cute little hero

For the Valentine Day and because I really really love the desing character of @ask-thelittleheros (they are soooo cute), I decide to make a little cute Spideypool drawing! 

I hope that you like it and good valentine day!! <3 

Spiderman and Deadpool © Marvel

Spidey and Wade (kids) desing © @qtarts

this drawing © me 0w0

Athena kids who can’t plan/win a game of Capture The Flag for shit, but love military history and can tell you all the details and strategies of their favorite battles and generals.

Athena kids who have learning disabilities so instead they stockpile tons and tons of ‘useless’ trivia.

Athena kids who are really good teachers so they help their siblings and cousins with anything and everything.

Athena kids who pretend to enjoy reading and learning and planning and winning when they’d rather just be drawing or running around or gardening or cooking or inventing or fixing things or doing archery or almost anything else other than what their siblings like.

Athena kids who hang out with Hephestus kids and Hermes kids and play tricks on their cabinmates.

Athena kids who are really cunning and have no problem fighting for what they believe in and debating the issue to the death.

Athena kids who work better with their hands and don’t pay attention to the fancy presentations their siblings give. They’d rather do it than hear it.

Athena kids who don’t care about plans and just run headlong into a fight.
And they win.

Athena kids who are tired of people assuming they know the distance from the Earth to the Moon or the Theory of Relativity or can explain Quantum Mechanics or that they know everything just because they’re children of Athena.

Athena kids who don’t much care about learning or wisdom but are obsessed with comic books or anime or a fictional book series or a TV show or a sports team and can tell you EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT IT.

Athena kids who fight for their friends and can slay anyone in verbal banter or a debate.

Athena kids who have great memories but aren’t conventionally 'intelligent’ like their siblings.

Athena kids who are different but still important.


okay but listen to me for a second yall

(they totally got busted later for not doing what they were supposed to; Todoroki was embarrassed, Midoriya was beyond embarrassed, Iida was ashamed, and Uraraka was… well, she was unabashed at the most)

Alright, alright, I’m going to see Logan even though-

I don’t care for action films and…Wolverine as a character has never been my favorite.

And the whole gritty edgy wasteland thing with the always manly testoserone-fueled plot is not appealing to me at ALL, and actually usually repels me. 

But I’m going cuz ya’ll told me it was heartbreaking and I love being made to feel things. 

So I’ll report back. 

Let you know if…or when….it fucks me up.