This is me and my white daughter Rafi-anne Sue. And yes, I pulled her out of that preschool because babygirl would’ve eventually hurt somebody’s feelings.

Nap time.

Why can’t things be nice for these soft cutiesss T♢T)ノ
I’ve been seeing a lot of dad Jack AU’s from so many artists and I was just so full of feels–
This version in particular is my take on it, but I was mostly inspired by @witchy-fan’s ‘Daughters of the Samurai’ AU!

little kids will really believe anything you tell them.

when i was in pre k (4-5 y/o) we had some guest speaker talking to us about who knows what and some kid in my class asked her when her birthday was.

she was a much older woman so she probably disliked her birthday and didn’t want to share the actual day, so she answered “Everyday is my birthday.” and i shit you not after the initial couple of seconds of shock that hit our little baby brains, we all just gradually started singing happy birthday, because clearly if every day is your birthday (which is TOTALLY possible [/sarcasm]) then she must have a birthday that day too!!!! how could we possibly disrespect her by not singing the happy birthday song to her on her birthday?!!

and that was it, that was how easy it was to convince us of that.

so yeah don’t try to tell me your young child can’t possibly understand my gender. if an entire class of 4-5 year olds are immediately willing to believe that a woman’s birthday is every day of the year then surely they can understand that a person can have a gender that’s something other than “boy” or “girl”