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other versions of sunshine:
  • lying on a sunflower field with muddy feet and giddy heart, the weather is humid, your eyes are dozing, and you feel the coolness of sunflower leaves and grasses on your back.
  • watching the waves on the ocean dancing in rhythm, its serene sound harmonizing miraculously on your ears and you feel the water kissing your legs
  • waking up on the wrong side of the bed yet seeing your cute dog still sleeping so soundly, solemnity and the smell of lavender candles in your room
  • picking strawberries and trimming bushes on a fine, fine weather while wearing a cute straw hat with an embroidered flower on the right, and a cute yellow dress
  • the collection of happy memories in a cute bottle with sands from all over and seashells, jar painted with mustard yellow and a pink ribbon
  • smelling like an angel while having a lush bubble bath after a long, tiring day and sleeping on a newly changed sheets
  • hot chocolate and black coffee on a winter evening, eating christmas cookies while dipping it in a chocolate, and smelling like a bakery
  • knitting cute things and embroidering on new stuff while smelling like orange after peeling heaps of pomegranate for grandma
  • smelling like paint after working on a nice sheet of canvas, drawing multiple strangers, sketching cute sceneries, and having paint smudges all over your fave shirt because of acrylic.
  • classical music in a coffee shop while waiting for somebody special (may or may not be a friend) smelling like a cup of coffee and embracing the solemnity of the atmosphere

i’m so bad at being active

hi bubs!
i was in London on Friday and i visited one of the 9 muji stores there 🌻

i’ve never been to muji (and got excited) so i brought quite a lot??

also this to do-list notebook is super cute so i hAD to buy it (tries to pretend she didn’t buy half of this stuff without an actual reason)

nice transparent thing bc valentine is coming and all my ace ass has is this son and my laptop

have a good one too people


[ april 28 2017 ] loving this dotted notebook i got from tj maxx! i’m currently using it as my to do list notebook. it doesn’t look full now, but it will slowly fill up like it always does. have a great weekend, everyone! 

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dunno if you still want these, but 3 + sterek would be cute if you do :) either way, awesome list!!

3. “Do you even own a shirt?!”
Shirts Are For Quitters
Also on ao3

Stiles liked college a lot so far, it was freeing in a way that high school had never been and he had scheduled all of his classes to start after 10 so he got to sleep in. His only issue with college was Derek Hale’s allergy to shirts.

Derek lived two rooms down from him, always had his door open, and never wore a shirt. Ever. Stiles was convinced that Derek went to class without a shirt on, though he had no proof of that because they didn’t have any classes together.

They were a part of a pretty tight group on their floor, they all hung out in the common room after class, went to meals together, and went out together on weekends. In their nearly 8 months of friendship Stiles had seen him wearing a proper shirt twice. Derek even wore tight, white tank tops to pretty much ever meal which hardly counted as a shirt at all.

Stiles was walking home from class one sunny Friday in April when he finally snapped. He had spent the entire year so far suppressing boners when Derek was around, but this was just excessive.  

He couldn’t take his eyes off of Derek’s sweaty chest, with his stupid muscles and his stupid chest hair. “Heads up Stilinski!” Derek yelled as the football that Derek and Isaac had been throwing around got passed Derek and almost hit Stiles.

“Do you even own a shirt?!” Stiles said, his voice higher than usual and his cheeks flushed.

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Many of us make studyblrs to improve our productivity but, as much as we like to deny it, looking at pictures of notes + reading tips does not equal studying. So here are five ways you can use your studyblr to your advantage!

1. Find an accountability partner! 

Finding someone who reminds you to get stuff done is really easy! Just post about it and you’ll probably get at least one person who’s interested!

You can just check in with each other through the day and make sure both of you are making the most of your time!

2. Find a study buddy! 

Find someone who’s studying some of the same subjects as you and teach each other for practice or if you don’t understand something! The best way to go about this is to find a few studyblrs who are taking these classes and outright ask them! Don’t be shy, the worst they could say is no!

3. Post your bujo or planner or a cute to-do list! 

Personally, the thought of having all boxes checked off when I post a picture really motivates me to get stuff done.

4. Take the 100 days of productivity challenge! 

You don’t even have to post a picture (I sure as hell don’t), just write a little summary of what you’ve accomplished that day and set some goals for the next day. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable.

5. Post studyspo after studying

Let’s be honest, there are probably studyblrs who take their studyspo pictures before they even begin to study. But that won’t really do anything for you. Instead, tell yourself that if you study today, you get to take a picture of your studying. If you study some more, you get to edit said picture. And once you’re done, you get to proudly post it!

Anyway, those are all the little ways I personally use my studyblr to be more productive. Feel free to add any other ways in which you use studyblr to your advantage!

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have you ever considered Kaze!Kana? I think he & Midori are so cute together cause I headcanon her as being jussssstt older enough to feel protective

She’s the super protective older sister for a while but then she realizes that she can use Kana as her guinea pig for herbal nonsense and chaos ensues

Spring Vocab in Scottish Gaelic

Spring is here, and with it a new Gàidhlig vocabulary list! Please let me know if you see any problems with the translations below. 

  • spring : Earrach (m)
  • March : am Mart (m)
  • April : an Ghiblinn (m)
  • May : an Ceitean (m)
  • Easter : Càisg (f)
  • rain : uisge (m)
  • rainy : frasach
  • cloud : neul (m)
  • cloudy : neulach
  • fog : ceò (m)
  • rainbow : bogha-frois (m)
  • wind : gaoth (f)
  • sun : grian (f)
  • sunshine : deàrrsadh (m)
  • sunrise : èirigh (f)
  • warm : blàth 
  • cool : fionnar
  • green : uaine
  • plant : luibh (m)
  • flower : flùr (f)
  • pollen : poilean 
  • grass : feur
  • tree : craobh (f)
  • leaf : duilleag (f)
  • blossom : blàth (m) Eeek! Look at the word for “warm”!
  • garden : gàrradh (m)
  • gardening : gàirnealaireachd (f)
  • gardener : gàirnelair (m)
  • worm : cnumh (f)
  • bird : eun (m)
  • bee : seillean (m)
  • insect : meanbh-fhriìde (f)
  • butterfly : seillean-dè (m)
  • picnic : picnic (m)
  • raincoat : còta-frois (m)
  • rainboots : bòtann (m)
  • umbrella : sgàilean (m)
  • to melt : leagh
  • to rain : fras
  • to plant : cuir 
  • to grow : fàs
How do I write: Modern Vampire AUs

Realized that while people are trying to make their vampire characters more different from the rest, the core ideas are beginning to stale – vampires hate werewolves, they’re empathetic blood drinkers, dangerously beautiful, ext. Here’s a few AU ideas and headcanons to freshen up your Vampire AU.

  • Character A works for an orphanage in the mountains that takes in “abandoned” vampires  – meaning they didn’t have a sire/group of experienced vampires to teach them – and teaches them how to function in society. It’s not easy to help a bunch of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory instincts.
  • Tight-knit polyam vampire covens that use Google calendar to keep track of everybody’s activities and plan dates together.
  • “Lol I’ve only been a vampire for a decade, I’m not sure what you want me to tell you about? I guess I can help you write your paper on Vampirical rights though.” AU  
  • When vampire Character A and werewolf Character B decide to start dating, nobody has a problem with it. Everybody knows that it’s witches and vampires that don’t get along, werewolves and vampires actually get along splendidly.
  • Character A and Character B are vampires and can’t have children, but since Character B loves kids. The two of them adopt older kids who are about to age out of the adoption program and teach them important life skills/morals/the likes. Best part, the kids all get a house that they can come back too, and parents that will be around for (quite literally) forever.
  • “I don’t know why you were expecting all vampires to be incredibly beautiful gods and goddesses? I mean were were all human once? I guess we do get better looking with age, but really, we’re pretty mediocre looking.” AU