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Panic! Highlights of 2016
  • Brendon’s “Oh yeah I texted him and I met him at a Halloween party he was dressed as a gremlin” whenever he heard the word ‘Ryan’ phase
  • Brendon performing with Halsey at Coachella and Ryan unexpectedly ditching the fest even when he’d obviously been planning for it
  • Brendon releasing numerous music videos that were creepy af
  • Ryan singing at emo nite (a live performance after a looong time) (!!!!)
  • Spencer and Linda getting married!
  • Ryan’s sword earring that he basically never takes off…??
  • Brendon wearing high heels jfc
  • Ryan Ross turning thirty (omg!)
  • Ryan dressing up as Link from Zelda for Halloween and hanging out with Gabe Saporta and Vicky t from Cobra Starship
  • One of Panic’s old friends (Cash) tweeting that ryden was very real and then realizing what he just said
  • Jon casually dropping hints about wanting a reunion
  • Brendon’s speech during girls/girls/boys and the rainbow flag
  • Dallon Weekes performing at emo nite and then denying it completely lmaooo
  • Dallon announcing new music :D
  • Ryan drinking (fake) blood looking every bit the cute little vampire he is
  • Jon releasing a song with Vicky t + a music video
  • Ryan apparently joining Fifth Harmony after Camille left
  • Ryan Ross posting a clip of his new music and wow that’s a nice end to this crap year. Cheers!
Boy's favorite body part (dirty) Headcanons

// I’ll go ahead and do both the Sakamaki and Mukami Boys since this is my first request. Once again bear with me. Hopefully it’s good and I’ll learn how everything fully works on here. By the way, I’ll be opening my Ask box soon, so I’m taking requests through message for now. Sorry if there are any spelling errors! //

Shu - Ass
Shu seems to really appreciate your ass. Finding that it is way better to use you as a body pillow when he sleeps, it doesn’t happen as often as he’d like it to, since you have other things to do than sleep. So, he’ll settle for using your butt as a nice pillow for his head if the two of you are having a lazy day together.
Plus, it’s easier for him to hold you up by your ass than your thighs when he feels like fucking you against the wall.

Reiji - Lips
Even if Reiji isn’t really the type of guy to show affection in public, or at all really, he actually really enjoys kissing you. Not gently though, having you breathless and wriggling beneath him as he all but devours your lips really sets him off. It’s also an easy way for him to get a taste of you, acting as if he’s going to give you a gentle kiss, but bites down into your bottom lip instead and sucks away.

Laito- Everything.
What did you expect? Laito can get turned on by watching you sleep I mean asdfghjkl-
In the end, he’d probably enjoy your thighs the most. Being able to slip himself between them to suck and bite at the sensitive flesh. It’s a good appetizer before he moves upwards for his main meal-

Ayato- Boobs of course-
We all could figure this one out. Even if he goes around boasting about how he’ll only be interested in a woman with huge breasts, teasing you that yours are too small, he’s secretly more than happy with yours. After sex with him, he’ll usually climb back on top of you and rest his head in between them, totally satisfied.

Kanato- Neck
It’s not enough that you sometimes feel uneasy around Kanato, but him loving your neck the most should scare you even more, right? Wrong.
Sure he enjoys biting you as hard as he can on your neck if he thinks your neglecting him, but he also has other personal reasons as to why he loves your neck. Ever heard of candy-play?
In addition to loving blood AND sweet things, Kanato will often allow you to pin your hair up before he covers your neck in different candies, chocolates, or whipped cream. From there, he’ll devour your neck, not forgetting to bite down every so often to taste your blood. He’ll also tease all the weak points on your neck.

Subaru- Hips
Your cute little tsundere vampire is often gentle with you, since he fears of hurting you. However, when it comes to getting a chance to see your hips, Subaru takes full advantage of it. You’ll probably notice it after having sex with him, he’s feeling guilting about bruising your hips yet again from gripping them too hard. So, usually kiss around your hips bones and rub over the bruised skin as gently as he can, a caring side you rarely get to see coming out from him.

Ruki- Back
The sophisticated, sadistic Ruki…..loving your back! Hell yes!
When he feels as if you need to be punished, his favorite way of doing so is having you get down on your hands and knees, naked. Before he even does anything to you, he’ll usually get lost at admiring how beautiful your back is, untouched and undamaged. It’s enough to fuel his fire, beginning his punishment by taking you slowly from behind as he slaps your back with his favorite riding crop, enjoying how the hard leather kisses your skin harshly, leaving red marks along your back.

Yuma- Ass man
Same as Shu, he likes your ass the most. Not that he doesn’t dig the rest of your body, it’s just easier for him to settle for that special place. When he puts you to work in his garden, he’ll most likely get distracted every time you bend over. It’ll usually end with him taking you from being outside, gripping your hips tightly as he pounds into you, watching your ass bounce every time he thrusts. That’s why you can’t work in the garden with him- Nothing.Gets.Done. Except for you!

Kou- Your legs
Given that he is quite famous, Kou insists that you model with him sometime, complimenting on how long and flawless your legs are. It’s quite strange honestly, him saying things like that. But really, it’s an act most of the time. He isn’t lying though, since he seems to favor your legs, but he likes to throw compliment after compliment towards you that way he can ease you into a flustered state. If he’s feeling extremely angry, stressed and horny, he’ll take advantage of your calm and flattered mood to abuse your legs with his fangs. Biting you over and over everywhere on your legs until you’re shaking beneath his touch before he has his way with you.

Azusa- Shoulders
Azusa favors your shoulders the most. When he feels like it, he’ll hold you from behind in an affectionate way before pulling one of your sleeves off your shoulder, biting down and drinking from you greedily. He finds your shoulders to be so delicate and is more than satisfied with himself every time you cry out in pain when he bites down on the sensitive flesh of your shoulder.