cute little button nose

Cute Pet Names For Littles and Caregivers

Little Girls:
Bubble butt
Button Nose
Little Mouse
Baby Boo
Miss Pouty Lips (For a pouty little)
Cutie Patootie
Goldly Locks (for blonde littles)
Pillow Princess
Baby Cakes
Sugar Lips
Sleeping Beauty

Little Boys:
Lil King
Lil Buck
Lil Bear
Baby Boy
Lil Man
Paci Prince
Lil Knight
Cookie Monster

Trans/Gender Fluid/Nonbianry/ect Littles:
Little One
Sweet Thing
Pretty Baby
Cuddle Bug
Lil Bit
Boo Bear
Cutie Patootie with the pretty lil Booty
Precious One
Lil Pepper (for firey tempered littles)

Daddy Doms:
Papa Bear
Tickle Monster
Butt Head

Mommy Doms:
Big Mama
Mama Bear

Trans/Gender Fluid/Nonbianry/ect Caregivers:


It’s Cold (Spencer Reid)

Warnings: none 

*Lazy day in with Spence* 

His POV:
   It was a chilly October day. The blackened clouds covered the blue sky. The roaring thunder and the bright white lightning had filled the darkness. It was a perfect day. The perfect day to spend inside with my beloved Y/N. Although she was still fast asleep I admired her striking features. Her ample lips. Her beautiful long lashes. Her cute little button nose, and her sweet innocent face as she slept. She was clasped to the duvet, i could feel the coldness radiate off of her. I moved closer to her body taking her frame into my long arms. Her unconscious body relaxed into mine. I stroked her back and kissed her forehead waiting for her to wake up. I closed my eyes and smiled when I heard a groan. “It’s cold in here Spence.” she told me in a groggy voice still not opening her eyes. I laughed a bit at her and combed her hair with my fingers rubbing down her sides. “You’re freezing love.” I told her, “Ya think.” she mumbled and embraced me. “I need to get a shower babe.” I whispered to her. She whimpered a bit. “No! You’re warm baby, stay.” She told me. I kissed her ear and whispered. “I have to babe, why don’t you stay in bed until I get out then we can go make breakfast yeah?” I asked her. She nodded her head and then rolled up in the blanket. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower to let it heat up. I headed back out of the bathroom to the closet to pick out a clean shirt and some sweatpants since it was just going to be a do nothing day inside. I came out of the closet to see Y/N cuddled into the duvet like a cocoon. “Babe, are you that cold?” I laughed. She groaned and nodded her head. “Yes!” she shouted at me. I smiled and went back to the shower. I slipped my shirt and pants off I got into the shower and sighed as I felt the steamy water on my back. I started to wash my hair when I jumped as I felt someone else’s little hands in my hair. “Hey! what are you doing in here?” I asked her with a laugh. She smiled and hugged my front. “I’m warming up.” I rolled my eyes and kissed her lips. I then poured some shampoo in my hands and slowly massaged it though her beautiful hair. She just stood there with her head against my chest and hugging me. I loved when she did this. She was so spontaneous sometimes, I loved that about her. We both cleaned our bodies and soon got out. I wrapped a towel around her body and wrapped a towel around my waist. I smiled at her and kissed at her neck. “I.” I kissed her cheek “Love.” I kissed her nose “You.” I then kissed her lips. She giggled and left the bathroom getting some clean clothes. I came back out into the room and heard her feet padding down the stairs. “You didn’t wait on me?” “Nope!” she yelled back and laughed. “I’m hurt!” I yelled back laughing. I quietly made my way down to the kitchen. I peered my head around the corner. Her back was turned towards me. I took in her appearance. She had one of my sweaters on and she looked wonderful. It hugged her curves and beautiful features. she then had on some of my Halloween socks. She looked so cute. i quietly creeped up behind her and picked her up from her waist. She screamed and elbowed me in the nose. I put her down and groaned “Ow Y/N, you just killed my nose.” I pouted. She turned around her eyes wide and saddened. “I’m so sorry Spence I didn’t mean to I thought you were a robber or someone.” she said and frowned. I uncovered my nose and she widened her eyes “Oh my gosh Spence! You’re bleeding babe!” I looked down at my hands and walked to the sink to put my head over it. “I’m so so sorry Spence I didn’t mean to make you bleed.” She said handing me a paper towel. I slightly laughed, “It’s okay love, I guess I’ll rest easy now when I’m away since I know you can defend yourself.” I told her smiling and holding the paper towel up to my nose. She pouted a bit and she turned my head to face her. She grabbed a dish towel and ran it under cool water. “Spence lean down.” she whined “I can’t reach you.” she frowned. I smiled and leaned down as she aided my bloody nose. “I’m sorry.” she told me and pulled the towel away from my nose. “Good, it stopped.” she said again. I smiled and then kissed her. “And by the way”, I said putting my lips on her neck “You look really sexy in my clothes.” 

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Uh, scenario where Tsuna was too adorable being sick? (pretty sure his cuteness is a sin @.@) x3 <3 <3 <3 your blog!

thanks for the love boo.

You looked at the poor boy and he really shouldn’t have been this adorable.  Honestly you were slightly annoyed with him being this cute while sick.  You looked like a starved drug addict when sick and he looked like he had just stayed out in cold weather for one minute too long.  You stared at his cute little red button nose while spooning some cough syrup into his mouth. 

“How are you still so cute?” you huffed.  “Honestly, you don;t even look sick.”

“I feel sick though,” he said, his voice giving away the cold he was fighting.  His voice was congested beyond recognition.

“Okay, a little less cute now after hearing you speak.  Sounds like you’re the one smoking a pack a day and Gokudera,” you teased, handing him the soup to eat.  “That should help with the taste of the medicine.”

“It does, and my throat feels better already,” Tsuna said with a smile. 

“Too cute,” you huffed again.  

People That Could Possibly Be The Real Peter Pan

I made a list, here it is:

Robbie Kay- Alright so we’ll just start off with him because he actually plays Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time, a dark one that is, but still Peter Pan none the less. Anywho, he is so cute and he has the floppy hair and the little button nose, gOSH HE SO CU TE

Rupert Grint- Alrighty then, I know it’s kinda hard to see him as anything other than Ron Weasley, but you see it too right? I mean look at this cutie, he’s got the classic red Peter Pan hair, and a darling smile and I could go on forever like seriously give this boy a feather hat and some tights and he’s good to go

Ashton Irwin- I don’t f*cking care if you have something against him or his band I will literally fight you I mean C'mon he’s a cute little ball of fuzzy kitties and sunshine and he has the hair and a cute smile and this adorable little giggle that he does, and who knows maybe modern Peter Pan wears a bandana instead of a green hat you never know

Thomas Sangster- Don’t even argue with me on this he is probably living on an island with a bunch of little kids he calls Lost Boys in his spare time because he DOESN’T AGE and he had been lookin fourteen for how long now??? And plus he has the hair and nose and sparkly eyes and I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I FAINT

Niall Horan- Yes I know I’m not their biggest fan for sure but LOOK at this dude and tell me you can’t see him knocking on your window in the middle of the night {{ha wow that sounded a LOT less creepy in my head oh well}} but look his face is a sure match of the cartoon kinda and the little facial expression just sells the whole Peter Pan thing, I’M CONVINCED SHUTUP AND PLEASE KEEP READING CUZ I AIN’T DONE WITH Y'ALL

Andrew Garfield- OH GEEZ wow okay Spiderman has reached a whole new level and I think that I can see him being the cute dude from Neverland I mean wow what gorgeous eyes and cute smile and nose and hey HAS ANYONE SEEN SOME RED HAIR DYE AND A PAIR OF TIGHTS???

Jacob Loftland- I’m screaming because this is the boy who PLAYS ARIS in The Scorch Trials  and OH BOY don’t even get me started on how pretty he is but can you even tell me no? NO YOU CANNOT BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT and I see him as Peter Pan and just why is it fair to any of us that he is this cute because I dont get it when is he gonna get the role of Peter Pan???

Logan Lerman- Do I even have to explain this one just LOOK AT THIS SHY LITTLE SH*T WHO THINKS HE’S ALLOWED TO BE THIS CUTE but he’s got the little bit of shyness about him and he has that kinda super cute look on his face and he is freaking PERCY JACKSON and how could he be a better Peter Pan tho

Alright so if you don’t agree with my list you can shut your wh**e mouth because this is my opinion and I’m feeling super confident and I don’t know maybe they all live in Neverland with each other and they’re all a type of Peter Pan and they bring girls to their island, and I don’t know bout you but I really need some celebrity Peter Pan AUs now so Imma go try and find some

My Favorite Physical Attribute of the Signs

Aries: Jawline sharp enough to cut
Taurus: Tall and pretty neck c:
Gemini: Little slope nose hehe
Cancer: Sweet doe eyes
Leo: Lion’s mane of hair
Virgo: Smile that can cure everything
Libra: Cheeks that I wanna pinch
Scorpio: Prominent yet aesthetic af nose
Sag: Thick, luscious hair and cute little button nose
Capricorn: Dark, olive skin tone
Aqaurius: Adorable rounded face
Pisces: Plump and kissable lips

Girls who have those small and upturned pointy little “button noses” that are considered “cute” will ALWAYS get more notes on here and more attention and more compliments than girls who have larger, wider, bigger, down turned, hooked, or flat etc. noses… I’m honestly just here for the girls whose noses are considered masculine, disproportionate or just generally unattractive in comparison. I’m here for girls who avoid taking pictures of their profile and turning their head to the side around people they like. I’m just here to support big nosed girls. End euro-centric/cisgender female beauty standards

headcanon that teddy lupin changes colors involuntarily, in the funniest of circumstances- like this time, and that time, and every time molly weasley can think to recall on long and rainy nights, children gathered around her knees and hanging on ever word. 

when he is almost six, grandma molly catches him stealing a chocolate frog from the top of the cabinet, and his hands turn bright red. it doesn’t go away for weeks, and james, just a baby, cackles himself into passing out until none of them can keep a straight reprimanding face any longer.

when he is almost ten, two-year-old rose tricks him into eating a ‘special cauldron cake’ (mud) with her cute little button nose and mischevious eyes. he’s sick for hours, his face a neon green that sticks ‘till christmas. 

when he is just eleven, the sorting hat announces proudly that he, edward remus lupin, is a hufflepuff. he grins harder than he ever thought he could, and his hair turns a bright mixture of pink and yellow, lighting up the hall. he doesn’t mind the chorus of laughter- he stands out in the best way, the kindest way, for once. 

when he is almost sixteen, he kisses victoire weasley, just fifteen, behind a platform sign on the magical side of king’s cross. “what?” he says, elated from kissing the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, and she giggles. “you’re pink”. teddy’s glowing, smiling, beautiful and rosy, the way molly weasley can remember most vividly, if she thinks back hard enough.

of course, teddy’s always there to remind her when she forgets a detail, his hair a simple brown now, his child bouncing on his knee, her bright little eyes focused on her great grandmother, listening to the stories she will one day repeat, with just as much laugher in the first telling as the thousandth. 

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Heyo! I just saw your nose tutorial and thought you could help me maybe. So there's that cute character (Len Kagamine) and I wanna give him a cute little button nose but it doesn't work! Please help me qq

Hey anon! I can help ya, no prob!

First things first when it comes to drawing anything–image search is basically your god. Here’s what I get when I search “button nose man” on google images.

Usually I like to look at a bunch of photos to get a good idea, but unfortunately searching ‘button nose’ mostly gets you random noses and rhinoplasty queries, so this’ll do. Plus it’s actually described as a button nose, which is convenient!

So here we are:

Now, you analyze the nosie. What makes it different from all the other noses?

Button noses have flat bridges and are very round, as well as slightly upturned. This gives the appearance of a button with two holes in it!

Then you practice!

At this point the work has already been mostly done because you studied reference, so…



May 6, 1992

Byun Baekhyun
This beautiful angel shines through the darkness with his cheesy smile and adorable laugh. He makes his members laugh and makes the group joyful with his stupid jokes and hilarious personality. He is known for his beautiful feminine hands that girls fall for and his cute little button nose. He’s fought through obstacles and landed in a spot that he’s been dreaming for, for years. I’m proud of my little Baekhyun and hope he achieves more in life. I’m happy he’s part of EXO and his love for his members. Without this little sunshine in our lives it would be pretty lonely. I hope my baby angel has a wonderful birthday and my wish for him is to grow more and more. ❣❣❣❣

headcanon that miyuki has a cute little button nose that eijun likes to kiss bc its such a contrast to the sharp masculinity of the rest of him and tbh its his Favorite Thing™ abt miyukis body

headcanon that miyuki likes to kiss eijuns cheeks bc theyre covered in freckles and it makes eijun screw his eyes shut laugh that quiet, delighted laugh that makes miyuki feel like hes flying

I’ve always had a really big nose that’s very stereotypical of a jew, it dips down a little at the end and I always wanted a cute button nose growing up. I’m getting more comfortable with it as I grow older, the more I’m around jews the more I can appreciate my features and my own culture. Embracing something you were always scared or embarrassed of takes time, but it’s worth it. Happy jewish women’s day ☺️