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Shiro had a phase where he got really into parkour. He would be running down the halls doing little jumps off the walls all the time.
He met matt for the first time because he full on ran and jumped off a box straight into him sending them crashing into the ground.
Matt ended up breaking his arm but during their walk to the nurse he made shiro promise to teach him how to parkour and since then they were inseparable


saved by the bell meme [½ otps]: Zack & Lisa

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Here's a thought: Lance although cocky about his looks is low key self conscious of himself so Keith gives him little butterfly kisses all over while telling him why he's beautiful and special.

Lance has a strict skin care routine, and he wouldn’t let menial things like living in a ten thousand years old alien castle ruin it for him.

He’s found things that suggest alteans too care about their beauty, and skillfully used his resources to put up a fight against dry skin and dirt. The fact that he also found a literal giant bathroom full of cosmetic products inside the Castle helped, too.

Keith, actually, couldn’t care less about all that. He’ll wash himself if needed, and that’s it. But it’s nice to bathe with Lance, and to feel gentle fingers applying masks on his cheeks, touching the slope of his nose, slow and wondering, even if Lance sometimes likes to call him “greasy boy” and makes him wash his hands in weird occasions.

Lance also doesn’t talk about his problems, if he specifically doesn’t have to address them, but Keith is more observant than you’d give him credit for.

The baths are already enough of a telltale - because for all his boasting, Lance seems to be unable to look at him, keeping his mouth stretched in a big grin and his eyes downcast, his stance weirdly rigid and the pitch of his tone a little off. Only when they’re fully submerged he seems to gain back his ability to snark him to death and Keith is glad, but piqued.

He brings it up on one of the night where Lance is loose, and happy, talking a mile a minute in that chatty, endearing way of his, making every dumb topic seem vastly more interesting and exciting than it should really be. In one of their bored strolls through the Castle, they found a room with glass walls, overlooking the immensity of the universe around them, and now they come here late at night (they think it’s night, anyway) to watch the stars. It’s cheesy, but whatever.

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Headcanon that the very first time you call Spencer ‘baby’ or some other cute little nickname, he practically loses his shit.

Like, just imagine that the two of you are in the beginning stages of your relationship and the two of you go on a date to a museum bc Spence is a dork and I am also a dork who loves museums and Spencer kinda starts to wander away from you until he hears you say “Hey, baby, come look at this” and at first he’s like “??? who is she talking to ??” and then it hits him that you’re talking to him and he’s all “!!!!!”. So for the rest of the day he can’t help but catch onto all of the other times you call him “honey” or “babe” and it just makes him bEAM like he can’t wipe the smile off of his face and at one point you notice and ask him what’s got him so happy and he just wraps an arm around your waist and goes “Oh, nothing, baby.”

i think a lot about magnus infodumping about the law to rodimus

especially in rodimags terms

mags is just comfortable enough with rodi that he actually talks a lot about his interest in the law, and just tells rodi everything he knows

rodi listens to everything mags has to say because that’s his mcfucking boyfriend, and mags has this light in his eye whenever he gets to talk about his interest and is just so excited to share what he knows

it’s during these times when rodi realizes he’s in love and couldn’t be happier

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Not sure if you're still taking sketch requests, but could you possibly draw (present day) Ford and Stan having a tickle fight?

Well…It started out as a hug…

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Can I have some hc of Bakugou and how he would react with a s/o that just can't be fazed by him? So every time he is screaming or threatening his classmates his s/o just goes and cuddles him and they won't let go until he shuts up. (He could just push them off but he doesn't want to hurt him so he gets super frustrated)


Bakugou Katsuki

  • The first time it happens, the boy doesn’t know what to do. One second he’s yelling at Izuku and the next his arms are clamped down to his sides because s/o wrapped themself around him in a bear hug!
  • Lots of blushing because no one really gets close physically to Bakugou other than fights and he’s so not used to this amount of affection.
  • “If you don’t stop yelling Bakugou, then I’ll have to think of a way to make you quiet.” Is what his significant other would say suggestively to him.
  • Wanting so bad to push them away because too many people are looking at him but being torn since he doesn’t want to offend his s/o.
  • Sometimes he’ll just admit defeat and hug back. It’s not so bad after all having his s/o so close to him.
  • The s/o kissing him to shut him up after yelling too loudly and he blushes so heavily.
  • Classmates hiding behind s/o or threatening to tell the s/o if Bakugou does anything to them.
Dating Peter Parker would include ...

- Comforting him after failing one of his first rescues 

- Impressing him with even the teeniest bit of science you know

- Always worrying about him when he goes out to fight criminals

- Catching him staring at you with this small smile, eyes full of adoration, in disbelief that he’s so lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend

- Taking him out to dinner as celebration when Mr. Stark invites him to join the Avengers

- Him snuggling you in his arms while he plays his video games or does his research 

- Feeling special, being the only one knowing that your boyfriend is the Spider-man 

- Taking little walks with him and eating ice cream, sharing all the things you love about the big city 

- Him swooping you up and swinging to the top of a skyscraper, watching your face light up as you see the whole world beneath you 

- Taking care of each other when you’re sick 

- Going with him to Stark Tower and meeting all of the Avengers, your dreams finally coming true 

- Cute, soft kisses during homework sessions at either of your houses 

- Small makeout sessions during breaks from that homework 

- Spooning with him and feeling like the safest girl in the world 

- Helping Tony think of new costume designs for Peter’s suit

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Iwaizumi's Passwords (ignore that they can't even be this short)
  • iPhone: Oikawa's birthday (with the exception of when it's the day they met)
  • Facebook: Oikawa's jersey number
  • Instagram: Oikawa's favorite colour
  • Twitter: Oikawa's favorite food (milk bread)
  • SnapChat: Oikawa's car model
  • Vine: Oikawa's favorite season
  • YouTube: Oikawa's favorite word
Creepypasta Headcanon

Toby, Jeff, and Clockwork were all close friends. Toby was 13 while Jeff and Clocky were 11, and the three of them were the biggest troublemakers in school. However, with Toby becoming homeschooled and Jeff moving, the three lost touch and they eventually forgot about their little adventures.

Maps in a Dress

oKAY i was recently reminded of Gotham Academy and especially the little friendship established in #7 because man Maps and Damian make the cutest friends ever. And then i remember this fic i read about Damian inviting Maps to a gala about how Maps showed up in a 3 piece suit, and Damian is so confused like “I’m supposed to be the one in the Armani?” 


- Damian might find it slightly strange that Maps would wear a tux, unlike the other girls who always wears dresses, but he totally respects her decision.
- And then they got older, and Maps might grow to like dresses (i mean perks of being girls is having options for both dress and pants like why not take them?) 

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Dating Shay Cormac (Headcanon List)

Being in a relationship with one Shay Patrick Cormac would most likely consist of… - letting you accompany him on the Morrigan - being super protective of you - teaching you how to steer his ship - lots of playful name-calling - him always giving into you when you pout about not getting your way - him liking it when you wear his clothes - playing pranks - drinking games - him letting you play with his hair and tie it back for him - him being a heavy sleeper - him giving you kisses behind your ear - him putting his hand behind your back whenever he’s next to you - him giving you big warm hugs - taking care of him when he’s drunk - listening to him drawl on about his ship and his many voyages - his accent being really strong when you two argue or when he whispers in your ear😉 - him squeezing your ass during times when he should definitely not be😂 - getting him in trouble with the grandmaster - him sneaking you into templar meetings - him feeling like the luckiest man alive by having you as his girlfriend ( and him jokingly reminding you that if it weren’t for him making his own luck, you two wouldn’t be together) Requested by @imakemyownblog 💕

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Headcanon after the events of 2×13 when after malec made up they cuddle on the couch but Alec is getting twitchy. After awhile Magnus asks
M: What’s wrong?
Alec: Nothing, it’s just that….ugh I can feel Jace right now having…a…happy moment. It’s great having a parabatai but knowing and feeling the moment when they’re momentarily enjoying themselves gets pretty annoying. Especially before I met you.
Magnus:*smiles* hmmmm, would you like to?
Alec: actually I’m more comfortable right here doing this plus you’re still hurting from the body swap thing. I don’t want to take advantage of you
Magnus: *kisses Alec and puts his head on his chest thinking how great of a boyfriend Alec truly is even when he has his small faults

Since Newt has a tendency to let his gaze wander, whether because he dislikes eye contact or he’s simply distracted - Tina tends to hold his face in her hands. Mainly more out of affection than anything, but sometimes to get him to focus too. To ground him if he’s troubled. 

And sometimes when he’s being cheeky she traps his chin with her fingers.

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dearest gemma,first your fics light up my dull life and make my anxiety ease n writing flow,I'd hug u tight seriously Second,would u do the ask thing for Max/Anne/Jack in orange verse?How they raised the kid,idk. And damn I love orange verse with all my broken heart

Thank you so much!!!! i’m so glad i ease the anxiety <33333

Let’s see…….. Jack/Anne/Max + Baby Annie:

–They had originally thought about going North but Jack can’t take the col,d so instead they move to French Louisiana, even though Jack’s just like “great a swamp,” but at least here he can feel his balls.

– Max tries to teach them how to speak French and Jack is very proud of how fast he picks it up, but his accent is so terrible most people don’t understand him. Max has to quietly spread the rumor that he suffers from a head injury which is why his speech is so garbled. Anne refuses to learn and so she never speaks in public, not that she’d want to anyway.

– They have a ranch and raise sheep, which Max has able to turn into a profitable wool business. Jack is surprisingly adept at wrangling and herding sheep, because it’s not that much different than serving as Quartermaster for Vane’s crew. Max and Anne think he just likes wielding the big stick.

– Anne insists she will be responsible for Annie’s education, and the other two are slightly wary of that at first, until they see Annie already able to read by three years old, write by four, and is supremely gifted in music, something of which even Jack didn’t know Anne could do. Although Annie seems to prefer painting, and playing with the sheep.  She and Anne also go into the woods surrounding their ranch, and Anne teaches her how to hunt and fish (and, secretly, fight. Just in case). 

– Max teaches her French. Jack teaches her how to shave a sheep.

– A lot of the people in town don’t really….understand the relationship….at all. Do they own Max? Is she a caretaker for them, a mute and a brain damaged sheepherder? Whose daughter is Annie? But the parish is small, and everyone keeps to themselves, and as long as they keep providing quality wool and don’t cause any trouble, no one looks into it very hard.

 – Their sex life is….also complicated, because the ranch is small, and Annie is right there, and sure. One day they’ll have to explain it to her, how exactly they all love each other, but they are the ones raising her, after all. She won’t ever learn that kind of prejudice. Annie will never grow up thinking that it’s wrong to love someone any way they want. She will know that love comes in every and all forms, and she will know that everyone deserves to be free. That women have the right to have a place in this world, that she can achieve anything she wants to, as long as she is smart and strong and loves and is loved.