both could be good too)

- sizzy

- aline penhallow

- maia/alec, clary/alec, aline/alec, simon/alec friendships

- maryse and magnus being friends

- uncles mags and alec with madzie

- catarina and magnus friendship

- magnus being the high warlock of brooklyn

-  Jordan Kyle

- and a lot of more