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August 21st, 2017.

It made me smile that there is a solar eclipse today, because a solar eclipse somehow reminds me of Khadgar and Peregrïn. She compares him to the sun, and she is of course connected to the night/moon. So it sounds nice, meaningful even~ So I had to mark the occasion with a sketch ! 💜

Last night, out of nowhere, I thought “wow, Khadgar and Peregrïn would be cute as characters from a Ghibli movie.”

I tried to get as close to the style as I could >v<

Cute faces <3

Tommy Shepherd Rated by Me

Jailbreak Tommy from Young Avengers vol. 1 (first appearance)

This Tommy makes me so sad. Look at him. He’s like, 15/16 years old and he has 0 innocence left from being experimented on and tortured in a high security prison!! Props to a good aesthetic wearing white scrubs matching his hair tho. Still, I am sad. 5/10

Actual Speed original design vol. 1

CLASSIC. SHINY. HOW DO THE GOGGLES STICK TO HIS FACE??? wispy hair. Nothing beats this 11/10

Civil War

He’s got an important job. Fuckin Maria don’t shoot my boy. He’s doing a great job and A+ art (i’m crazy for lots of solid black in line art) 9/10

Civil War (Runaways crossover)


Secret Invasion

ANIME TOMMY. here’s him out of costume. Innocence slightly restored. Very smol and soft. A good look. 8/10

Secret Invasion in costume.

STILL SOFT AND CUTE weird new colors for suit?? just roll with it. Still 8/10.

Dark Reign.

I couldn’t find any good pictures because there are none what was this art style doing? (lies, I liked this art. It fit the comic mood so well!!!) 6/10

Dark Reign (Tommy’s Date)

HE’S CUTE! 7/10



Young Avengers Presents: Speed & Wiccan

a perfect boy, pure, flawless, fast, and goes to hell. 12/10

Young Avengers Presents: Hawkeye

Douchebag Tommy. He’s literally just wearing a blazer over a t-shirt with jeans. One of my fave Tommys. 9/10

I am an Avenger

Damn right u r. 7/10

More I am an Avenger

He’s in a bad mood. But he reveals he’s a huge fucking NERD. I love him. 7/10

Young Avengers vol. 2: Work Tommy

He is happy to make a friend. He misses his brother. He misses his friends. WHy thE hECK Havent theY CALLED????? 6/10

Young Avengers vol 2 in costume

depressing. I hated this. never again. -100 points.

New Years Tommy


Tommy drawn by McKelvie

The only part of the entire volume 2 i enjoyed besides tommy dancing at the party. Billy loves you Tom!!!! Hug your drunk brother! 10/10

House of M: The Return of Tommy

AFTER 3 YEARS WE GOT TOMMY BACK!!! AND HE’S SO SMOL AND CUTE!! little elf boy!!! Original dark green suit color restored!! face goggles!!! 11/10

House of M design 2

Easily his coolest design ever. TOTALLY new look. New colors. AMAZING. 15/10

Adult Tommy future AU

He never changed his hairstyle. Okay. He looks handsome anyway! He’s happy he has twin babies coming!!!! Good job dad Tom!!! 8/10

Avengers Fairy Tales #3


the end.

Aspen: Dinosaur Aspen gives dinosaur kisses to non dinosaur baby sissy!

Storm: *just lays in her boppy pillow asleep*

Luna: Dinosaur Aspen your non dinosaur baby sister is asleep please dont wake her

Aspen: Dinosaur Aspen wont wake the non dinosaur baby sissy! *gives dinosaur kisses to his non dinosaur baby sister*

Not Much of a Looker

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Not Much of a Looker

Prompt: Hey I’m new to your blog but rumour has it that you adore Nightcrawler too! He’s honestly my baby. Anyway can I request a Kurt x reader fic where the reader is blind and Kurt takes such good care of her like she’s a china doll, basically just fluff! Thank you sooo much!!!

Note: Welcome to my blog, my dear! You’ve entered amidst my Kurt craze, also called KURTPOCALYPSE. This is a hella cute prompt omg!

You waited in Professor Xavier’s office anxiously. You had just arrived at his school for mutants, dropped off after months of begging your parents to take you to a place you belonged. Of course, you never felt like you belonged anywhere, but it wasn’t because you were a mutant. It was because you were blind.

“One of the students should be here in a moment. He can show you around. He’s new here too, so he understands what it’s like to be the new kid,” Charles told you. You pushed your sunglasses up the bridge of your nose and fiddled with your walking stick. “I know you’re nervous. I can feel it, but the kids here, they understand what it’s like to be different. You’ll fit right in, I know it.”

“Thank you, Professor Xavier,” You smiled softly. You heard the creak of the door opening and felt a new presence enter the office.

“Professor?” asked a voice with a thick German accent. You couldn’t help but smile a little. You couldn’t see him, but he sure sounded cute…

“Ah yes. Kurt. Kurt, this is (Y/N) (L/N), our newest student.” Charles introduced. You waved, flashing a small smile. “(Y/N), Kurt Wagner,”

“Nice to meet you,” he greeted you. You nodded.


“Now um, Kurt,” Charles started to explain. “(Y/N) needs special assistance. You see, she’s-”

“Blind,” You finished for him, standing up from the chair. “I’m kind of a burden.”

“No, it’s no trouble,” Kurt said quickly. You heard a noise, and then felt his warmth beside you. “I’d be happy to help,”

“Great,” Charles smiled. “Kurt, you can give her the tour this hour instead of going to class, and then bring her to lunch with you.”

“All right,” he nodded. You retracted your walking stick to its portable size and stuck it in your purse.

“Could you um, give me your arm? It’s easier,” You asked.

“Of course,” He used his tail to guide your hands. You latched onto his bicep. You felt a jacket on his arm. Leather maybe? You couldn’t tell. Carefully, Kurt led you out of Charles office, narrating everything.

“Ve’re going zhrough zhe door,” He told you. “Zhere are steps here. Careful. One, two, three, one more. Zhere,”

“Thanks,” You smiled. “You’re great at this.”

“No problem.” He nodded. “You know, I know how you must feel, being left out. Most of the others here look almost human. I’m about zhe opposite of zhat.”



“I wouldn’t be able to tell.” You chuckled a little bit. “I don’t even know what I look like anymore,”

“You’re beautiful,” he blurted without thinking. Immediately, he began blushing. “I mean- watch out!”

“What? What is it?” you asked, stopping.

“Zhere vas a ball in zhe vay. One of zhe others must have left it. It’s gone now.”

“My hero,” you laughed.

“Vell, um, vould you like to go outside?” He offered. You nodded, figuring fresh air would do you both some good.

You felt the change in atmosphere as soon as you stepped through the doorway. And then there was a gust of wind and a new presence.

“Woah Kurt, found a girlfriend already?” asked the new voice. He spoke quickly.

“Peter, zhis is (Y/N),” Kurt introduced.

“Peter Maximoff, kind of a big deal around here.” he said. You chuckled. “So what’s the deal? Why are you clinging to Kurty boy?”

“I’m blind,” you told him.

“Oh. Well you’re not missing out. Kurt’s not much of a looker.” Peter teased playfully. Kurt whapped him with his tail. “Kidding, kidding.”

“Well, I’m not really much of a looker either, so…” you laughed, pointing to your eyes. Peter chuckled and Kurt smiled in amusement.

“Hey Kurt!” Jean greeted, walking up to the small cluster hand-in-hand with Scott. “Hi, you must be (Y/N),”


“I’m Jean Grey. This is Scott.”

“Hey,” Scott waved a little. “So you’re the new girl,”

“That’s me,” you nodded. “I’m also blind, so…”

“What’s your mutation?” asked Scott curiously.

“I can manipulate sound waves. The call me Echo.” You told them. “I mean, the blindness kind of came with it, but yeah.”

“Your mutation blinded you?” Jean asked with concern.


“Well, Kurt here will take care of you,” Jean smiled, watching Kurt look at you nervously. She could feel that he didn’t want to mess up, didn’t want you to get hurt. But he also didn’t want you to leave his side. “Come on Scott, let’s let them finish their tour.” She led Scott away, flashing Kurt a smile and winking.

Peter sped off too, leaving you and Kurt alone. He gulped nervously. You smirked. What a cutie.


It was well after dinner. You and Kurt were sitting on the couch in the living room together. Today had been fun. You felt really comfortable here, and you couldn’t wait to get to know Kurt more. But there was one thing that was nagging at you.

“Hey Kurt?”


“Could I…um…well, sometimes when I meet new people, feeling their face helps me build a better picture of what they look like.”

“Ah,” he nodded. You began to raise your hands, but he stopped you, grabbing your wrists.

“V-vait,” he paused. “Vhat if you…don’t like vhat you ‘see’?”

“Kurt,” you smiled sadly.

“I told you…I’m not exactly…normal looking.”

“Kurt,” You repeated softly. “I don’t care what you look like. I just want to ‘see’ you.”

“Okay,” he nodded, gulping nervously. He guided your soft hands to his cheeks. You gently felt his face, using your fingers to explore its surface. You smiled softly.

“You’re so intricate,” you whispered. He smiled softly, heat rising to his cheeks. Your fingers reached the tips of his pointed elf-like ears. “Awwww,”


“You have cute little elf ears!” you smiled. He chuckled.

“And a tail,” he flicked it, not that you could see.

“You certainly are something else, aren’t you?”

“Zhat’s one vay to put it,”

You yawned, exhausted from such a long day.

“Vould you like me to valk you to your room?” Kurt asked. You nodded, stretching. He took your hand and helped you off of the couch. And while he knew he could teleport right outside your bedroom door, he decided to take you all the way there.

“I kind of miss seeing sometimes. I miss color,” You sighed as he very carefully, very slowly helped you up the steps.  


“My favorite color was blue…” you remembered. Kurt smiled widely, giddy with excitement.

“It’s a good color,” he tried to play it cool, but you could hear the smile in his voice. He stopped in front of your dorm. “Here ve are,”

“Thank you, for everything,” You said. You thought about it for a second, but decided to go in for a hug. His heart was racing, eyes wide. You felt his arms wrap around you tightly.

“It’s no problem, liebe. Really.”

“Goodnight, Kurt.”

You kissed his cheek before opening the door and walking into the room you now shared with Jean and Ororo. Kurt stood in front of the door for a while, hand on his cheek, smiling like a fool. Peter zipped up and stood beside him, patting his shoulder.

“Yep buddy. You’re screwed.”

Part 2: 

”But you’ll never be home ?”
“I am home. Home is not a place. Home is the people you feel right with. Once you have met them, anywhere in the world you’ll be home.”

Minseok - Hurried (M)

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christmas with you

; but with you, time is nonexistent because with you, i believe in forever.

warning: slight smut

masterlist // get to know me

“Hurry” your lungs felt restrained, as Minseok’s lips kissed your neck, “I don’t want anyone knowing we’re having a quickie in the middle of your concert.”

     Minseok laughed, his lips still connected to your skin, sending tingles down your spine, as you felt his breath against your sensitive neck. “Whatever you wish, babe,” he says, continuing his attack, moving painstakingly slowly yet sweetly.

     The burning sensation you felt arising from your core wants to be fed, unable to hold in the desire for him, as he played with you, touching you in parts that awakened you and fueled you with a burning fire.

“What, babe?” Minseok asks, innocently looking into your eyes, as he lowered himself down on you, “are you bothered at how slow I’m moving? Or how people are shouting my name, wondering where we are?”

     You moaned loudly, wanting to get over this as soon as possible. It only fed him even more when the sound of your moaning echoed through his ears, as his fingers crawled up your thighs, pinching your inner thighs.

“Can’t you just fucking touch me already?” You whined, earning a ‘tsk tsk’ from Minseok.

     He teased you, bringing his fingers right beneath your panty, touching and feeling the wetness brought about by the situation. “You should be very patient, baby,” Minseok says, adding stress and worry to you, “a lot of people are waiting for me, shouting my name. The concert is still ongoing, yet we’re here, postponing it all because of you. I’m supposed to change outfit to a cute little elf, yet I’m here doing you.”

     Unfortunately for you, quickies were your favorite kink. The adrenaline rush brought by fear of being caught or being late made everything steamier, rougher, better. Just the way both you and Minseok liked it.

“Minseok hyung! I know you’re in there,” Jongdae whispered, knocking softly at the door of a simple unlabeled and dormant room where you and Minseok were in, “Junmyeon hyung will kill us if you don’t hurry up. Can’t you just do her later?”

     Minseok chuckled, standing up and placing a kiss on your lips, leaving you behind to catch your breath, as he walked towards to door. “I guess we’ll just have to finish later, jagiya,” he smirked, sending a flying kiss right before he shuts the door on you.

“Unbelievable,” you sighed to yourself, wondering how were you going to punish Minseok later.

The Naughty List--Imagine #16

Anonymous asked: Would you pls write an imagine where my crush is sick on Christmas and I make it the perfect Christmas for him?❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous asked: Could I request an imagine where it’s Christmas time and the reader and their crush are dating and the crush meets their family that’s big and they’re overwhelmed? And if you could make the dad super overprotective that’d be great! I love your blog b

A/N: Combining these cuz I’m a piece of shit like that. 

Y/b/n: Your brother’s name

Y/s/n: Your sister’s name

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After hours and hours of trying to get everything ready, my large family and I all sat down, with c/n’s nervously perched next to me. It was Christmas eve and I had decided to celebrate the holidays with my family. Eventually, I had convinced my dear boyfriend to spend Christmas with us. That took a lot of bribing, kissing, and shoving to get him out the door. 

For the past hour, my dad had been grilling him on all sorts of things, both appropriate and inappropriate. C/n had been shooting me “help me” looks and all I could was smile apologetically while I chatted with y/s/n. 

“Well, we are so happy you could come and stay with us, c/n,” my mom beamed at us. 

“Yes, so happy,” my dad grumbled from the far side of the table. 

“Well, I’m honored to join you all,” c/n cleared his throat, shifting in his seat. 

I placed my hand on his thigh and rubbed small circles over his denim, knowing that always calmed him down. A small smile tugged at my lips as he let out a sigh that he seemed to be holding. 

As the food made it’s way around the table, a couple of my cousins started throwing their green beans at each other and they had to be separated as they started quarreling. C/n let out an adorable giggle. 

“Reminds me of my brother and I when we were smaller,” He shook his head good-naturedly.

“When you were smaller? You sure you’re still not immature to do that?” My dad asked, leaning forward as if our dinner table was an interrogation table instead. 

“Ah, can’t lie, I love me a good food fight,” He chuckled, and I laughed at his goofy joke. 

Of course, he wasn’t being serious but my dad didn’t approve of his humor when he was trying to interrogate him. 

“So if you had kids with y/n you’d join in a food fight instead of trying to stop it. And by the way, you better not get my daughter pregnant any time soon, son,” my dad raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms. 

C/n choked on his sparkling grape juice. While I rubbed his back as he coughed, I took it upon myself to defend him. 

“Dad, if I remember correctly you were the one who started the food fights around here when I was younger,” I smugly smirked at him. 

His eyes twinkled. He was simply enjoying making my boyfriend squirm a bit. And I couldn’t help but enjoy it a bit. I found blushy and nervous c/n extremely adorable, and to be honest, hot as hell. His cheeks were pink and he kept running his hand through his hair, making his biceps bulge. 

“Touche. But I wasn’t kidding about the kids and getting pregnant,” my dad charged on. 

“Oh, honey would you just eat your food. You’re making our guest uncomfortable,” my mom mumbled, rolling her eyes, but I saw a smile fighting to pull the corners of her mouth up. 

“C/n and y/n sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” My niece screamed at the top of her lungs, and the rest of the kids burst into a fit of giggles. 

I watched in mild amusement as my aunts and uncles tried to get their kids under control, embarassement clear on their faces.

C/n turned to me, those kind eyes and that shy smile, immediately reminding of how lucky I was to have such a considerate and patient boyfriend. “You know, I don’t think your dad likes me very much,” he whispered to me, sneaking a kiss under my ear. 

Thank god I chose to put my hair down today. I shivered and glared at him. He knew what that did to me. A smug smile shone on his face.

“He called you son. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t have done that, trust me. He just acts tough to scare away the cowards. I already explained that to you,” I whispered back to him. 

As payback, I moved my hand higher up his thigh. Dangerously higher. In satisfaction I watched his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed thickly. 

“Hey, I saw that kiss, guys. Remember there’s kids around, no funny business,” Y/b/n chuckled. “Especially tonight. You guys aren’t in an apartment by yourselves.”

“I remember when I used to have to remind you of that oh–how long ago was that–wow, it’s been so long since you’ve had a girlfriend I don’t even remember when I had to remind you to keep it G-rated,” I smiled sweetly at y/b/n. 

“My niece, the destroyer,” my uncle sat back in his chair, smiling at me in admiration and amusement. 

“I learned from the best,” I gestured towards all my family members.

“If I’m gonna survive another day with you all I better start learning your ways. And fast,” c/n piped up beside me. 

My whole family cracked up, and the warmth in my heart spread to my entire body. I was so lucky to be surrounded by all my favorite people. 


I woke early the next morning with a start. For a second, I couldn’t figure out why I was so awake at six in the morning. Then it dawned on me. 

I rolled c/n over onto his back and straddled him, shaking him awake and bouncing like a small child, excitement coursing through me. His heavy eyes opened slowly, then shot open as he saw the position I was in.

“Wow, so early in the morning? Are we gonna be making up for last night’s missed opportunity?” He asked, his gravelly voice, sounding especially rough and slightly stuffed up. His hand rubbed his neck and winced. 

“No! It’s Christmas, you dork!” I squealed. 

He made a pouty face at me. “Aww, that’s the only reason you woke me up this early in the morning?” Again he winced, and I became suspicious. 

Normally, he was too selfless to bother telling me when he felt sick because he didn’t want to inconvenience me even though, countless times, I had told him I’d be more than happy to help him get better. 

Geez, you’re so horny around the holidays,” I rolled my eyes, laughing softly as he chuckled and tickled my sides briefly. 

Only his chuckles morphed into coughing, and his body shook under me. My smile flipped upside down seeing his pained face. 

“Is my baby sick?” I asked, hugging his broad body to mine as I laid over him. 

“No, I’m ok,” he said in between coughs. 

“Yeah, and we definitely didn’t end up on the naughty list before we came here yesterday knowing this bed squeaks with every tiny movement,” I looked him in his glossy eyes. 

That managed to bring a small smile to his face, before his grumpy face that was almost too adorable to stand returned. “Hey, I’m still on the nice list, missy. *cough* Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have taken a shower before we drove over here yesterday. Must’ve gotten chilled by the cold air.”

I stroked my fingers through his bedhead hair, kissing his adam’s apple tenderly. 

“Not like you had much choice. You don’t end up on the naughty list and avoid getting dirty in the process,” I smirked down at him. 

“Staaahhppp,” he groaned, squirming under me. “I’m sick and you’re not helping me get better by laying on top of me and talking dirty. And I’m not on the naughty list, y/n. That’s you.”

“Stay right there, I’ll be right back, my frustrated, cute, little, sick elf,” I giggled, bounding away as he chuckled a pillow at me. 

“Don’t ever call me that again,” he whined, but I could hear the smile in his loud whisper. Everyone else was still sleeping, so we had to be quiet. 

I prepared hot tea, and found cough drops and cold medicine along with an electric heated blanket. 

C/n was already in a light sleep when I came back. I gazed at his cute, puffy face. His features, I swear, were formed by the gods, but still he managed to look squishable and soft, especially in the morning and even more so when he was sick. It was one of my favorite qualities about him. 

“Take a picture, it lasts longer,” he smirked, eyes still closed, voice gruff as ever, making my ovaries explode. 

“Wow, you’re already a savage and you’ve been around my family less than a day. Fast learner,” I set the supplies on the bedside table on his side of the bed as I climbed over him to get to my side of the bed. 

Except his large, strong hands gripped my hips and firmly straddled me over him. 

“You’re forgetting I live with you,” His eyes gazed into mine, twinkling despite looking a bit blood shot. 

He pulled me down, so his lips were grazing my ear as he spoke, his raspy voice sending shivers up and down my spine. “And I have to be a fast learner if I want to keep up with a naughty elf like you.”

I sat up, my face on fire, an appeased smirk stretching across my face. “Well, you’re not wrong. Open!” 

He gave me a confused look making him look even more adorable. 

“Open your mouth and sit up, cutie,” I rolled my eyes. 

He eyed me suspiciously, but did as I told him.

Now that he was upright and leaning against the backboard of the bed, I moved the spoonful of tea towards his soft pink lips. 

“Hewe comes the polaw expwess,” I said in a baby voice, before his mouth closed around the spoon. 

When I tried to pull it back out of his mouth, he had clamped down on it. I shook his head trying to free the spoon which made deep chuckling rumble in his throat and mouth. I gave him one of my signature “are you serious” looks and he winked back at me, his eyes squished up by the smile he was trying to keep from disrupting his hold on the spoon.

“Let go of it,” I grumbled through my own giggles. He was so annoyingly cute.

He shook his head like a stubborn child, mischievous smile still plastered on his face.

“If you don’t give in, I’ll make you let go of it,” I smirked. 

His eyes widened and darkened slightly as my finger ghosted down the strong column of his neck. He stuck up his nose in the air, spoon handle still sticking out of his mouth making him look ridiculous. I moved in, my lips a breath away, but instead I prodded his neck with my fingers, and his mouth dropped open, releasing an adorable squeal. 

He pushed me down, crushing me underneath him to make me stop tickling his most ticklish spot. 

“Someone’s getting coal in their stocking,” he growled playfully into my ear, and started poking at my sides. 

I shrieked and his hand clamped over my mouth, muffling my giggles. Still, his tickling didn’t relent. 

“Tisk, tisk, not so loud, y/n,” he chided, enjoying every second of the torture I was having to endure because of his tickling. 

Writhing beneath him, I licked his palm that was still over my mouth. He stopped for a moment and I guffawed at the surprise and mirth on his face. I took this opportunity to push him back onto his back, pinning his hands over his head. 

“You’re awfully strong and talkative for someone who’s supposedly sick,” I breathed onto his face. “Something smells funny, and it’s not the cough drops,” I said, cocking my head at him.

“Alright, so maybe I dramatized being sick a little. My throat doesn’t hurt too much, but my nose is quite stuffy,” he admitted without an ounce of shame. In fact, his lips were pulled back in the biggest triumphant grin. 

“Why would you do that, c/n?”

A blush spread over his face. “Because, y/n, I wanna spend this morning just with you and I knew you’d be waking everyone up if I let you go. What can I say, I want all of your attention,” he replied, his deep, throaty voice in great disparity with the innocent face he was using on me right now. This boy. 

“Nice boy my ass. You’re as naughty they come, c/n,” I husked, pulling his shirt over his head. 

His gaze was glued on me. 

“Lay down,” I whispered, more softly this time. 

He obeyed, eyes still staring intently at me.

I grabbed the Vix vapo-rub, and opened it. His hands were gingerly tracing circles over my hips, so I took them and pinned them above his head again, holding them down with one hand in the softest way possible.

“You always have my attention, c/n. You don’t have to compete with anyone. If you want me to be by your side, just tell me. I want to have all of you to myself all the time, too, cutie,” I placed a tender kiss on his bare, toned chest. 

Running the hand that was holding down his arms down the length of them and dipping it in the jar of Vix after I did the same with the other hand, I leaned closer to him. His arms stayed rooted to the bed above his head. I leaned just far enough away that there was space between our chests. Our eyes told all of the things we didn’t want to say out loud. Looking into his eyes was a sensual experience. He looked at me with the gentleness of a lamb and the fierce passion of a lion. It took my breath away. 

“Y/n?” He asked with such vulnerability and uncertainty it made me want to place him inside my heart to keep him safe from the world. 

“Shh, c/n. I’m going to give you all my attention.”

Not breaking eye contact, I moved my fingers over his chest, rubbing and tracing and coating his chest with Vix. The smell was potent but it wasn’t bad and it definitely wasn’t enough to distract me from c/n. The rapid rise and fall of his chest was made more noticeable by his arms being laid above his head. 

“Mmbaby girl,” he whispered, our eyes still connected, his gaze darkened. 

My hands traveled upwards to his muscled neck. I used the tips of my fingertips to rub the smooth concoction into his soft, sensitive skin. As my one fingertip traced the contours of his adam’s apple, I watched his eyes close involuntarily and his lips open to release a contented sigh. 

“Can I kiss you, naughty girl?” His eyes opened, and the force of the emotion I saw in them succeeded, as they always did, in melting my insides. 

“What a nice boy you are, c/n. Naughty girls loved to be treated nicely. But I have to warn you, if you do kiss me, by the end of kissing me you may not be on the nice list anymore,” I whispered, my lips brushing against his lips, not caring if I got sick because of him. 

“According to you, I already am on the naughty list,” he brushed back my hair, those e/c eyes still gazing into mine. 

“Then what are you waiting for? Come and get it.”

And did he ever. 

I loved playing to breath of the wild, I really like the princess Zelda in this one. I was so into their romance (like every time I swear ahha) that I had to draw this cute little elf. 

This is one of the traditional drawing I posted on instagram first when I didn’t have my laptop back yet.