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“Even back then they never chatted easily. But sometimes… sometimes there had been enough there to fill the space between them and make it seem a little less like they were two odd shaped pieces that didn’t fit together. Two odd shaped pieces that could be okay together because they didn’t really fit in anywhere else.”

Mob and Emi go on what is most definitely not a date.

*whispers* This was meant to be a drabble. I tried to write… prettier? Because Emi is a writer, I wanted to try and do something that would suit her.

Anyway, I really love this ship and I really, really love Emi, she is so well written. I need more content of them and I swear I will do my part. I can’t believe this is the first fic in the tag omg

anonymous asked:

All I can think of is Shiro going " 'Bewies" and it's so cute it's killing me a little okay


oh no its cute and probably exactly how he sounds