cute little fluff balls

Cat Got Your Tongue Pt.2 (M)

Taco’s not so fluffy anymore, and you run into quite a few unexpected faces.

Word count: 7.4 k

Genre: Comedy, smut, fluff, a touch of angst, a lot of naked Tae

A/N: Hi! I’m so sorry this took forever to come out and I really hope I did it justice. Thank you everyone who was so patient with me, I really appreciate you all and your understanding means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think! Special thanks to @jiminniemouse @seoulscapes & @kittae for proofreading this trash and motivating me to complete it!

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I met my aunties new puppy, Roxi, the other day, she’s so sweet and constantly on hyper mode. She’s very bitey and loves to play - I can’t wait for her to meet Millie.

blanksoo  asked:

Not sure if request are open but could you do a reaction of BTS finding out their new girlfriend is a cam-girl?

BTS reaction to: Their new girlfriend being a cam-girl 

Author’s note: This is my first time doing a reaction post so sorry if it’s not so good. Again this is how I think they’d react. x


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“Wait you’re what?”

He would be shocked. Shocked that his sweet girlfriend is a cam-girl. He wouldn’t be too happy with it at first. It would take him some time but he would respect your decision if you want to keep doing it. You’re his girlfriend and he loves you, no matter what.


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“Ah really? I didn’t expect that. Can you show me what you do online?” 

Yoongi is very possessive of you, and wouldn’t like the idea at first. Later on however, he’d see the advantages of it and becomes curious about what you do online. It’s your life anyways and if you want to do this he’ll respect that. He liked that his girlfriend was confident and sexy, which is why he’ll definitely as you to put on a show for him as he sits back in his chair.


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“Wow really? That’s pretty hot" 

We all know Hoseok has two sides. A cute and adorable side and a sexy side. The cutie in him would be jealous that you were showing yourself to everyone, but the freak in him would be extremely turned on. So turned on even that he might ask if he can be in one of your videos.

"Jagiya, can I join you? I want your viewers to see how good I can fuck you.”


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“Damn baby girl I didn’t know you were so sexy.” 

He’d be the most into it. He’d watch you from afar as you filmed one of your videos. Slowly touching himself at the sight. Once you caught him and motioned from him to come over he didn’t hesitate one bit. He wanted to let those viewers know that you had a boyfriend who was perfectly capable of making you scream.


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“Wow, that’s.." 

Jimin would be speechless as he tried to make up his mind. He was conflicted between not wanting you to keep doing this and liking it very much at the same time. He could tell how nervous you were when you told him and didn’t want you to feel insecure, so he pulled you close and held you tightly. He wouldn’t judge you because he loves you, but he would need some time to get used to the idea. 

"I appreciate you telling me Jagi.” 


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“Damn baby, that’s pretty hot.”  

He’d be pretty excited finding out. Despite being a cute little ball of fluff he also has another side that usually only comes out on stage. So when he finds out his girlfriend is a cam-girl he’d freak, in the best way possible. As soon as you told him he’d pull you in for a kiss while unbuttoning his shirt. The only thing he really didn’t like were the comments people left. Mostly men telling you how badly they wanted to fuck you. 

“Maybe you should let me be in one of your videos so I can show those guys they can never fuck you as good as I can.” 


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“Euhm.. okay?” 

This poor guy wouldn’t know how to feel. He loves you with all his heart but didn’t like the idea at all. Especially since he knew what kind of people were on the internet. He’d distance himself from you for a few days to clear up his mind. After a while he came around. Although he still didn’t like the idea, he loved you too much to break up with you over this. 

New Perspective (Jun Smut)

Summary: ever since you and Jun started dating, so you he was nothing more than a cute, adorable little fluff ball. He wasn’t really the greasy fuckboy the internet made him out to be. And when he found out that you thought that about him, he was determined to prove you wrong.

(A/N: a quickie smut because I found this old ass request and Jun makes me thirsty. also, not enough people appreciate his fluffy side. sorry this has no ending?? I kinda rushed it because I have all those other projects going oops. also smut warning hehehe; oh oh oh and guess what this bitch it still naming shit after panic songs cause this smut just happened to match this panic song which is also an amazing song-Tanisha<3)

‘Jun is greasy af’

'Jun is the sexy charm of Seventeen’

'Jun’s wink makes me faint’

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BTS Reactions - You have squishy cheeks

You pout at the TV screen, upset that your favourite show had been cancelled that week. You turn around on the couch to watch your boyfriend type on his laptop, sat at the dining table with a tiny frown on his face. A small whine escapes your lips to grab his attention, but it doesn’t work immediately. He continues typing and you sigh dramatically, getting up to go and drape yourself over his shoulders, insisting that you’re dying from lack of attention. Your boyfriend turns around and raises an eyebrow at you as he sit on his lap, pouting harder. He suddenly laughs and leaves a kiss on your cheek.

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By re-editing, I mostly mean cropping and trying to get the white balance right. Since I’m editing jpeg files, it’s a bit harder to find the correct color. I understand that left photos have an interesting color and are more vibrant, but I want photos where I can see the true color of Nyla’s fur. It doesn’t help that I’m editing on an uncalibrated monitor, but I have a little trick for that too.
This re-edit was long overdue and it’s time that Nyla finally gets a new, better album.