cute lil bby


✧.║♚║.✧ ———-—

Rarely does he grant himself actual SLEEP, which so happened this night and SLOWLY waking up, Thranduil notices his SON’s presence as soon as those tiny feet enter the chamber. Keen ears track the sounds automatically, eyes but REMAIN closed for another moment and not ONCE moves the king under the blankets. He pretends not to KNOW that Legolas snuck into his room, climbs onto the bed and crawls BESIDE him.

An innocent kiss breathed to his CHEEK crosses his plans to further pretend immediately, causing the edges of pale lips to STRETCH into a smirk and lastly blinking his eyes OPEN, Thranduil aims for the small body with one arm to pull his CHILD into a hug. Of course is it IMPOSSIBLE for him not to NUZZLE a chubby cheek before answering the kiss with one of his own —- what a BEAUTIFUL way to begin a day.

                                             “Good morning, my leaf.”

Legolas has slept the night away, for though grown elves had little need for it, elflings, with their smaller bodies, need sleep every night. Groggily upon his wakening the first thing he does is search out his dearest Ada, leaving all other thought behind as he crawls into the bed, giggling softly as he wriggles into bed beside his father and presses a sloppy kiss to his cheek. Ada’s embrace is warm and strong, and Legolas giggles sleepily as he is pulled into it.

“M-mornin’,” he mumbles sleepily, a smile on his face that is blissful and calm. There is nothing better than having Ada all to himself in the early hours of the morning, before the king’s time is taken up by the myriad of other things he has to do. Eyelids flutter over blue eyes as he wiggles to get comfortable against Thranduil’s chest, humming a soft and merry tune as he settles at his father’s side.

“C-can we go o-out today, Ada?”