cute lil button

me: hyuk is so fckuing cute…my lil button…the son that i birthed n raised…

friend: isn’t he like the same age as u tho?

me: [ignores] i warm his lactose free milk n read him bed time stories whenever its time 2 sleep i love my baby so much…


Decided to share some college art since that’s basically all I’ve been doing lately!

Top piece is from last semester and made it into the juried foundations art show at my university! The assignment was to build an animal out of household objects, so I built this little axolotl out of a sock fill with paper, straws for fins, and cute lil button eyes.

Second is a portrait of myself! Obviously still a WIP, but I’m incredibly happy with it so far! We had to distort our faces in some way, and I did this by wrapping my hair around my face.

Imagine Sam getting shrunk

“What’s goin’ on, short stuff?” you grinned, ruffling Sam’s hair like he usually did to you as you walked past.

He smiled, shaking his head and looking at his weirdly small feet.

“What’s the matter, little one?” you teased, “Don’t like not having your insane Sasquatch height?”

“I feel so off balance,” he chuckled, “I don’t know how you live like this all the time.”

“I’m taller than you! You’re just a cute lil’ button right now.”

He rolled his eyes, “Are we trying to get me back to normal or…?”

Dean shrugged, “I sort of like you like this. You know, you are the little brother, after all.”

Sam heaved a sigh, causing his too-big shirt to fall off his shoulder.

He clenched his jaw.

“We’re changing me back.”

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heyitspj  asked:


Aphrodite: What do you love most about yourself?

aaaa uh,, I love my nose, it’s a cute lil pointy button-nose and I think it looks nice?? uhhhhh I like the fact that I’m kind of an eclectic mess lmao, and that sounds kinda Quirky[tm] but it’s the truth?? i really like that i like all different kinds of stuff and that I can experience so many things and be so many things all at once. [i’m trying to like that more at least, learning to kinda lean into it and embrace it I guess??????] also i think I’m a p good listener and consoler and i give nice hugs

This button set came in today! 

and they are fantastic!! but I didn’t notice this before and

I love the details of all the people in line. But that kid in the middle?? who is that?

I know the picture is awful but it looks suspiciously like a TINY KID PENN 

a tiny kid penn in a little costume. this. no one warned me about this

AAAAAAHHHHHH so my purchase from @gudeboy’s shop just came in and I love it so much. I wasn’t even expecting the cute lil’ button and sticker. The actual handwriting on the envelope it came in makes me so happy.

You guys should really check out their shop and their tumblr page, they have such cute stuff