cute labels

I just want to say that I love frogs

they have faces that make it look like they’re just listening to you rly well

and some of them like to hide in the water with a bit of nose sticking out, like a teeny alligator just waiting to getcha

I mean, even when they haven’t hatched yet, they’re adorable. such smols

they come in lots of different shapes and sizes, like smallmouth round

and bigmouth round

some are rly bright colors to say “pls do not eat me, I am a danger!”

and some look like glowy stars

lookit this one’s foldy toes!!

!! and the bumpy belly!

sometimes they even tuck their legs in like cats do

and let’s not forget they do the thing when they make noise!

frogs are such good creatures

Anyways I just wanna bring up that they were talking about Cheryl and Liam on Graham Norton and Graham was saying that “we have a clip of the first time you met” which was Liam’s very first XFactor audition when he was FOURTEEN (and she was 24!!!) and Liam pretty much said “she doesn’t like talking about that” which means that she’s aware of how creepy it is and she doesn’t want people remembering that she had a whole adult/child relationship with Liam wherein she mentored him but knew he was a kid and she treated him as a kid. And to have a perception of someone like that for like eight or nine years, to still think of them as someone 10 years (!!!) younger than you and to have a ‘they’re a child’ mentality of them right until they become of age/legal, is pretty much the definition of predatory behavior to me. I don’t know how she can look at Liam and not see the 14-year-old she mentored when she was then pretty much how old he is now. Any memories they look back on from him on the XFactor early on can’t and shouldn’t be labeled as 'cute’ or 'romantic’ because Liam was a CHILD. And she knows this, since she doesn’t want people talking about them at that stage, but she still agreed to this relationship when she also knew it wasn’t okay. And that’s my issue with their relationship.


Hey, you! Yes, you! Are you one of those people who has a hundred and eleven mugs lying around their house, and uses every single one for a very different thing, and feel very aggravated when you mix them up? Are you an artist and just hate when you end up with a mouthful of paint water just because you confused your paintbrush cleaning mug with your coffee mug? Then I’ve got the solution for you! These cute mugs come pre-labeled with a wide selection of beverages/foodstuffs and others, so you can know exactly which one is which, all the time. No more tea in your coffee mug, or paint water in your mouth (unless you accidentally put coffee in your paint mug and vice versa, in which case I just can’t help you)

If you like any of the designs showcased here you can get them for yourself at my RedBubble store (yes, I’ve got one now), along with other stuff with my art plastered onto it. Check it out, and if you want any other design to be included in these mugs (or in general), just send me a message and I’ll make sure to have it available a.s.a.p.!!

Thanks for your time, you may now continue with your regular blogging.

The signs as Grindr profiles

Aries: smiley selfie, “say hi😘 promise i’m nice” 2 miles away. happy gay.

Taurus: seems very serious, headless and shirtless full-body shot, “dtf” hookup gay.

Gemini: super hot selfie and a welcoming attitude. buuuut it turns out to be a catfish. fake gay.

Cancer: cute, conservative selfie, no label, “please be respectful” in the bio. normal gay.

Leo: full body shot of a gay In underwear. seductive eyes. “you know what to do” somewhere in bio. pretends to be surprised if recognized on the street. slutty gay.

Virgo: profile is based around spreading hiv/aids awareness and access to testing. very smart-looking, but will never reply. good gay.

Libra: selfie emphasizing rolled-up skinny jeans. obviously fashion forward. septum piercing. “don’t know why i’m on here” indie gay.

Scorpio: real life name as label. artist by trade. very passionate about life. “420 friendly” chill gay

Sagittarius: college student. talks about books in bio. says he likes “tea and learning about people.” still down to hookup. brainy gay

Capricorn: made up name. will only go to coffee with an instagram model. writes witty responses to the creepy old men who send messages. realistic gay.

Aquarius: cute smile. painted nails. makes cheesy game of thrones reference in his bio. talks a lot, but not too much. solid gay.

Pisces: blank profile. “discreet” written in bio. 2343 feet away. fishy gay.