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Shiro had a phase where he got really into parkour. He would be running down the halls doing little jumps off the walls all the time.
He met matt for the first time because he full on ran and jumped off a box straight into him sending them crashing into the ground.
Matt ended up breaking his arm but during their walk to the nurse he made shiro promise to teach him how to parkour and since then they were inseparable


saved by the bell meme [½ otps]: Zack & Lisa

y’all… it’s been canonically conformed that keith loves halloween, right???? u know what that means bitch!!!! headcanon time!!!

  • i know what you’re all thinking: oh man our emo son keith probably loves fake blood and haunted houses and gorey horror movies, but i’m here to say something—
  • no
  • that’s not keith’s version of halloween
  • keith is the type of guy who goes like, elementary school style halloween party on us all
  • what does he want?,,? creepy decorations??? jump scares??? no bitch,
  • he wants store bought chocolate cupcakes with that ugly ass orange frosting and sprinkles on top !!!
  • he wants those stupid plastic rings that are shaped like spiders!!
  • he wants to dress up like some favorite dorky character !!
  • he wants to watch halloweentown and scary godmother !!
  • he wants to have the monster mash playing on a loop while he eats snack sized kitkats directly out of the bag
  • he wants pizza and halloween themed plates and cups and napkins and fruit punch that’s supposed to be “””blood”””
  • and god dammit if someone doesn’t throw this boy a halloween party EXACTLY like this then i will sue,
  • “happy birthday keith!” “it’s not my birthday” “um yeah you were born on October 23rd my dude” “lies i was born on October 31st” “Keith that’s….that’s Halloween” “and?”
Urianna Thalassa Hook

Urianna Thalassa Hook - daughter of Uma and Harry Hook.

+ When Uma was pregnant, she distanced herself from Harry. They could be best friends, captain and first mate, but that was different. Raise a child in the Isle of the Lost wasn’t easy. A lot of babies died, and the ones who lived had to survive their abusive parents and the terrible conditions of the isle.

+ Uma tried to hide her pregnancy for a long time. From her mother, her crew and Harry. But someone knew that something was wrong.

+ Gil.

+ He wasn’t the smartest guy on the isle, but he knew that something was wrong with his captain. One day, when Harry was off with the rest of the crew and Gil was on a timeout again, he entered the chip shop and found Uma cleaning the tables. She looked at him and rolled her eyes.

“I already told you that you can’t come back yet.”

“Uma what’s wrong?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I noticed that you’re avoiding Harry… And I know that I said the wrong thing again and that you’re mad at me and I’m sorry for it, but I wanna help you. You can trust me.” - he said firmly and noticed that her body shook - “Uma?”

“I can’t take it anymore Gil…” - her voice was weak and he knew she was about to cry, so he pulled her into a hug and he felt her burry her head on his neck.

“It’s your mother again? Did she hurt you?” - he asked and felt Uma shook her head.

“Promise you won’t judge me.”

“Of course I won’t.” - she breathes and says:

“I’m pregnant.”

+ Gil looked at her before hug her stronger. Uma liked how sensitive Gil was, and she definetly loved when he hugged her, she needed comfort.

“It’s Harry’s child?” - she nodded - “You need to tell him, Uma, he deserves to know. He’s going crazy cause you’re avoiding him, you’re the one who keeps him sane.”

“He won’t want the baby, Gil. We live in the middle of trash and danger, who would want to raise a child under these conditions?”

“Uma, look at me.” - he took her hands and looked deep in her eyes - “I know I’m not that smart, but I know that Harry loves you, everybody knows. He would die for you if he had to and I’m pretty sure he will stay by your side. And you won’t be able to hide this forever, he knows something is wrong.”

“But, what if he gets angry? What if he leaves us?” - she pointed to herself, pressing her hands in her belly.

“I’ll stil be right here, with both of you. And trust me, seeing how you care about the kids who need protection, I can tell you’re gonna be an amazing mother.”

+ Uma’s eyes tear up and she smiles, which makes Gil smile too. He finally said something right.

“You’re not in timeout anymore.” - he laughs and so does she - “And Gil…” - he looks at her - “Thank you.” - he kisses her forehead and leaves.

+ Later, when all the crew are sleeping, she tells Harry that they need to talk. He only nodds, his eyes look tired and his hair is a mess.

“I have to be straight with you. You’re probably gonna hate me, but I can’t hide anymore.” - Uma hates how vulnerable she sounds, but she’s with Harry, so she can sound vulnerable. 

“What is it love?” - he looks at her, only to found her looking at the floor.

“I’m pregnant.”

+ That changes everything. Harry loved Uma deeply. But he wasn’t expecting be a father. Uma sounds nervous, vulnerable, tired. He doesn’t know what to say, and he sees that Uma is ready to leave, but he stops her.

“Sorry, I’m just… I wasn’t expecting this.” 

“That makes two of us.” - she snorts - “I’m not ready to… Well, I don’t know. What do we know about raising a child anyways?! Our parents only hurt us. This isle is a prision, our lifes are nightmares and we’re gonna do an innocent person suffer just like they did to us, we just ruined someone’s life.”

“No. We won’t. I’m not my father, and you’re not your mother. You saved a lot of kids who were starving, sick or homeless. We’re gonna do this, and this child, our child, will have the best we can get here. We’ve been throught a lot together, we’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do our best.” - Harry loved how a big smile appeared on Uma’s face making him smile too. He cupped her face and pulled her into a kiss, different from all the others that they shared before - “I love you, Uma.”

“Love you too.” - she whispered instantly.

+ The time passed and the baby was born. It was a girl, a little, healthy, beautiful and innocent girl. Uma couldn’t explain how she felt when she held her daughter for the first time and looked at her. She felt tears in her eyes, she smiled and stroked her face, gently. She was perfect. Uma felt something warm her heart as the baby touched her hand.

+ Harry was speechless. A little girl. He looked at Uma, seeing how happy she looked. He never saw a smile so bright on Uma’s face, and on his own. She looked like Uma. The skin, the eyes, and later, he would discover, the smile

+ They decided to call her Urianna. Her middle name, Thalassa, refered to the sea. And it seemed perfect for her.

+ Gil was in love with their Urianna since Uma appeared at the ship with her on her arms. She was so cute and small, and he almost cried when they asked him to be her godfather. He immediately said yes.

+ Uma is a very protective mother. You better don’t mess with Urianna cause you’re gonna regret it. With Harry is not better. If you mess with his little girl, Gil and him will come after you with the rest of the crew.

+ Uma and Harry started to be more happy, gentle and patient. Urianna changed them at the moment she looked at them with that innocent eyes.

+ Her first word was “mama”. Uma still throws that on Harry’s face. She’s still herself after all. Uma was so, so proud of her baby girl.

+ But her first steps were at his direction. He was so proud of her (and himself). 

+ One thing that surprises everyone is that Urianna never stops smiling. Her laugh is something that they could pass the day hearing without getting tired.

+ They hug and kiss her all the time, telling how much they love her. That they will never let anything hurt her and that they’ll always be together, no matter what. 

+ Once, when Urianna had a fever, Harry was visiting Harriet when Gil came and told him about it. He forgot to catch his hook, and didn’t remember untill she got better, after two days

+ She’s the most important thing for him now. Screw the hook.

+ Harry, Uma and Urianna sleep together in Uma’s bed at the ship.

+ Gil loves to paint Urianna’s face just like he does with his own. And she loves too. They both laugh a lot, while Harry and Uma roll their eyes. After all, they have two kids.

+ Urianna loves Gil - or, Uncle Gil. He carries her on his shoulders, and plays with her when Uma is working and Harry is not there.

+ Harriet visited them and she fell in love with her niece. Looks like her brother finally did something right.

+ Captain Hook and Ursula know about Urianna, but who said that Uma and Harry are ever going to take her to meet them. They could never see someone hurt her.

+ She’s been homeschooled. They don’t want nothing to ruin how happy, innocent and full of joy she is. Even that they live in a dirty isle, she’s not gonna be corrupted by the evil in there.

+ Uma taught Harry how to count (the basic) and helped Gil to read better, so she’s a good teacher.

+ But no only that. They already started giving her self-defense lessons (not with swords, of course), but she’s going to learn all that they know.

+ She taught Urianna how to swim too. Urianna loves the ocean, and, just like Uma, she breathes under the water.

+ One day, Mal, Evie, Ben, Jay and Carlos appear. They heard things about Urianna, but didn’t know it was Uma and Harry’s daughter, so, they ask her if they can talk to them.

+ Urianna is very confused, because: “Who are they, mommy?”

+ Gil keeps playing with her while they talk, and Ben invites her, Harry, Gil and Urianna to Auradon. He couldn’t help being really suprised when both Uma and Harry say “yes” at the same time without hesitate. 

+ Urianna would finally live in a better place, a safe place. She would go to a school where she would learn normal things, she would have toys, a better food, a better bed, a better life. They were giving the chance she deserved and Uma wouldn’t take that from her, even that she still has her issues with them.

+ BUT, she hadn’t forgot about all the other kids and the rest of the crew. She will fight for their rights as equal she did for Urianna’s.

+ Urianna’s face bright up when she sees Auradon for the first time and Harry hugs his girls (and so does Gil).

+ Fairy Godmother is, at first, impressed with how sweet the little girl was, and instantly falls in love with Urianna.

+ Just like everyone who meets her. Even Chad.

+ The rotten four were surprised to see how caring Harry and Uma are with their daughter.

+ When she starts school, she knows how to read and count perfectly

+ It’s impossible don’t love Urianna. But as Harry told Uma once: how was possible that some people hurt someone so innocent and joyful? That’s cruelty.

+ Uma, Harry, Gil and Urianna are one of the most caring families that you can meet. 

+ Every single thing that Harry and Uma do, they do thinking about her. She’s their lives.

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Not sure if you're still taking sketch requests, but could you possibly draw (present day) Ford and Stan having a tickle fight?

Well…It started out as a hug…

Headcanon that the very first time you call Spencer ‘baby’ or some other cute little nickname, he practically loses his shit.

Like, just imagine that the two of you are in the beginning stages of your relationship and the two of you go on a date to a museum bc Spence is a dork and I am also a dork who loves museums and Spencer kinda starts to wander away from you until he hears you say “Hey, baby, come look at this” and at first he’s like “??? who is she talking to ??” and then it hits him that you’re talking to him and he’s all “!!!!!”. So for the rest of the day he can’t help but catch onto all of the other times you call him “honey” or “babe” and it just makes him bEAM like he can’t wipe the smile off of his face and at one point you notice and ask him what’s got him so happy and he just wraps an arm around your waist and goes “Oh, nothing, baby.”

freaking headcanon that

keith’s ‘disciplinary issues’ that got him kicked out of the garrison was because he did some stupid shit while flying by trying to impress that really cute cargo pilot he’s been drooling over

bonus: the reason he said he didn’t remember lance was cause he was embarrassed he got kicked out and felt like a loser in front of lance

i think a lot about magnus infodumping about the law to rodimus

especially in rodimags terms

mags is just comfortable enough with rodi that he actually talks a lot about his interest in the law, and just tells rodi everything he knows

rodi listens to everything mags has to say because that’s his mcfucking boyfriend, and mags has this light in his eye whenever he gets to talk about his interest and is just so excited to share what he knows

it’s during these times when rodi realizes he’s in love and couldn’t be happier

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Here's a thought: Lance although cocky about his looks is low key self conscious of himself so Keith gives him little butterfly kisses all over while telling him why he's beautiful and special.

Lance has a strict skin care routine, and he wouldn’t let menial things like living in a ten thousand years old alien castle ruin it for him.

He’s found things that suggest alteans too care about their beauty, and skillfully used his resources to put up a fight against dry skin and dirt. The fact that he also found a literal giant bathroom full of cosmetic products inside the Castle helped, too.

Keith, actually, couldn’t care less about all that. He’ll wash himself if needed, and that’s it. But it’s nice to bathe with Lance, and to feel gentle fingers applying masks on his cheeks, touching the slope of his nose, slow and wondering, even if Lance sometimes likes to call him “greasy boy” and makes him wash his hands in weird occasions.

Lance also doesn’t talk about his problems, if he specifically doesn’t have to address them, but Keith is more observant than you’d give him credit for.

The baths are already enough of a telltale - because for all his boasting, Lance seems to be unable to look at him, keeping his mouth stretched in a big grin and his eyes downcast, his stance weirdly rigid and the pitch of his tone a little off. Only when they’re fully submerged he seems to gain back his ability to snark him to death and Keith is glad, but piqued.

He brings it up on one of the night where Lance is loose, and happy, talking a mile a minute in that chatty, endearing way of his, making every dumb topic seem vastly more interesting and exciting than it should really be. In one of their bored strolls through the Castle, they found a room with glass walls, overlooking the immensity of the universe around them, and now they come here late at night (they think it’s night, anyway) to watch the stars. It’s cheesy, but whatever.

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Can I have some hc of Bakugou and how he would react with a s/o that just can't be fazed by him? So every time he is screaming or threatening his classmates his s/o just goes and cuddles him and they won't let go until he shuts up. (He could just push them off but he doesn't want to hurt him so he gets super frustrated)


Bakugou Katsuki

  • The first time it happens, the boy doesn’t know what to do. One second he’s yelling at Izuku and the next his arms are clamped down to his sides because s/o wrapped themself around him in a bear hug!
  • Lots of blushing because no one really gets close physically to Bakugou other than fights and he’s so not used to this amount of affection.
  • “If you don’t stop yelling Bakugou, then I’ll have to think of a way to make you quiet.” Is what his significant other would say suggestively to him.
  • Wanting so bad to push them away because too many people are looking at him but being torn since he doesn’t want to offend his s/o.
  • Sometimes he’ll just admit defeat and hug back. It’s not so bad after all having his s/o so close to him.
  • The s/o kissing him to shut him up after yelling too loudly and he blushes so heavily.
  • Classmates hiding behind s/o or threatening to tell the s/o if Bakugou does anything to them.
I Fold

Inspired by light-scales flawless headcanon.

            Cole doesn’t use money when he plays Wicked Grace. He plays with strange things, trinkets and odds-and-ends. He bets buttons, and wagers with little wooden ducks. Sometime’s its a jar of honey, or a sprig of mint, or a silver spoon. Nobody questions it, they all just exchange smiles, or knowing laughs. Whenever Cole loses, they make light of their winnings, holding a stray button and some string aloft like it is some mighty prize.

            They don’t much notice that Cole doesn’t mind losing. You notice a sore loser, or a sore winner, but not the boy that serenely and simply says I fold. It never occurrs to them to look at his cards, for he merely sets them facedown on the table, and then turns his gaze to quietly spectate for the rest of the game. They never see that Cole’s cards are, with surprising frequency, a winning hand.

            And they don’t notice when those little trinkets come in handy. When that spare button actually might replace the missing one on Cullen’s favorite shirt. Or when Josephine realizes that her tea would go well with some honey. Or when the sprig of mint reminds Vivienne of a particular brand of cologn worn by a loved one long ago. Or when Sera needs something to measure out a bit of sugar to add to her cookie dough, and the silver spoon in her pocket happens to be the perfect thing.

            Nobody notices, that Cole never really loses a game of Wicked Grace.

Dating Peter Parker would include ...

- Comforting him after failing one of his first rescues 

- Impressing him with even the teeniest bit of science you know

- Always worrying about him when he goes out to fight criminals

- Catching him staring at you with this small smile, eyes full of adoration, in disbelief that he’s so lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend

- Taking him out to dinner as celebration when Mr. Stark invites him to join the Avengers

- Him snuggling you in his arms while he plays his video games or does his research 

- Feeling special, being the only one knowing that your boyfriend is the Spider-man 

- Taking little walks with him and eating ice cream, sharing all the things you love about the big city 

- Him swooping you up and swinging to the top of a skyscraper, watching your face light up as you see the whole world beneath you 

- Taking care of each other when you’re sick 

- Going with him to Stark Tower and meeting all of the Avengers, your dreams finally coming true 

- Cute, soft kisses during homework sessions at either of your houses 

- Small makeout sessions during breaks from that homework 

- Spooning with him and feeling like the safest girl in the world 

- Helping Tony think of new costume designs for Peter’s suit

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Iwaizumi's Passwords (ignore that they can't even be this short)
  • iPhone: Oikawa's birthday (with the exception of when it's the day they met)
  • Facebook: Oikawa's jersey number
  • Instagram: Oikawa's favorite colour
  • Twitter: Oikawa's favorite food (milk bread)
  • SnapChat: Oikawa's car model
  • Vine: Oikawa's favorite season
  • YouTube: Oikawa's favorite word
Maps in a Dress

oKAY i was recently reminded of Gotham Academy and especially the little friendship established in #7 because man Maps and Damian make the cutest friends ever. And then i remember this fic i read about Damian inviting Maps to a gala about how Maps showed up in a 3 piece suit, and Damian is so confused like “I’m supposed to be the one in the Armani?” 


- Damian might find it slightly strange that Maps would wear a tux, unlike the other girls who always wears dresses, but he totally respects her decision.
- And then they got older, and Maps might grow to like dresses (i mean perks of being girls is having options for both dress and pants like why not take them?) 

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