cute little boxes

Things I need

1. Attention
2. Paci
3. Stuffies
4. Pillow and blankie
5. Sippy cups and cute plates
6. Juice box, string cheese and cookies
7. Mac and cheese
8. Disney movies and cartoons
9. More attention please
10. Crayons and craft
11. Toys, dolls, play sets
12. Cute clothes and fluffy socks
13. Ok my happy now thank you


hidden box : jihoon & jonghyun


Newborn monsters!
For when you want a little monster pal of your own but you don’t want to have to choose.

The Mystery Monster listing lets you get a totally surprise monster in the mail! 
You can give me some basic specifications like colors you hate/love, any expression you’d prefer, but for the most part it’ll be a complete surprise what you receive!

Wanna One Hwang Minhyun Father+Husband AU

Put these two requests together for a couple anons, enjoy! (You + Hwang Minhyun)

  • Well before getting married, you two dated for a while obviously so we’ll start there
  • He wasn’t the most… experienced in love (lol.) and even though he did date some people before, he was pretty innocent with the whole thing
  • Basically a kid lol
  • But even though it was kind of shocking to you, when he honestly and directly confessed to you, you could see his intentions were good and pure
  • You liked how genuine he was, not just with loving you, but with literally everything else he does: a hardworking, respectable man
  • Even though he has the appearance of a literal god, he didn’t seem to realize it or take much advantage of it LOL
  • His eyes were only on you
  • He’d get shy a lot and just giggle, but as time passed he got more used to being in a relationship/skinship/etc.
  • His marriage proposal to you was an attempt to be romantic
  • You can imagine a lot of internet searching went on because it was cliche as fuCK LOL
  • It was in private, but there were roses and candles and stuff like that
  • You couldn’t help bursting into laughter at his gestures that were just so soft and cheesy but you loved it because you loved him, and he was happy that you were happy
  • You two had a quiet ceremony with just close friends; he was embarrassed the whole time but it was super cute
  • He STILL got shy even when innocently kissing you at the ceremony
  • Soft whispers in front of everyone:
  • “Hwang Minhyun, we’ve gone farther than this what’s your problem”
  • “STOP I’m nervous leave me alone”
  • Life before and after marrying him was pretty much the same, except for the fact that he’d do cheesy things like call you “wifey”
  • OKay so we all know Mr. Emperor here is a clean freak
  • He would drive you crazy with all his dusting and mopping and scrubbing and organizing blargh
  • Like it’s nice to be clean but he takes it to another level LOL
  • But being clean is better than being dirty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • So you helped him out, leading to cute domestic times washing dishes together and doing laundry with each other
  • Life overall wasn’t that eventful for quite a while other than the occasional vacation, but then wow you found out you were pregnant congrats ! !  !!
  • You were wondering how to tell Minhyun, like if you should make an event out of it or something
  • You decided to put the pregnancy test in a little cute box, but while you were preparing the box with a note and baby booties, Minhyun walked into the room you were in and saw the test that was just sitting on the counter
  • You barely noticed him walking in lol; he picked up the test and walked behind you
  • “What are you doing? Are you packing something? What’s this thing?” he asked you, holding out the test in front of your face
  • … bruh
  • You were taken aback at the fact that he destroyed your plan, but you were even more shocked that he didn’t know what a pregnancy test looked like
  • “Minhyun. Seriously.”
  • “Seriously what?”
  • “Do you really not know what that is? Minhyun that’s a pregnancy test.”
  • “What? Why are you packing this?”
  • “Minhyun. I’m literally pregnant. Do I seriously have to spell it out for you, you totally ruined the moment dumbass”
  • “wAIT WHAT??!?//?!?! YOU’RE PREGNANT?!??! DOES THIS MEAN I’M GOING TO BE A DADDD WHAT NO WAYYY” Minhyun ignored your exasperation but his freakout just made you smile anyway
  • He immediately sat you down and started asking if you needed anything and put his ear on your stomach to see if he could hear things
  • “You’re so weird”
  • “Do you want pickles? I heard pregnant women like pickles,” Minhyun asked you, a completely genuine and concerned expression on his face
  • thiS BOY…. 
  • Basically your entire pregnancy process was filled with this nonsense (but it was sweet nonsense), and he really was helpful; his sweetness usually brightened your mood
  • He was always there for you; reliable af
  • When you first had your baby he was literally too scared to even touch it at first but once he held on to it for the first time he couldn’t let go
  • When you took your child home, he wouldn’t stop fucking staring at it LOL
  • Anyway in the process of raising the kid, Minhyun never failed to attempt to inflict his influence of cleanliness
  • He wanted the kid’s first word to be “clean” no joke
  • And when the child was old enough, he would always clean with them and teach them his ways: most effective techniques to dust and keep the living spaces spotless
  • “Remember. Dust is the enemy. Repeat after me: Dust. Is. The. Enemy.”
  • There was no stopping him, you just let him do his thing. There was no way Minhyun would let his offspring be any less neat than he was
  • welP you can expect chaos ensued when the “uncles” came over
  • Whenever Minhyun invited his friends over, some of them (cougH JAEHWAN) would make it a point to eat as messily as possible and influence your child LOL
  • Minhyun had mental breakdowns every time jfc
  • All the other moms you knew (and just other female friends) expressed how much they adored Minhyun: he was just so darn handsome
  • But little did they know how much of a weirdo he was lol
  • Overall though, Minhyun was an extremely caring dad yay
  • You two are always helping one another out, in general life and emotionally as well
  • Is the kind of partner and dad who never hangs up first when you’re on a call with them; the kind of dad who makes sure everyone else is settled and eating properly before he even touches his meal
  • Would always sing and play instruments with and for the child
  • Is a totall fluff for being a parent and treats your kid like royalty, giving them the highest praise when they clean up while eating or after playing with their toys
  • “I have done such a great job as a parent. I feel like I can die satisfied, (Y/N), you know what I mean?”
  • “No, but whatever humps your camel man”
  • He never watched chlidren’s programs on TV, instead watched cooking shows and musical performances. it was weird
  • Doesn’t read bedtime stories to the child, but instead deep poetry and song lyrics… lol.
  • Is a total pushover when it comes to things you or the child want
  • If you even jokingly say you want something completely ridiculous, he’d be like “really?” and you’d have to clarify that you were kidding
  • Because if you or your child ever even gave the hint of wanting something, he would always be paying attention; and you bet that will be a gift for the nearest holiday
  • He’s incredibly intelligent and practical (except with relationships), and his advice always helps you think clearly when making decisions, or when your child needs help on something
  • For example, when you two were deciding what car to buy, he’d have done all the research possible, so that when you two went to the dealership he bargained clearly and efficiently to get you the best deal
  • You honestly had no idea what he was talking about most of the time during that experience, but he just had printouts from the internet and flyers and there was no way he would pay more than he needed to for the car
  • that seems random but he’s just really smart for most things it’s incredible…
  • But then after all that he can’t manage to get romance-y with you without getting all mushy and embarrassed LOL it’s like he turns into different people, but you’re glad you can make him feel that way ;) heheh
  • Minhyun is self-described “conservative” and even though he’s confused or strange sometimes, he is just one of the most sincere, kindhearted people you’d ever met and it inspires you to be your best self :’)
  • A happy family full of love and smiles it’s adorable im crying

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Evan on your birthday Headcannons (Evan x reader)

tw: lots of fluff bc i love my sweet sweet baby boy

a/n: ok so i did one of these with connor and ig everyone really liked it bc it’s currently my most popular lol,,, i hope u guys like this one just as much !!!

-ok so at this point you and evan have been dating for a little over a year now

-u guys were dating last year during ur bday but evan was super unsure of how to treat you, he feels like he disappointed you even though you always reassure him everything went perfectly fine he still feels like he needs to make it up to you aw evan bb

-ur birthday was on a saturday this year and he was happy that he could spend all day with you without the stress of being around everyone else at school

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