cute little dude

I was having the shittiest day as a 67 year old guy and then a cute emo guy in a comfy black sweater sat beside me on the bus and suddenly i visualized our house together somewhere up on a hill with really strong wifi while drinking orange juice with slices of butterscotch in front of us just because he smiled at me when he took his seat

cool dude for @rachlette !!!

Drawn by @zaxen-1

Hey skoop I’m sure you’ve already seen this but I just wanted you to have it. Also I didn’t not mean for it to look like a ship post. That was an accident. But I hope you like it anyway. Mono was really hard to draw… I’ll leave you alone now… Bye

Skoop’s Response:


Trust me, sugar, I never assume a picture is a shipping one unless it hits that uncanny valley where it’s obvious. This looks pretty cool! Sorry that Monochrome was hard to draw.. Bright side is his design is less complicated than my Fresh parasite & my own persona.

biology class masterpieces

my favorite professor emailed me basically begging me to come back to his class so I did (several anxiety attacks and 30mg vyvanse later, here I am)

seriously though having ADHD in college is a whole new ball game, in HS I skated by on a cloud of drugs and arrogance, these days I really struggle if I don’t pay attention in lectures

At least my art skills are flourishing

me, falling rapidly in love with adam kovic: