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Best friend! Hoshi/Soonyoung

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  • You’d be roommates!! …..or housemates?? idk
  • movie nights whenever you had time
  • you’d watch movies from every genre
  • once you wtched “The notebook”
  • and it wasn’t even your idea
  • our cute little hamster would cry his eyes out
  • and you’d have to consul him
  • I think he’d have this over protectiveness
  • cause I feel like he’d think of himself as your older brother
  • so
  • “If you’re going to date them, I need to meet them and make sure they ain’t bad”
  • and when he meets them he’d try to be intimidating cause HE DOESN’T LIKE THEM
  • Late night dance parties for two!!!!
  • It would be so freaking fun like for real 
  • like
  • lets say you had a very stressful day
  • and you come home 
  • and Soonyoung would see you’re upset
  • so he’d grab your hand gently and starts dancing with you to no music
  • naega Hosh
  • I feel like Hoshi would want to play tag?
  • So you’d be running around trying to catch each other
  • while Shinee was playing in the background
  • and then suddenly it went from ‘Sherlock’ to ‘Tell me what to do’ 
  • so you’d stop and think about life
  • You get free cuddles!
  • You were feeling down and you were ready to break down any second now 
  • but then suddenly Hoshi came and hugged you while telling you it was A-okay to cry
  • so you started crying
  • and then he’d start crying
  • and it’ll just be a big ol’ crying party t this house
  • But when it came to you having a crush on one of the members
  • Hoshi would feel a little sad
  • cause I feel like he’d be the type to at one point have a crush on his best friend?
  • but he’ll try his best to support you 
  • and push his feeling away 
  • and He’d probably cry alone somewhere where no one can see him
  • omg why do I do this to my poor heart? I must be feeling angsty today….
  • And Hoshi probably won’t ever tell you his real feelings either???
  • cause he doesn’t want to ruin your friendship??
  • You know what I’m just going to stop here, cause I feel like I’m going a bit overboard here
You ask him to zip up your dress.

Request: Can you please do a reaction of them when you ask for their help to zip up your dress? especially seungcheol, jeonghan, jun, soonyoung and jihoon. sorry if it’s too inappropriate lmao. thanks!!

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Seungcheol would be like “oh. of course ;)” on the outside but, on the inside he’s like “omgomgomgomg she has such a cute back im?????” He would have shaking hands and everything.

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Jeonghan would just zip it up. I feel like he would think it’s a normal thing to ask your boyfriend. It wouldn’t be a big deal to him.

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Jun: “why zip up when you can zip down ;)”

You: “it’s already zipped down jun, that’s why you need to zip it up…”

Jun: “oh… right…”

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Soonyoung would be a cute little hamster. When you ask him to zip up your dress, he would be red and stuttering. He would even say “w-who??? me?????”

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Jihoon would be like Jeonghan. It wouldn’t be a big deal. I think he would be more flustered than Jeonghan. He would act like it’s nothing but, would be blushing at the same time.

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