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BTS Reaction to Their Younger Sister Being Checked Out

(A/N): AHHH!! You do?!?! Thank you so much, anon! I’m sorry this took so long! TT^TT Please forgive me, I took a lengthy break from posting and writing due to school. Stress stress stress. Anyways, here you are~.

Background Information: The member had just dropped his younger sister - who was in 8th grade ( little baby <33) - off at school for her first day of school and notices a few boys stare at his sister due to the skirt she was wearing.

Kim Seokjin-

When he noticed the stares, he’d frown at the boys. “ Yah! “ he’d call out, gaining the gaping boy’s attention, when they looked at him he’d smile. “ Don’t stare, it’s rude. If you want to talk to her, just do it~. “ This would cause the young boys to blush and scurry off, embarrassed that they got caught. Jin would just laugh a little and shake his head.

“Aish! My little sister is just too cute! Even those boys can’t keep their eyes off her.”

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Min Yoongi-

Let’s just say Yoongi didn’t like his little sister’s uniform from the beginning. He would much rather the young girl in a pair of some pants or a much, much longer skirt. Seeing the boys’ stare at his little sister only confirmed his fears. He would simply stand there, glaring at the young boys until they caught onto his protective aura. Rest assured, those boys were definitely NOT going to even glance at his sister anymore.

“I swear to god if they continue…”

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Jung Hoseok-

This boy probably wouldn’t notice as quickly as Yoongi or Namjoon would, but when he did, he’d be livid, in his own Hoseok kind of way. He would screech his sister’s name, engulfing her in a hug while making eye contact with the boys. The boys would instantly turn away, panicked seeing that the girl had an older brother. “ Watch out for those grubby boys. “ he would warn his sister before telling her to call him if she even got uncomfortable because of some boy.

“Ahh why do little boys have such wandering eyes?! So dirty.”

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Kim Namjoon-

I feel like Namjoon would have the most “take-action” type of reaction. He would immediately notice the shortness of his sister’s skirt and the boys’ stare. I feel like this sweetie would take his sister to the office and ask them to provide her a longer skirt. He wouldn’t make an uproar unless they refused his request. There was no way he was going to let his little sister walking around like pray for some stupid, horny teenage boys.

“ There’s no way I’m letting my little sister walking around in such a short skirt. “

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Park Jimin-

His little sister probably wouldn’t even made it out of the house without changing her bottoms or at least putting on some tights underneath. When he saw the boys he would clear his throat at them and gave them a look that spoke for itself. They were several years younger than him so he couldn’t really confront them about it, but he wasn’t just going to let them stare.

“ Do boys have no respect for girls anymore? They’re lucky their so young. “

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Kim Taehyung-

This cute little fluff ball would probably not even notice the boys, honestly. I don’t feel that he is the most observant boy. Even if he did notice, he’d probably just shrug it off, saying something about how it’s hard to stare when his “baby” sister is just so adorable. He would probably be the most laid back about this situation.

“ My baby sissy is so darn adorable in her uniform!~ “

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(A/N): Imagine his sister is Yoongi.  This boy kills me.

Jeon Jungkook-

I really don’t think Jungkook would be that protective. I feel that if he noticed the boys staring he’d laugh. After all, he isn’t all that far out of that phase and can probably sympathize with the boys more than the others could. He might tell his sister to pull down her skirt more, but he wouldn’t act on it any further.

*Chuckles* “I remember being their age.”

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S M | intro

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A/N: even though I’m supposed to be on hiatus because of my exams, @official-yoongi‘s fake texts series Soulmate Messenger inspired me to write a new fic, so here I am! the basic idea on how this Soulmate Messaging system works is based on her texts but the rest of the story line doesn’t have anything to do with her work. Feel free to check her series out here ✗

Short note: I’m not back from hiatus yet, I just needed to let this out and wanted to write again to calm my nerves. I’m planning to have a whole story line for this series, so hopefully you guys enjoy this first little sneak peek :)

also I might change the title, I’m not too happy with it yet but my creativity is lacking at the moment so yea.. we’ll have to wait and see i guess hahah

Impatiently you were staring at the clock on your wall, waiting for it to strike midnight. The last minute went by too slow for your liking, making you grow more squirrelly each second that you had to wait.

Knitting your hands together your eyes kept switching between the clock and your phone screen, not wanting to miss the second the message would come in.

Your parents had already wished you a good night, not wanting to disturb you in the moment you’d get probably one of the most important messages of your life. They knew how you’d been waiting for this moment since you were a little girl and wanted to give you time for yourself to enjoy that special occasion.

But to be completely honest, you were scared. Scared that he might not like you for who you are. Scared that he might back away the second he knew about your interests. 

Or better said - that special interest, namingly fangirling over hot Asian boys performing together in groups while you barely understood what they were saying. 

You had already lost so many people in your life because they just didn’t understand you. Not only in that matter but all kinds of. You were different than others and people noticed. You weren’t one to go out clubbing every weekend to get drunk and laid like every teenager did. You read a lot but also fooled around (maybe too much), making strangers think you’re acting too immature for you age. 

Taking your education seriously, you were one of the few teenagers at your high school that had graduated with a plan in life, ready to conquer the world. 

Yet, you didn’t want to have to conquer it alone and even though you had your best friends and family by your side, having your soulmate was on a whole different level and you needed that.

You needed to know that there was someone out there that would take you the way you are, appreciate your flaws and imperfections. Someone who would conquer the world with you together and if it wasn’t your soulmate, who was it then?

Suddenly a thought hit you.

“Wait what if my soulmate is younger than me?”, you mumbled, your mind was running wild, all kind of thoughts making your head go dizzy.

The thing about the soulmate messenger is that you get your message with all the information about your soulmate as soon as the younger one of the two turned eighteen.

So far so good.

Only that you didn’t know if you were the younger one or if your soulmate was the one. You didn’t have any information about the other so the possibility was high that you wouldn’t even get a message that night, even though it was your eighteenth birthday.

What if I get a message but we don’t even understand each other? He could talk a total different language than mine. What if he doesn’t even live here but all across the world?  Heck, he could be blind or mute or deaf and I wouldn’t even know how to communicate with him! 

All kinds of thoughts were bouncing through your mind as the last seconds past and your clock stroke midnight, making your phone screen light up, signaling a new message.

This was it.

The Soulmate Messenger.

You got your message.

And apparently you were the younger one.

After all these years of waiting, you were so close to finding out who your significant other was.

He could be a part of your life already, just as likely as he could be a complete stranger. He could be a fourty year old man, just as likely as he could be a teenage boy or a young man. You didn’t want to have a fourty year old as your soulmate.

You shivered in slight disgust at the thought as you grabbed your phone and shook your head, trying to quiet down all the thoughts in your head.Taking a deep breath, you sat yourself cross-legged on your bed, unlocking your phone and closing your eyes.

Click on it Y/N. Just click on the message. All these questions will be solved in the minute you click on it.

“What if he doesn’t even like dogs? How am I supposed to live with him for the rest of my life if he ca’t appreciate the cuteness of those cute little fluff balls?”, you asked in slight horror. 

Stop thinking and freaking open it, you scaredy cat. You won’t know until you open it.

Like a robot, you managed to move your thumb over the message, ready to click on it as you closed your eyes nervously and opening the notification. Your heart was thumbing harshly in your chest as you pressed your eyes shut, too scared to look at the result.

In the background you could hear your clock click, signaling every passing second that you sat there in silence, full of anxiety. 

Clutching your hands around your phone, you slowly moved them up to your face, gently opening one eye a tiny bit to peek at your screen.

From: Unknown  

Soulmate Messenger: If you are receiving this message, it means that your soulmate has been located. To chat with them please enter your message below. Happy chatting!

📎 (Basic Information about Soulmate)

You clicked on the attachment, too scared to say anything yet, hands shaking from nervousness. Before the information had loaded completely and your heart almost jumped out of your chest, a ringing sound signaled you a new message from an unknown number.

Hastily, you closed the loading information about your still nameless soulmate, opening the new incoming message with sweaty hands.

From: Unknown


she lives

i thought i’d have to die alone or sth

“Namjoon-hyung, is that really okay? Is this proper English? Will she understand?”, he asked his older friend, biting down onto his lower lip, making his front teeth appear a tiny bit as he furrowed his eyebrows nervously.

“Yes, it’s proper English and yes, if she speaks English, she’ll understand. Now relax. I said I’d help you if you need English to communicate, so don’t stress, I’m here”, Namjoon chuckled at the younger boy. “You can rely on me.”

He was nervous. What if you two couldn’t communicate? If you couldn’t understand each other and always needed help from others to translate? At some point you two would need privacy but if you spoke different languages, there was basically no way to have that. His English skills were more than lacking and if you weren’t Korean, he was almost 100% sure that you wouldn’t speak his mother tongue either.

His legs started shaking as he sat down onto the practice room floor, waiting for her answer and a hint on how this whole soulmate thing would be going for the two of you.

“Nervous” didn’t even describe his current state.

A small smile crept onto your lips as you read through the appearing messages. He was funny. Definitely a plus. So you quickly answered, hands still shaking:

yeah i’m alive hahah sorry for making you wait

i hope it wasn’t too long tho

Plain and simple, not too straight forward but not too cold. Good for the beginning, you thought.

He answered in a matter of seconds.

From: Unknown

nahh it’s okay

honestly i just turned 18 a couple of months ago as well… 

by the way, what’s your name beautiful?

Your eyes went wide at his nickname for you. Not even a minute into talking and he already used a pet name for you, making your blood rush to your cheeks, heating up your whole face.

beautiful huh? ^^ how would you even know?

You waited a little bit before sending the next texts.

oh and my name’s Y/N

what’s yours?

Nervously biting down onto your lip, your eyes focused on the “typing…” sign next to the number. It felt like ages went by until he finally responded, making you jump slightly on your bed.

From: Unkown

you have your icon set as a selfie dummy ^^

well at least i assume it’s you and not a picture you have stolen somewhere

still you’re gorgeous

A squeal escaped your lips as you let your phone fall in between your legs and let your arms spastically move around, face red of embarrassment and body heating up at his compliments.

He was already making you feel like the most perfect girl on earth, when you didn’t even know each other for a solid ten minutes. He was making you feel so special when you didn’t even know anything about him yet. 

The sound of another incoming message, made you sit up again as your little attack had you landing on your face on the bed, giggling like a little child.

Unlocking your phone and immediately being sent to the new message, your chat opened and his message popped up.

From: Unknown

my name’s Jungkook by the way

“Good morning” - Jimin One Shot

“Jimin", you whispered softly,  while brushing your fingers through his messy hair. There was no movement at all, so your slightly caressed his cheek with your thumb. You hated to wake people up, especially your boyfriend. He looked so peacefull and at ease,  that you didn’t want to be the person to deny him exactly that. “Chim Chim, wake up”, you tried again, voice just above a whisper.  

Jimin’s eyebrows scruched together, slowly waking up and feeling your warm hand softly cup his cheek. “Hey there”, you cooed a smile playing on your lips. Despite the fact, that you hated to wake him up, you couldn’t deny that he looked like a cute little ball of fluff. The blanket was tightly wrapped around his body,  the only thing you could see was his head sticking out of the top. He looked like a human burrito.  

Jimin blinked a few times, trying to adjust to the sunlight,  that was shining through the window to his right. He mumbled a “Good morning”, while shifting to lay on his side. “Did you sleep well?’, you asked while smoothing out the strands that fell into his face. He opened one eye, nodded and grinned up at you, when the both of you made eye contact.

His right hand found it’s way out of the blanket and onto your waist. He pulled you down towards his body in one swift movement. A little giggle escaped your lips, when Jimin tried to move his head upwards to kiss you, only to be restrained by the blanket. Your hands reached for the blanket and pulled it down, so it was only covering his lower half. 

Jimin’s now free hands grasped for your face and guide you slowly towards his own. A sleepy smile was plastered on his lips, before he closed the gap between the both of you. This was a feeling that you could never get tired of. His soft, warm lips against your own. You slowly pulled away and laid your hands against his chest. Jimin’s hands now on either side of your arms, slowly drawing meaningsless patterns onto your skin. 

“Are you hungry?”, you asked after a moment of silence. Jimin opened his mouth to answer, but his stomach was faster than him. “I guess so”, you giggled and got up from the bed. “You don’t need to rush. I prepare breakfast and call you when I’m ready”, you said while walking out of the room. Two strong arms wrapped themselfes around your shoulders and a kiss was planted to the crook of your neck. “I would never let you do breakfast alone and you know that”, You turned your head to look at Jimin, only to roll your eyes at him. He let out a laugh and guided you towards the kitchen, his arms never leaving your body.

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can i have mark where you guys have been best friends since you were little and you guys started dating in high school and decided to stay together when he went to korea and when he comes back on tours you guys have to sneak to see each other?

Hello, anon! Thank you for requesting~ You didn’t really specify the genre so I sort of winged it lol but I hope you enjoy what I came up with :) ♥

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Behind the Scenes

Genre: Fluff (with a hint of smut)

*I am in line. I can’t wait to see you up close again!*

You typed a quick text and hit send. You were standing in line with the other fans as they excitedly waited for the moment when they would be able to sit on the same stage as their favorite idols.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>jisung, during chewing gum era:</b> cute and shy little awkward fluff ball , super quiet during interviews , blushes like mad and gets flustered in -0.90102 seconds<p/><b>jisung, during my first and last era:</b> ready to roast and fight any of the older members <strike>but still manages to be cute at the same time wth</strike> , partners in crime with chenle , yaja time enthusiast™ , needs to be stopped asap<p/></p><p/></p>
New Perspective (Jun Smut)

Summary: ever since you and Jun started dating, so you he was nothing more than a cute, adorable little fluff ball. He wasn’t really the greasy fuckboy the internet made him out to be. And when he found out that you thought that about him, he was determined to prove you wrong.

(A/N: a quickie smut because I found this old ass request and Jun makes me thirsty. also, not enough people appreciate his fluffy side. sorry this has no ending?? I kinda rushed it because I have all those other projects going oops. also smut warning hehehe; oh oh oh and guess what this bitch it still naming shit after panic songs cause this smut just happened to match this panic song which is also an amazing song-Tanisha<3)

‘Jun is greasy af’

'Jun is the sexy charm of Seventeen’

'Jun’s wink makes me faint’

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Chenle is the cutest human being probably ever (along with every chinaline member) when has he ever done wrong? never. he’s honestly such a cute little fluff ball whom i love very very much so enjoy

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Leaving for work, the last thing you expected to find in front of you, propped up against his pale blue door, was a badly beaten version of your neighbour: bruised and bleeding and barely conscious, groaning in pain.

You dropped down onto your knees in front of him and cradled his bloody face in your delicate hands. “Sehun are you ok? What happened?” you murmured frantically, your thumb brushing across the cut on his lip and immediately pulling back when he winced and leaned away. “Who did this to you?” you asked more sternly, placing a gentle finger on his chin and lifting it to check for more injuries.

He didn’t answer. Instead he swayed out of your grip and dropped back against his front door with a dull thud, his face showing the amount of pain he was experiencing.

You had three weaknesses in your life that you would drop everything for in a split second without a single thought. Number one was white chocolate - in whichever form you could get it. You would probably knock over children if they came between you and the last white hot chocolate on the planet. Number two was puppies – cute adorable little balls of fluff that made your heart melt into a puddle on the floor. They were extremely hard to resist. And the third?

Your neighbour, Oh Sehun.

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To appreciate this adorable little cotton ball with his Pokemon gifts:

This is a 24 year old man hugging his bulbasaurs

Pockets are for pokemons


Kyungsoo eyeing his toys and becoming a ray of sunshine himself


I JUST ლ(ಥ Д ಥ )ლ

BTOB’s Reaction : S/O being too short to kiss them

Can you please do BTOB’s reaction if their s/o is short and is trying to kiss them?

Here you are anon~

Thanks for requesting

Eunkwang : He’d giggle lightly.

“Omo Jagi it’s so cute”

And then bend over a little so you can kiss him by yourself.

“Can you now ?”

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Minhyuk : This guy would firstly be pleased because someone is finally shorter than him, he’d take you in his arms and lift you up so you’re tall enough.

“Go for it Y/N”

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Chansub : This little shit would tease the hell out of you and your little soul. Tip Toeing so it’s even harder for you to kiss him.

“Come on Jagiya ! If you want it you can do it”

Enventually he’d cutely kiss you.

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Hyunsik : He’d smile so much, looking at you struggling before he’d lean in and kiss you himself.

“Ask me what you want next time yeobo”

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Peniel : He would smile to himself before taking your chin with the tip of his fingers and kiss you like a child.

“You’re too cute, I can’t handle it Y/N”

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Ilhoon : This little ball of fluff would secretly fanboy over how adorable you’re looking. I can just see him gently teasing you.

“What are you trying to do Y/N ?”

Then he’ll just bend a bit over before and quickly peck your lips

“Is that it ?”

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Sungjae : He’d find you hella cute at the moment and giggle like crazy. You’d probably be upset, thinking that he’s making fun of you.

“No no jagiya, I can’t help it, you’re just too cute right now”

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Hope you liked it

You guys go,” Will told me. “The chariot is only designed for three, and after that shadow-travel, Nico is going to pass out any second.”
“No, I’m not,” Nico complained, then passed out.
Will caught him in a fireman’s carry and took him away. “Good luck! I’m going to get the Lord of Darkness here some Gatorade!
—  Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle
BTS Reacting to their S/O using a cringy pick-up line on them.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Yes Anon. You are amazing and I love you and now I get to use my moves to wow all of you.

Jin - Are you a vampire? Cause you looked a little thirsty when you looked at me.”

Jin would be surprised at your random pick up line and stare at you confused, with the faintest smile on his lips. He’d be quick to come up with a short, clean comeback, and spend the next twenty minutes coming up with new ones with you.

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Suga - “You like sleeping? Me too! We should do it together sometime.”

He laughed at your obvious attempt to flirt with him, and just nodded with a smile. He didn’t know if you’d meant it in a dirtier way, but he was fine with either version.

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J-Hope - “Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

Hobi would absolutely love your adorableness and give you a huge grin. His smile wouldn’t fade as you continued your sweet torture, and he’d eventually come up with own.

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Rap Monster - Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see!”

He would laugh at your cliche pick up line, even though they weren’t new to your relationship. It was almost like a competition to see who could come up with the worst one.

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Jimin - Somebody call the cops, because it’s gotta be illegal to look that good!”

He’d blush and smile once you said a pick up line out of nowhere. Jimin would find it’s sweet that you were comfortable enough to say such an embarrassing thing to him so easily.

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V - “Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work for it?”

He’d teasingly roll his eyes and look at you with a cute aegyo. V would come up with his own pick up line, which would most likely include an innuendo, and make sure to tease you too.

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Jungkook - Are you a Pokemon? Cause I’d sure like to pikachu!”

Jungkook would be the perfect example of a cringe attack. Of course he would find it sort of cute, but this little ‘innocent’ ball of fluff would just smile with disbelief and laugh at you.

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Birthday Tribbles

Tony x Reader Oneshot

Summary – Tony tries to get you the perfect birthday present, but he ends up in over his head.

Warnings – One (?) curse word

Word Count – 2,524

Notes – This is a birthday fic for Roo @sebseyesandbuckysthighs. I miss you so much sweetie, I hope that you have an amazing birthday! I hope that the rest of you enjoy this fic as well! It will be from Tony and Bruce’s POV.  As always, feel free to leave me any comments or feedback!


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Bruce and Tony had just finished up some research in the lab and were hoping to join the rest of the team for a little downtime, but that just wasn’t going to happen.  (Y/N) and Sam seemed to be in the middle of another argument while Steve and Bucky sat on the couch, eating popcorn and watching the two pig-headed Avengers scream at each other.  The two men stopped in the doorway, giving each a look of frustration as they tried to figure out what this one was about.

“I don’t care what you say, Wilson!” (Y/N) yelled.  “If it hadn’t been for the original series, there wouldn’t be a reboot!”

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yoonseok will rise and save all of the other ships with it, amen [3x3 in.]